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This will be somewhat Tea-bashing. Not completely, but there is a little.

Also, the medical stuff is not something I'm sure of, so don't quote me!

Summary: Yami and Atemu broke up with Yugi and Heba becasue of a lie Tea spread. Yugi was in an accident that has him fighting for his life. When Yami and Atemu fond out the truth, they want to set things right with thier boyfriends. Can they make things right? Will Yugi and Heba give them the chance? Or will they let their anger rule thier decisions? Will Yugi survive, or will Yami lose the chance to make up things to him? And what secrets about Yugi and Heba's childhood will they discover in the middle of the dilemma? And will the friendships survive the ordeal?

Disclaimer: I own nothing exept the plot and OCs.

I would also like to say that the characters of Leo, Yuesei, Kyla, and Sayora have nothing to do with Princess Neferteri AKA Krysta's characters. They are my own creation.

Chapter 1- Betrayal

The steady beeping of the heart monitor was the only sound in the room other than the quiet sobs of the one beside the bed.

Yugi Moto lay in the hospital bed on a ventilator. There was a bandage wrapped around his head and his leg was in a cast. There was a bandage over one of his cheeks, and several cuts on his arms.

In the chair beside the bed, Heba Moto, Yugi's twin brother, sat, holding his brother's hand as he cried quietly for his brother.

Solomon Moto, the boys' grandfather and only living relative apart from each other, walked into the room. Tears of sadness filled his eyes at the heartbreaking and familiar scene. Solomon walked over and placed a hand on Heba's shoulder.

Heba looked up into his grandfather's tear-filled violet eyes. "Why, grandpa? Why did this happen?" Heba asked in a voice that could only be described as broken.

Solomon sat down beside his grandson and pulled him into a hug. "I don't know, my boy. I don't know. All we can do is wait." Solomon said.

"Why couldn't they believe? Why did they believe those rumors?" Heba asked.

Solomon sighed. "That is for them to answer." Solomon said.

Yugi and Yami had been in a relationship for six months as had Atemu and Heba, but it all fell apart a few weeks ago.

Rumors had started at school that Yugi and Heba were sleeping with other boys.

Atemu and Yami had confronted them, but they denied it. Unfortunately, Yugi and Heba had been disappearing a lot, so Yami and Atemu didn't believe them. After yelling and unforgiving words, Yami and Atemu broke it off with the boys, saying they were whores.

"We didn't cheat on them. We never would have. Why couldn't they believe us?" Heba asked.

"They can only answer that." Solomon replied.

* * * * * *

"YOU DID WHAT?!" Yami screamed at the top of his lungs.

Tea cringed in fear at the volume of the former spirit's voice at her confession of her deception.


"I'm sorry! I didn't think!" tea cried, tears falling down her face.

Leo and Yuesei were holding back Atemu and Yami, who looked like they were ready to kill Tea.

Of course, they had good reason to want to with what had she had revealed.

"Tea, how could you do something so underhanded and wrong? Do you even know what you've done?" Kyla asked.

"I know. I didn't think it would be this bad." tea said.

Joey, Seto, Marik, Malik, Bakura, and Ryou all looked at tea with nothing but anger and hatred in their eyes.

Sayora and Mokuba looked at her im pain and anger.

Tea was crying at what was going on.

"Tea, do you know what you did by spreading those rumors? Do you have any idea what people have been saying about Heba and Yugi since you did that?" Joey asked, anger evident in his voice.

"I didn't think it would happen. I just did it. I didn't meant for people to call them that or to be mistreated the way they were." Tea said.

"Well, they were. You destroyed their lives by your lies!" Seto shouted.

Tristan and Duke walked into the room and were startled by Seto's words.

"What's going on?" Tristan asked.

"Ask her." Yami said in an angered voice as he looked at Tea with hate.

"Tea, what's going on?" Duke asked.

"I-I-" tea couldn't say it again.

