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Chapter Thirteen: Promises To Keep

Although Harry managed on several occasions to sneak past Remus simply to break the boredom of laying in a bed all day staring at the same four walls, his wanderings about the house didn't always escape notice.

Sirius did his best to try and cover for him or hide him from view whenever Remus came looking for the occupant of the empty bed upstairs. But that wasn't totally altruistic on Sirius' part either. Remus had practically set up a schedule stating when Sirius could visit Harry and when Remus expected Harry to be resting. A schedule that didn't sit well with godfather or godson at all.

And so Sirius and Harry managed to come up with a plan that worked around Remus' schedule fairly well.

Basically, it entailed keeping Remus out of the house as much as possible.

Either Sirius always needed something he'd forgotten in Hogsmeade to make dinner that night, or breakfast that morning, or lunch that afternoon, or Harry was suddenly feeling weak again and needed some sort of potion.

All in all, they managed to keep Remus fairly well traveled on the road to town.

But it also didn't take Remus long to catch on. And in the interest of relieving Harry's growing boredom, as well as preserving his shoe leather, Remus agreed to a compromise. But while he didn't consent to increasing the time Sirius could spend with Harry (which would have had to be something close to 24/7 to make Sirius happy), Remus did agree to allow Harry visitors.

Upon receiving the offer, Harry immediately had Hedwig off with letters to Ron and Hermione. In each letter he briefly explained the situation to them, telling them where he was and that he was staying at the shack with Remus and his pet dog, Snuffles, in case the letters were intercepted. He told them that the following week they could meet Professor Lupin in Hogsmeade and he would bring them to the house.

And so the following week Ron and Hermione went to Hogsmeade with Ron's mother, who stated she would look forward to a day in Hogsmeade while Ron and Hermione went to visit Harry, and that she could pick them up that evening and take them home.

Harry couldn't have been more excited to see his two friends. It certainly had been anything but the ordinary summer vacation, and he couldn't wait to tell them about it in person.

"We were really glad to finally get a letter from you, Harry." Ron stated as they settled on his bed. "We didn't know what to think when the Daily Prophet had the report in the paper, and Dad came home and told us about....."

"Wait a minute!" Harry interrupted suddenly. "What report in the Daily Prophet? Sirius didn't say anything about a report being in the paper about all this. How would they have known anything anyway?"

"Oh, it was front page for days, Harry." Hermione put in, talking in a rapid succession of words. "The Daily Prophet said you had been kidnapped from your aunt and uncle's house by Sirius Black. Of course, Ron and I knew you weren't in any danger, but we didn't know why Sirius had taken you. And the Daily Prophet was writing articles all over the place about what the ministry was doing to try and find you and a bunch of speculation columns on what had happened to you and how he had managed to get through all the protection wards. Of course, every one of them thought it was by some black magic Voldemort taught him."

"And then Dad came home and told us the ministry had no idea where you were." Ron jumped in. "He told us all these wild theories that they had. He said some of them were even speculating you were dead. But he said all Fudge seemed really worried about was how it was going to look for the ministry that a sole convict who they hadn't even managed to catch yet could get through all their protection spells and kidnap you. Dad said Fudge seemed more worried about how to keep things quiet than trying to find you."

"Well, it a good thing they didn't work too hard on it." Harry replied. "From what Sirius and Professor Lupin have told me, they had enough trouble just trying to find a cure for the poison without worrying about Fudge and his ministry misfits."

"Harry!" Hermione cried indignantly.

Harry blushed slightly. "Sorry. It's just that that's what Sirius always calls them." He explained. "I guess it sort of rubs off when you hear it half a dozen times a day."

Harry had briefly explained in his letter to them about the poison, but hadn't gone onto many details about it. Now he sat in his bed telling the whole tale as Remus and Sirius had told it to him to his two friends.

When Harry got to the part about Snape and Lupin going to the Dursley's to look for the poison, he carefully excluded the part about Professor Lupin getting shot by his uncle. Though Sirius had told Harry since he felt he had the right to know, he had cautioned Harry against repeating that part to anyone else. It was Remus' business, he had told his godson, and was best kept between the few people that did know. Anyone past that, it was up to Remus whether to tell them or not, and Harry had agreed.
Harry had also thought about skipping the part about talking to his parents. But Ron and Hermione didn't seem to think he was a raving lunatic at all for claiming to have seen them.

