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Everyone who could feel energy froze when they felt Pan and Trunks' ki's coming towards them. Somehow Pan had brought him back, but they didn't know if this was a good thing or a bag thing, the only people who knew were Vegeta, Goten and Bra.

Gohan tensed, deep down he knew that Trunks hadn't hurt her, but his over protectiveness took over, as per usual.

The door swung open to reveal them both, the room was dim, but from where the door had opened the light from the other room shined on them both, making everyone able to see them.

The music was still on, but everyone who had been dancing stopped to see what was going to happen next.

They surprised everyone except for Vegeta, Goten and Bra, by coming in, completely oblivious to everyone else.

They were both slightly windswept from both the wind and argument, and Pan had used her back to push the doors open, they'd only needed a little push. Trunks was talking to her a mile a minute, and animatedly, and she was laughing. He had his fingers intertwined with hers and they were on his shoulder, him keeping them there.

He used that fact to pull her closer to him, and used his other arm to reach around behind her. Vegeta froze, praying he wouldn't do something idiotic as to kiss her in front of everyone.

But he had reached his hand around to the back of her head, he grasped the clip that held her hair in, and lightly pulled it out. Her hair fanned out, and he used his fingers to comb it back from her face, starting at the top of her forehead.

She turned into his arm that had her fingers, so that now his arm was around her shoulders, both still holding hands. They were still talking, unheard over the music.

Pan looked up suddenly to Vegeta, and she nodded. He gave a slight nod back.

She caught her fathers glare at Trunks but ignored it, scoffing and rolling her eyes.

They both headed towards where Bra and Goten were, at the food tables. Everyone who wasn't a Son, or a Briefs, continued dancing with a shrug, but everyone else's faces were happy, except of course Gohan's, who was still glaring, and Vegeta, who had his usual unreadable face on.

Goten was now trying to chuck legs of chicken in the air and catch them with his mouth. Bra, Pan and Trunks laughed at his antics.

Pan pulled Trunks' arm onto the dance floor, and he twirled her on the way.

They began dancing, innocently at first. But soon enough things were getting frisky.

Unlike when she danced with Goten, Pan wasn't laughing, she had her eyes half closed, and intense look on her face, much like Trunks'. His hands were on her waist, and hers were around his neck. They both swayed to the music simultaneously.

Then another song came on.

Pan and Trunks became closer, they were on the opposite side of the dance floor, hidden from Gohan, but in full view of Vegeta.

Everyone else seemed oblivious to them both. Trunks pulled her in closer so they were now pressed against each other.

Her right leg was between both of his, her left leg on the outside of his right. Her arms dropped from where they were around his neck, her one arm on his shoulder, the other on his chest. His hands were now dropped slightly to her hips. His forehead was on hers and both of their eyes were closed, content.

They grinded against each other, slowly.

She turned her self around, so that her back was now pressed against him, he pulled her even closer, his hands on her hips again.

Her arm came up she dug her hand in his hair, he leaned his head forward, his lips just an inch from her neck.

Her hand stayed at the back of his hair, they both, once again swayed to the music, his one hand still on her hips, now coming across her stomach, and the other holding the top of her arm that was around him.

"Mmm... so beautiful." Trunks whispered huskily in her ear.

The vibrations from his chest when he spoke made her shudder.

"Cold?" He whispered, smirking.

"No."She whispered back.

"Now you see that you should dance with me, and me only?" He whispered.

"Yes." She said, breathlessly.

"Good girl."

"Hmm." She answered, unable to make any other noise, with out moaning.

He caught onto her thoughts, and his smirk widened.

"Moan all you want baby." He said, his voice husky and low.

The vibrations and his words made her shudder again, and she bit back a moan.

"Fucking beautiful." He whispered in her ear, making her moan for him.

"You moan for me, and me only, right baby?" He questioned, his voice commanding.

Yes. She whispered in her mind.


Yes. She groaned out in her mind.

It took all of his self control not to take her right there.

It just so happened, that Gohan had felt their ki increase, and had walked around the dance floor, heading toward Vegeta, unable to see them in the crowd.

"Vegeta, where are they?" Gohan growled. Vegeta only smirked in response, his eyes going back to a certain place on the dance floor.

Gohan followed his line of sight, and gasped at the sight, anger boiling in his veins. Several of the Z gang had now turned their attention to see what was happening, when they saw Gohan with Vegeta, they automatically thought they were both having one of their arguments, but as they were about to turn their heads back around, they realized Gohan's attention wasn't on Vegeta, and Vegeta's wasn't on Gohan's. They looked to see where they were looking, and what they saw made their eyes widened.

Trunks and Pan were not only dirty dancing, but it was more than that, it was so intense, that was obvious.

While everyone else had been laughing while dirty dancing with a partner, these two weren't, they looked like they were in their own world, definitely enjoying each other.

Gohan went to make his way towards them but was stopped by Vegeta.

"Leave them. They are dancing." He stated, warning in his eyes.