"She's a lying, heartless bitch!" Atemu growled.

"Atemu, how can you say that after what Heba did?" Tristan asked.

After Atemu had found out that Heba had been supposedly cheating on him, Atemu was been furious.

"Because Heba and Yugi didn't do anything wrong." Leo said.

Tea gulped. "I started the rumors that Yugi and Heba were cheating on Yami and Atemu so that they would end their relationships with them because I-I wanted to date Yami." Tea said.

Tristan eyes widened. "You lied about that?!" Tristan shouted.

"Tea, how could you?! At school., everyone has been calling Yugi and Heba whores and two-timers and anything else that you can think of. Did you know that a guy almost raped Yugi because of it?" Duke demanded.

"What?!" The room was filled with shouted, but no one's louder than Yami.

"A guy was going at Yugi saying that since he was a whore, he wouldn't mind. Yugi was literally in tears. I stopped that and had the guy arrested for attempted rape. It helped that a police officer was nearby and saw the whole thing." Duke said.

Yami's glare of hatred turned to Tea. "You caused all this because you were jealous! How could you, Tea?! I thought that you were our friend!" Yami thundered.

Tea was crying even more as she cringed in fear. "I am, but I was just so jealous that the only thing I could think of was breaking you up, and I thought that would work. I didn't think it would get that out of hand." Tea said.

"Tea." Leo said sternly.

The girl in question looked at Leo and saw the disappointment in his eyes.

"Tea, there is no excuse for what you did. You not only ruined Yugi and Heba's reputations and have made them into nothing but whores in the eyes of the entire school, but you also destroyed two relationships. Relationships that wouldn't have ended had you not let your jealousy do such despicable things." Leo said.

"Tea, a true friend would have left well enough alone and let them be together and just be happy that they were happy. You showed that you don't value your friendships since you have damaged every friendship that you have." Yuesei said.

Tea looked around and could see that he was right. No one in that room was happy with her. In fact, they were all looking at her with anger and hatred. She had completely lost Yugi and Heba's friendship when they found out what she had done.

Sayora looked at Yami and Atemu. "Why did you not listen to Yugi and Heba, though?" Sayora asked.

"We were angry and didn't want to. They had been disappearing a lot, so we thought that confirmed the rumors." Yami said.

"Tea also was hinting that she saw them with people." Atemu said, death-glairing at Tea.

Tea was scared. She knew that Yami and Atemu were capable of sending her to the Shadow Realm, and she knew they were well on the way to doing that.

"I didn't think that the runts would do something like that." Bakura said.

Leo sighed and turned to Tea. "Tea, you need to tell Heba the truth and then when Yugi wakes up, you tell him. No one has more right to be angry than them. You ruined their lives, most-likely." Leo said.

Tea nodded. She couldn't believe how stupid and selfish she had been.

"Why did you suddenly decide to tell the truth?" Mokuba asked.

"I-I don't know. I just felt guilty, especially after that accident." Tea said.

They all knew that Heba and Yugi had been in a car accident when they had used a taxi to go home, and that Yugi was in a coma from the injuries he received in that accident.

"Well, that does a lot of good now." Atemu said harshly.

"Tea, it might be best if you leave." Yuesei said. He could tell no one wanted her here right now.

Tea nodded and quickly left.

"I can't believe what she did! No one deserves what to put through what the runts were!" Marik said angrily.

"I always saw Tea as the one who would do anything for her friends. I didn't think that she would do anything this low." Duke said.

"She was a jealous woman, and she did something stupid, but she must deal with consequences." Yuesei said.

"I know one thing. She destroyed any friendship that she had with Yugi and Heba." Tristan said.

"Are we any different?" Joey asked.

All eyes turned to Joey.

"What are you talking about, puppy?" Seto asked, putting an arm around his boyfriend's waist. "We didn't do anything to spread that rumor."