"It just seems to me," Hermione said thoughtfully, "that the times that you need them the most, they're there for you somehow."

"I suppose." Harry replied. "It was just nice to see them again. To be able to talk to them, even if it wasn't for very long."

Harry went on to explain how Sirius had revived him and finally explained Sirius' revenge on the Dursley's.

When Harry got to the part of Sirius turning his custody in part over to his brother, Orion, Ron practically fell off the bed as he leaned forward, his eyes big as saucers.

"What?" He stated suddenly. "Orion Black! That's Sirius' brother! No way! He's really Sirius' brother? Why didn't he ever tell us? Oh, Harry, this is way past just being cool."

Harry stared back at Ron as though he'd just lost his mind. "What are you going on about, Ron?" He asked. "You know Sirius' brother?"

"For years!" Ron exclaimed. "Oh, not personally, and I didn't know he was related to Sirius. I mean, 'Black' is a pretty common name and all. And this guy, well..., you'd never think he was related to Sirius. But, Dad tells us stories about him every now and then. But Harry, he works for the Department of Mysteries. You know, one of the 'Unspeakables'. And from the way Dad talks about him, he's pretty high up there. Real important."

"So what does your Dad say about him? I mean, what's he look like?"

"Couldn't say. Dad says in all the years he's worked for the ministry, he's never seen him. But he's always hearing stories about him. I mean, he's like a legend, Harry. And the stuff Dad tells us about him..., the missions he's been sent on...he's unbelievable. They say there's few people you-know-who wants more than Orion Black. This guy's put a lot of Deatheaters in Azkaban. Some of you-know-who's biggest and most powerful supporters. Listen, if you have to go live with him, you think we could meet him? That would be awesome. Fred and George would never live it down if I got to meet him."

"Ron!" Hermione admonished him with a slap on the arm. "Harry would only have to go to live with Sirius' brother if something really bad happened. And all you can think about is that you could use Harry to meet him? Honestly!"

Ron turned back to Harry. "Of course I don't want anything bad to happen to you, Harry. You know that. Especially after the summer you just had."

But Harry looked more interested than upset. Sirius had hardly told him anything at all about his brother, Orion. He had even purposefully changed the subject several times when Harry had tried to ask questions about him. Eventually Harry had given up, feeling that perhaps Sirius didn't like to think about the possibility that he might actually have to turn Harry over to his brother one day. But that hadn't stopped Harry's curiosity from growing about the man who could one day end up his guardian.

Even Remus hadn't been much help on the matter. Harry had asked him once about Orion Black. But other than being able to say he was Sirius' brother, Remus hadn't known much more about him other than that he knew Orion was older than Sirius due to the fact that he was a few years ahead of them in school. But past that, Remus had said he and the others rarely ever even saw Sirius' brother.

"You know anything else about him, Ron?" Harry asked curiously.

Hermione huffed at the two of them. "Really!" She stated. "He's probably very nice, Harry. He is, after all, Sirius' brother."

Ron gave her a skeptical look, then turned back to Harry. "Actually," he replied quietly, glancing back at the door to the room for a moment, "I've heard he's pretty ruthless. They say he was an Auror before he joined the Department of Mysteries. Said the Deatheaters were really afraid of him. Dad says some of the Ministry people swear even you-know-who is afraid of him."

"Sirius said he was a 'less tense version of Snape'." Harry commented.

Ron shook his head. "From the way Dad talks about him, I'd think he'd give old Snape a run for his money in the 'tense' department. Some of the missions Dad says he's been on......he's broken up a lot of Deatheater groups, Harry. One of the biggest they say he took out all by himself."

"Sounds like a lot of exaggeration being added to a lot of speculation if you ask me." Hermione put in. "If he works for the Department of Mysteries, no one really knows what he does, do they? Unspeakables are very secretive about what they do. I'm sure that if Harry ever has to go live with him, he'll find Sirius' brother is a lot like Sirius." She added, giving Harry a comforting smile. "And besides, it'll probably never happen anyway."

Harry sat in his bed, staring at his two friends. Silently he was hoping Hermione's prediction was true. That he would never actually have to go and live with Sirius' brother. With a very nervous feeling, he suddenly found he wasn't sure he was looking forward to ever meeting Orion Black.

Harry shook his head and gave Hermione a small smile.

"No," he replied, "it probably won't."

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