"Dancing?! That's not dancing! It looks like he's ready to take her right there!" Gohan growled. He pulled away from Vegeta's grip, and was nearly there when Goten was in front of him, along with Videl, who had been dancing with him at the time.

"Gohan. Leave. Them." Goten growled. Gohan froze in surprise for a second, shocked at Goten's anger at him.

"Gohan, leave them be, they're only dancing, please don't ruin this night! You've already done enough!" Videl was the same.

He quickly fazed in around them both heading towards Trunks and Pan. Vegeta appeared from nowhere standing behind Trunks, but facing Gohan, he knew that if Gohan was to suddenly pull Pan out of his hands, then Trunks was for sure to go crazy.

"Trunks!" Vegeta said urgently. "Trunks!!" He yelled again, getting his attention, Trunks and Pan turned at the same time, eyes suddenly alert.

Trunks felt Gohan's power and cursed himself for letting himself relax into his own world. He quickly stood straight and pulled Pan back behind him.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing with my daughter, Trunks?!" Gohan growled.

"Dancing, of course." Trunks answered instantly, smirking.

Pan shook herself out of the daze she had been in, blushing slightly at the fact that she'd just given everyone a good show.

Pan looked from behind Trunks at her father, who was glaring murderously at Trunks.

Oh, please, seriously Dad! Seriously, if he's going to act like this with everything I find remotely interesting that involves a guy, I'm going to scream! God if that's what he's acting like now, what's he going to be like when I lose my virginity?!

She'd forgotten Trunks could hear her, but he didn't answer.

"It didn't look like dancing." Gohan spat.

"Dad!" She protested.

"Gohan! Do not make another scene!! Videl scolded.

"You do not have permission to be touching my daughter like that!" Gohan yelled.

Trunks answered saying, "Did you hear her protesting!?" Just as Pan said "Did you hear me protesting!?"

"He was taking advantage of you! And this is not the kind of behaviour I want from you! What would that boyfriend of yours say if he knew you were dancing with someone else like this?!" Gohan demanded, still in the dark about the fact that Pan and Sam were no longer together.

Six people scoffed at the same time, Vegeta, Pan, Trunks, Bra, Goten and Bulma.

"Pleeease Gohan!!" Bulma slurred. "That shit was over when he was a bastard and fucked somebody else, announcing thingsss to everyone at the party her and Bra went to aaages ago!! The bastard called her frigid for not sssleeping with him! Ssso, naughty boy! Don't you sssay she can't handle herself and say no, because if anyone can look after their ssselves it's Panny! But don't worry, my Trunksie here had something to sssay to the son of a bitch, threatened him and everything! You should have seen the bastard's face when he walked in on-"

She was about to continue when Vegeta came behind her and put his hand over his drunk wife's mouth, rolling his eyes.

Gohan's eyes had widened throughout Bulma's tale. "Oh." Was all he managed to choke out, he was completely thrown off guard by this information and didn't know how to continue.

Videl saw this and decided to get him out of there as quickly as possibly.

"Gohan, honey, come on, it's time to go, it's better if we leave now, so we can have a nice sleep, we have to wake up early tomorrow remember?" She said, referring to the fact that they were both going away for his business trip early the next morning.

"Hmph." Was his answer. "Pan, come on." He said, gruffly.

"Actually Gohan, I wanted to know if she could sleep over tonight, instead of her having to get up so early to come over here tomorrow morning?" Bra asked, tentatively, since Gohan was still angry.

Gohan's eyes flashed with anger and was just about to say no when Videl answered again.

"Of course hon, if Bulma doesn't mind." She looked to her side to see that Bulma was giggling to herself in Vegeta's arms, looking in to space. Everyone sweatdropped.

"Vegeta?" Videl asked.

"Of course woman, she practically lives here anyway." He said. He actually liked that fact, whenever she was there, they more often than not, had a spar.

"It makes sense Gohan, she can just go get her stuff tomorrow after she wakes up, she still hasn't packed yet, it would be mean if we made her pack tonight for her to get up so early tomorrow since it's so late." Videl said before Gohan could say anything else.

Videl walked over to where Trunks was holding Pan behind him, she looked at Trunks almost for permission. Trunks gave her a grin, now in a good mood.

He pulled her from behind her and brought her in front of him. Videl hugged and kissed Pan goodbye, telling her to have a good time.

"I'll call you tomorrow, honey, okay?" Videl asked.

"K, Mom." Pan said, then walked towards her father. He automatically calmed when she hugged and kissed him goodbye.

"Be good." He whispered to her, to which she just laughed.

"Aren't I always?" She said, sarcastically.

He chuckled along with her. "Love you."

"Love you too."

"BYE V!" Bulma suddenly yelled, waving her arms like crazy.

Everyone sweat dropped again.

"Err...yeah, bye Bulma." Videl said.

They both left, and other's followed, Krillin and 18 were leaving Marron there for the night.

So the sleepover now included Bra, Trunks, Pan, Goten, and Marron.