"I know, but we believed it, and we all said such cruel and hateful things to Yugi and Heba based solely on a rumor. I know they were disappearing, but that doesn't mean they were sleeping around. I mean, I disappear on you some, but I don't do that." Joey said.

"No one said anything worse than me. I called Yugi a whore. I told him that if he wanted to do it, he might as well charge for it." Yami said quietly, his downcast in shame.

"I told Heba that he was good for nothing and that I hated. I told him to stay out of my life." Atemu said quietly, also feeling ashamed.

"Yeah, you two did go over the edge without ant real proof, and now you know the truth. You went way too far." Leo agreed.

"We all did. We all considered them whores, and we turned our backs on them." Ryou said.

Yuesei turned to Leo and said, "Leo, do you know how Yugi is?"

Leo shook his head. "I haven't heard anything since Grandpa called when he got to the hospital this morning." Leo replied.

Yami looked down and clenched his fists tightly. He hated this entire situation. He had thoughtlessly believed not only rumors, but Tea as well. He had ruined his happy relationship with Yugi because of them and now Yugi was in the hospital, fighting for his life, and he couldn't be there with him because Grandpa wouldn't let him near the hospital room.

"Yami, you okay?" Malik asked.

"I'm fine. I think I'm going upstairs." Yami said before quickly going up the stairs.

"What up with him?" Bakura asked.

"He's angry with himself, like I am. We should have listened to them and let them explain. Instead, we went off and said things we didn't mean, and they didn't deserve." Atemu said. He sighed and said, "It makes it worse that Yugi is in the hospital, and Yami can't see him."

"You could see Heba, though, and set things right." Tristan said.

"We're not talking about the same Heba." Atemu said.

"What do you mean?" Malik asked, frowning.

"Heba holds a grudge. Next time OI see him, he'll go off on me for not trusting him and then he'll go off on Yami for Yugi. Heba won't let things be set right that easily." Atemu said.

"What now?" Mokuba asked.

"Go home. There's nothing more we can. We all also need to calm down." Leo said.

"Leo, call if anything changes with Yugi." Seto said.

"I will." Leo answered.

Seto, Joey, Mokuba, Marik, Malik, Tristan, Duke, Ryou, and Bakura left the house.

Atemu stood up and said, "I'm going upstairs to talk to Yami." He headed upstairs.

"They have a lot to feel guilty in." Yuesei said.

"Yeah, they do." Leo agreed.

"Do you think that they'll be able to work this out?" Kyla asked.

"I don't know." Leo replied.

* * * * * *

Yami had walked into Yugi's room and immediately had to stifle a sob at being in the room.

When they were dating, Yami would send a lot of time in this room mainly because Yugi's room was a little bigger. They would play games, talk, joke, laugh, and make out, which happened most of the time.

Yami closed his eyes as he sat down on the bed. Yami lay down and buried his face into Yugi's pillow, which had Yugi's sent on it, and started to cry. He had screwed everything up, and he couldn't change that. Yami felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up into Atemu's crimson eyes, which held the same pain he felt.

"I know, Yami. We both messed up, and now, there are chances that we are not going to be able to regain those relationships." Atemu said.

Yami sat up and wiped his tears off his face. "At least you can talk to Heba and fix things." Yami said.

Atemu cracked a weak smile. "This is Heba we're talking about, remember? The one who is ale tot hold a grudge and will snap off your head." Atemu said.

Yami smiled back. "Yeah. I guess you're right." Yami agreed.

"We have a lot to make up for." Atemu said.

"I just hope that I get the chance to make things up to him." Yami said. He sighed angrily and said, "I shouldn't have listened to tea. I knew she liked me, and I should have known that she wasn't being honest when she said that she saw Yugi with some guy, but I was so upset that I did. I believed her, and I said the worst things possible to Yugi, and I can't even tell him how sorry I am." Yami had tears falling down his cheeks again.

Atemu reached over and pulled his brother into a hug. "I know. We both screwed up big time." Atemu said.

