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Present Time

"Do you know where you're supposed to go?" Asked No1.

"No," Said Mulch, his mouth characteristically filled with food.

"Well, I could just send you directly to Holly. I've been practicing and I think I can send you there." Said No1.

Mulch shrugged. Foaly gave him a backpack filled with everything Holly could possibly need. A Mindwipe, some new trackers he created, and some iris cams. Everything was set, except for the place that Mulch was supposed to meet them. Luckily, No1 was learning a lot from Quan. Quan taught him how to send something through time and space.

"Okay, I'm ready," No1 said in his not-so-powerful voice. No1 directed his hands towards Mulch, and he was gone.

Past Time

Artemis heard Holly's voice in his mind. I mesmered him, She thought. I'm coming back now.

Just as she was thinking this, Mulch appeared out of nowhere. Hermione gave a slight shriek, and Harry and Ron had their wands pointed at the new comer.

"Relax, it's just Mulch," Artemis said. Ron and Harry lowed their wands.

Mulch looked at the humans in the room, "The council isn't going to like this, you telling all these humans. But for some gold, I could be kept quiet."

"Mulch, shut up." Said Holly, who just appeared in the room, "The council will just have to live with it. Anyways, isn't Foaly going to pay you when you get back? You don't need our money."

"Aw, Holly. I was just having a bit of fun. Speaking of fun is there any food here. Time traveling takes a lot out of you," Mulch rubbed his large stomach.

"Same old Mulch. Here," Holly conjured up some food. "Do you have the stuff?"

Mulch pointed his hairy finger at the bag he brought. Artemis looked through it.

"Perfect." Artemis murmured. It had everything they needed.

"Where are you going to put those cameras?" Asked Ron.

"I'm going to put them by our parents, so we can watch them." Artemis responded.

"Why?" Asked Harry.

"Think about it this way. Logically speaking, these bad guys will hate us. They are in the past where we aren't born yet. So, what do you think they would do?" Artemis said.

"They would stop us from being born," Hermione realized.

"Exactly. And how do you suppose they would do that?" Asked Artemis.

"By killing them," Breathed Ron.

"Right. So we need to stop them from doing that. Which I expect we do, as we are living in the future," Artemis said.

"I see." The three said.

"Okay, that's all we need you for Mulch," Said Holly.

"Bye," Mulch said and he disappeared.

"We have to get to class," Hermione said. They left the room of Requirements to go to DADA. They sat down near the front. Harry and Artemis notice that the Marauders were glaring at them. Harry turned to his "Twin" and shrugged. They had no idea why they would hate them. Artemis was about to say something, when the teacher walked in.

The teacher there was about 20 years old, had brown hair and brown eyes, and was female. Her name was Professor Gibson.

"I see we have five new students," She sneered. She didn't seem to like them very much, "This is a difficult class, and I won't help you if you fall behind." It seemed as if she didn't expect them to succeed. The five rolled their eyes. If they were good at anything, it was protecting themselves from enemies.

"Today, we will be facing a boggart," Gibson said to the class. Harry gave a snort, which wasn't lost to the professor, "What," She snapped.

"We did that in third year, professor," Harry said politely.

"Fine, then you and your class mates will go first," She said, clearly not expecting them to do very good.

Harry went first. His boggart was a dementor, as always. The professor looked surprised that it was something so horrible. Harry said the incantation, and the boggart tripped on its robes and fell face first. The class gave a weak chuckle, as they were affected by its power.

Ron went next. It was a giant spider that was immediately stomped on by a giant foot. Gibson wasn't shocked at all, spiders were in fact common.

Hermione was third. Her boggart was of her friends saying that they didn't want to be with her anymore. She said the words, and her friends turned into someone else, admitting that they were using polyjuice potion and were morons. She sat back down.

Holly went next. The boggart turned into fog that surrounded her. She started hyperventilating, before she said the incantation. She sat back down.

Artemis was last. He walked up to the boggart. The boggart turned into himself and Holly.

"You stupid girl. I will never let you free. You will rot here until I get my gold, and then I'll send you to the newspapers." The boggart Artemis said. Then the boggart Holly disappeared, and walked to Artemis.

"You are weak, Artemis. You will never beat them. They will kill you and Holly. And it will be your entire fault. You turned nice, which turned you weak. You will forever lose. Nothing you do will ever be good enough. You can try to be good, but never make up for the things you did. Join me, and together, we will take over the world," The boggart Artemis said.

"Never," Shouted Artemis, "Ridiculous," The boggart Artemis got drenched in water and started to melt. Artemis turned and sat down, where Holly and the rest of the five looked at him strangely. No one could believe that that was what he feared the most. Himself going evil. Even Gibson was shocked. She had never seen anything like it. Someone fearing themselves was unheard of before. It was indeed strange. She went through the rest of the class without incident. Remus feared a full moon, Sirius feared an empty plate, Peter feared cats, and James feared his (the teacher presumed) dog dying. All in all, a fairly normal class.

When the class ended, Holly walked over to Artemis, who kept his head down. He really didn't want anyone to know about that.

"Artemis," Holly said, "I know you would never do that. You know that right?"

"But Holly, what if I did. Imagine what the world would be like if I did. I wouldn't be any better than any of the people we fought. Even you said that in a few years, I could end up like Spiro." Artemis told her.

"That was before though. Not anymore. I know you know. You are ten times better than him and Opal. You were younger than. You just didn't understand." Holly said.

"But I did. I knew very well what I was doing then." Artemis said.

"Never the less, you got better. You changed. You need to move on, I did." Holly said. She then hugged him. Artemis returned the hug. They both decided that they liked the feeling, but planned not to tell each other. Hermione told Harry and Ron, who were hiding with her and watching them, that they obviously liked each other. So they planned to get the information from them to see if Hermione was right, and if she was, get them together. None of them noticed the marauders, who were watching them all from a distance.