Just some...strange humor.....if you could call it that. Kinda like serious humor this time. X3

This was the first day that Jupiter had been chosen to guard her boss, Cyrus, against any danger, killer, and flash flood warnings. A clear, breezy day, with barely any plan-stealing attempts from the moronic Rocket grunts. At first, the purple-haired woman thought that this was a good sign. After all, no clouds and plenty of wind seemed like a good thing, right ?

Hehehe....a good sign indeed, but with different expectations than she thought.

Jupiter knocked on the steel door of her boss's office. " Uh, Cyrus ? Are you in there ? "

"......Yes, Jupiter, " a muffled voice replied.

" All right.....can I come in ? "

" Why should you ? You're my guard, not my secretary. "

" .....I'm coming in anyway. "

With a slight push, Jupiter opened the door. In a wooden chair, the unemotional man named Cyrus had a pink frosted cupcake in one hand and a white remote in the other hand.

And sitting on a wide table was a television set, with a white device connected to it.

Cyrus glanced at Jupiter with a tiny hint of amusement in his gray eyes. " Good afternoon, Commander Jupiter, " he said in his usual monotone.

Jupiter sweatdropped at her superior. " Are you playing....the Wii ? "

" Yes. I am playing the Wii Bowling. I must say, this system is the most peculiar device that I have ever been in contact with. Earlier, I read the manual, trying to comprehend the complex wiring and equations that this so-called Wii is made up of, but I cannot seem to understand. It infuriates me, and so I am trying to get my revenge by getting to know this confounded contraption. "

" So....you're playing the Wii, " Jupiter murmured, a confused expression painted on her face, " but....why ? "

Cyrus nodded once, and then turned his eyes back to the television screen. " Jupiter, you and I are probably the two most serious people in this organization. Even so, I need to have a hobby or two. "

" Why ? "

" It's one of those things that keeps me sane and out of the medicine cabinets, " Cyrus stated. " Hobbies are a peculiar thing. Most of them are pointless to this world. For example, what does stamp collecting do for anybody ? "

Jupiter shrugged. " Uh, nothing, I guess. "

" Exactly. What is a stamp to this planet ? Nothing. A stamp is only used for placing on envelopes. Nothing else. They cannot be eaten, and they do not contribute greatly to our economy, so why collect them ? "

A cheerful voice boomed out of the speakers that were also attatched to the portable TV as Cyrus made a strike. Jupiter gawked slightly at the TV screen. " So....do you enjoy this hobby ? " she asked.

" I feel nothing, " Cyrus testily replied. " It's just merely a hobby. You should already know that, Jupiter. "

" Okay, then....."

" Though, I do this as a hobby because I am fascinated by electronic devices. I guess that's what a hobby is all about. " He paused. " But what interests you, Jupiter ? Besides being my protection wall for a day ? "

Jupiter's cheeks flustered slightly as she glared at Cyrus. " Sir, I only do this out of loyalty for the organization. If you died, we would die, too. "

Cyrus's lips twitched. " You make that sound like it's a bad thing. "

" Well....isn't it ? "

" I guess so....I don't know. But...you didn't answer my question. What are your hobbies ? "

Jupiter sighed. " You're going to think it's retarded. "

" No. I'll probably think of nothing. "

" ....I stamp collect. "


" FWAHAHAHAHAHA ! THAT IS FUNNY ! " Cyrus boomed, dropping the Wii Remote on the floor. " I didn't even think I could feel funny ! "

-.- " Thank you, Cyrus, for thinking of nothing of my hobby. I'm glad you feel happy for the first time in a decade. "

" Two decades, actually, " Cyrus corrected, quickly regaining his unemotional composure as he picked up his remote. " After my seventh birthday, I always felt nothing but emptiness. I blame Giratina. And Celebi. The damn green pixie thing....."

Jupiter winced. " So....do you want me to leave now, Sir ? "

Cyrus wagged his remote at the commander. " No. You are my guard for today, and therefore you are technically my maid. "

" Maid ? "

" What, would you rather have me speak ghetto talk and say that you're my...bitchy ho ? "

o.o " No, I'm good with maid. "

" Good, because I feel uncomfortable speaking in urban talk, " Cyrus muttered, shuddering. " It seems odd. "

" Okay....."

Jupiter attempted to walk out of the office, but Cyrus shook his head. " Jupiter.... Maid Jupiter. You must assist me with something before you're relieved of your in-office duties, " he stated.

" What do you need assistance with ? " Jupiter inquired, a hint of playful rebelliousness in her eyes.

(Two hours later.....)

" Yes ! 155 to 127 ! "

Cyrus winced. " This....is the fourteenth time in the row that you have defeated me, Jupiter, " he murmured.

Jupiter grinned as she wagged her Wii Remote. " Do you want to play again, Sir ? "

The blue-haired criminal mastermind nodded once. Jupiter pointed her remote to ' Play Again ', and another game started. Cyrus pointed to his little Mii avatar. " That depressing face will be the face that will control the Wii world in five years, " he said smugly.

" What about my Mii ? " Jupiter inquired, pointing to her dark-haired character.

" Ehhh, she could be second-in-command. "

" What about me ? " Jupiter asked, scooting her chair closer to her superior's.

Cyrus shut his eyes as his cold, firm hand patted the top of Jupiter's head softly. " Not....a hobby, " he mumbled. " Just a person that is better at Wii Bowling than I. But that will change ! " he exclaimed, in an unusually excited tone for him. " I will win this game and defeat you, formidable foe ! "

Jupiter smirked. " I'd like to see you try ! "

And so guard duty seemed even better than the purple-haired commander thought it would be. Even though she may have been guarding a blue-haired man who was obsessed with technology, she liked how she was better at him at something other than being a serious worker.