"I just wish that I could apologize." Yami said.

* * * * * *

Heba still sat beside Yugi. He had tears falling down his cheeks at what had happened.

Heba shut his eyes as images of a car in the rain going over a cliff flashed before his eyes. He could hear words of fear, encouragement, comfort.

He opened his eyes and looked at Yugi.

"Please wake up, Yugi. Don't leave me. Don't leave me like they did." Heba whispered.

* * * * * *

Joey, Seto, and Mokuba sat in the living room.

"I never thought that Tea would do something so cruel. She destroyed two relationships because of her own selfishness." Joey said.

"Yes, and she will pay for it. She has lost too many friendships. I'm not sure nay of us will ever forgive her. I'm sure Yami and Atemu won't. At least, not any time soon." Seto said.

"It's awful, though. Yugi and Heba were talked so badly about because of a lie." Mokuba said.

The three grouped hugged to comfort themselves.

* * * * * *

Tristan was laying in Duke's arms. "I never imagined that Tea could do this." Tristan said.

"Well, she did, and she destroyed a lot of things." Duke said.

"I hope Heba and Yugi will work things out." Tristan said.

"After all that happened, do you really think they can?" Duke asked.

"I don't know." Tristan replied.

* * * * * *

Ryou held onto Bakura. "I hate this. Yugi and Heba lost their relationships because of lies." Ryou said.

Bakura stroked Ryou's hair. "I know. That bitch destroyed everything." Bakura said.

"And Yugi being in such bad shape doesn't help. He could die." Ryou said, crying.

"It'll be all right, Ryou. You'll see." Bakura said, although he couldn't convince himself of that.

* * * * * *

Marik and Malik sat in their living room with Ishizu.

Marik held onto Malik. "She doesn't have any idea as to what she has done. She destroyed everything that they had." Marik said.

"Yes. Tea truly did not think about the consequences her actions might have." Ishizu said.

"Ishizu, have you seen anything with the Millennium Necklace?" Malik asked.

"No, Brother. The future is cloudy, and I do not know what it brings." Ishizu replied.

* * * * * *

Tea looked out her window with tears streaming down her face. She felt horrible, She knew that what she had done was wrong. She knew that when she did it, but at the time, she didn't care. All that she cared about was breaking Yami and Yugi up so that she could make Yami fall in love with her so that she would have him. She felt guilty when she heard that Yugi and Heba were being talked about so badly, and when the accident happened, she couldn't handle it. She had to tell them the truth.

"I ruined everything. I ruined Yami and Atemu's relationships with them. They were so happy before I did that. They were happy, and I had to ruin that. I hurt them all, and I may have lost all my friends." tea said.

She went to her bed and lay down.

"I want to make up for it, but I can't. I can't change what I did. I can't change how I hurt them. I ruined everything, and I deserve anything that they have to say to me." Tea said.

* * * * * *

Yami and Atemu had fallen asleep on Yugi's bed, holding onto each other.

Leo and Yuesei looked in the room.

"Why are they in here?" Yuesei whispered.

"My guess is that Yami came here, and Atemu was comforting him, or they were comforting each other. They must have fallen asleep." Leo said.

"Should we move them?" Yuesei asked.

"No. Leave them alone." Leo replied.

Yuesei nodded, and the two walked out of the room, leaving the two brothers alone.

* * * * * *

Heba had fallen asleep with his head on the bed, still holding Yugi's hand.

Solomon walked in to see his grandson like that. Solomon smiled sadly. 'I hope that this all works out, and I hope that they can find out why Yami and Atemu did what they did.' Solomon thought.

Leaving his grandsons there, Solomon left the hospital to go home for the night, hoping for the best.

That's the start. I know it might not be clear, but it'll be cleared up then. Also, what Tea did is wrong, but there are people who do do this.

The next chapter will be about Heba's anger after finding out the truth, and his bottled up anger at Atemu for not listening to him.