Okay, can you say "over-done?" Seriously though, it came into my head, and I can't get it out so I'm writing this. Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl story. Please read it. After TTP and DH

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It was a cool, brisk evening just outside Dublin, Ireland. Just after dinner, the Fowl's, excluding the twins as it was their bed time, sat down in the living room. Artemis was just about to go upstairs to his study when Butler came walking in with a strange looking woman.

"Mr., Mrs., and Master Fowl, may I present to you Professor McGonagall." Butler announced.

Professor McGonagall looked around at the room, and then rested her eyes upon the three Fowl's sitting on black chairs. Mr. Fowl had a prosthetic leg, but looked strong. He also had a happy look on his face. Mrs. Fowl was a beautiful woman. She looked content. And lastly, Master Fowl. Master Fowl did not look strong, content, or happy at the moment. No, he had an annoyed look. He was pale as a vampire, and had a deep blue eye and a kind Hazel one. The hazel one was the only one that had a jolly look on it.

Artemis looked at the new comer, and was instantly annoyed. Professor McGonagall was wearing purple robes, but at least she looked strict. However, it she was, indeed a professor, he was not going to come to her school. He was rather content with his school at the moment.

"My name is Minerva McGonagall," The Professor said, "and I am the headmistress at Hogwarts school for Witch Craft and Wizardry. I would like to inform you that Artemis has gotten a place at our school. However, it is odd that he is so old. Usually, children come into their magic at a younger age. He is actually one of a kind, as it has never happened before."

Artemis smirked. Another thing that he was "one of a kind" for. Artemis knew the woman was telling the truth. He knew he was a wizard. Even though he lost the fairy magic, the pathways in the brain were still open. And he himself discovered that humans had had magic before. If a person was born with a certain genes, those pathways could be open naturally. So, he came up with a theory to find out the probabilities of this happening, and it was high.

Professor McGonagall interpreted his smirk as disbelieve. She immediately took out her wand and threw up some green sparks. Mr. and Mrs. Fowl gasped. "As you can see," McGonagall said, "I was telling the truth."

"Oh, I know. I believed you when you only said it." Artemis commented. Artemis decided it was better if the school of Hogwarts did not know of him being a genius. Nor about the fairies, obviously.

McGonagall gave Artemis a letter, and bid the Fowls goodbye.

Mr. Fowl turned to his son. "Well, what are you planning to do?"

Artemis smiled, "I am planning to go to Hogwarts."