Chapter 11- Remember

Yami was the first one to wake up the next morning. He was slightly groggy and wondered why he wasn't in his own room. Glancing down, Yami realized that Yugi was fast asleep in his arms. Yami then remembered the conversation that he and Yugi had had the night before. Yami sighed and sat up, being careful not to disturb Yugi. Climbing out of the bed, Yami left the room and went to his room, grabbing some clean clothes and going to take a shower.

When Yami got downstairs, he found that everyone was there.

"Sleep well?" Atemu asked.

One look at his brother told Yami that Atemu had seen him and Yugi sleeping together.

"Knock it off." Yami said. He looked around and could see the looks on their faces.

They knew.

"Who told them?" Yami growled.

"Before you go off, we thought that they had a right to know." Heba said.

"A right to know? That was something that was really just between me and Yugi. You didn't have a right to tell them about all that." Yami said, being careful not to yell so that he didn't wake Yugi wake up.

"Yami, we really didn't know. We didn't realize that Yugi was carrying something so upsetting on his shoulders." Duke said.

Yami sighed. "I know that you didn't know, but it doesn't change the fact you shouldn't have been told." Yami said.

"I'm guessing that Yugi talked with you about it last night." Ishizu said.

"Yeah. He told me even though it was unnecessary." Yami said, sitting down.

"Did Yugi losing that baby have anything to do with why Yugi distanced himself so much from you?" Kyla asked.

"Yeah. He wasn't angry. He was grieving. After Mahado told me, I understood and decided that I would give Yugi the space that he needed." Yami said.

"It's sad when you think about it." Sayora said.

"And infuriating when we know that he wouldn't have lost that baby had Teana not been such a bitch and try to have him killed." Seto growled.

"There's nothing that we can do about it now." Atemu said.

"You think that Yugi will be okay?" Mokuba asked.

"I don't know. It seems like just telling me helped him. I think that this might be something that takes a little bit to get used to." Yami said.

"Well, what should we do now?" Tristan asked.

"There's not much that we can do until Yugi gets his memory of the present day back." Leo said.

"When do you think that will be?" Joey asked.

"I don't know. It could be days, weeks, months, or even years." Leo said.

"Oh, great. We'll have to deal with the Prince of Egypt for that long." Bakura groaned.

"Bakura!" Ryou scolded.

"He's right. We'll have to deal with the ancient Egyptian version of Yugi until he does regain his memories of the present day." Atemu said. Noticing the glare that Yami was giving him, Atemu quickly added, "Not that that's a bad thing."

"Well, we will just need to wait and see what ends up happening." Yuesei said.

There were sounds of footsteps on the stairs and a few moments later, Yugi walked into the kitchen.

"Morning, Yugi." Heba said.

"Morning." Yugi replied, rubbing his head.

"Something wrong?" Leo asked.

"Headache." Yugi replied.

Kyla got up and got two aspirin and a glass of water. She handed them to Yugi and said, "Here. These should help."

"Thank you." Yugi said, taking the pills.

"So, what should we do today?" Joey asked.

"Well, we could always go to the arcade." Tristan said.

"We do that all the time." Sayora said.

"We also shop all the time." Duke shot back.

"We do not shop all the time." Kyla protested.

"Please. You always want to go shopping." Seto said.

"Actually, that was Tea who always wanted to go shopping, but since she's not around anymore, we're not going to be shopping 24/7 like she wanted to." Kyla said.

"What happened to tea?" Yugi asked, still rubbing his head.

"Please don't mention her name again." Yami growled.

"Let's just say that the lying bitch is somewhere that she will never bother us again." Joey said.

"Of course she won't since she's in a mental institution in another country." Seto said.

"How did manage that one?" Atemu asked.

Seto smirked. "Just one of the perks of being a rich, powerful, and influential businessman." Seto said.

"What exactly happened to her?" Yugi asked.

"Oh, Yami just put a little shadow spell on her that made her go insane." Marik said, smirking.

"Yami, I thought that we talked about this. You said that you wouldn't do that to anyone else." Yugi said.

"Well, this was a- what did you say?" Yami asked.

"I told you that I thought that you said you wouldn't do that again." Yugi said.

"Yugi, do you know where you are?" Leo asked, noticing exactly what Yami had.

"Yes, I do, Leo. I'm at home." Yugi said, finally looking at them. He looked at Yami and said, "We had a very long talk about this and you promised me after you got your own body that you would not use your Shadow magic to do this to people more."

"Yugi, you have your memory back!" Heba exclaimed.

"Wh-" Yugi didn't finish his question as Heba grabbed him in a bone crushing hug.

"This is fantastic!"


"At least we don't have to put up with the Prince anymore."

"Glad to have you back!"

"We're really glad that you finally remember!"

Yugi tried to take in everything that everyone was saying, but he just having a hard time doing that. "Hold on! What are you all talking about?" Yugi asked.

"Yugi, you remember that day when we were coming home from our parents' grave?" Heba asked.

Yugi nodded.

"Well, you know that we were in a car accident." Heba ventured.

"It's fuzzy, but yes." Yugi answered.

"Well, in the accident, you hit your head. When you came out of the coma, you had lost your memory of Japan. You thought that you were back in ancient Egypt when you were married to Yami and I was married to Atemu during the time that Teana caused all that trouble." Heba said.

"That explains it." Yugi muttered.

"Explains what?" Atemu asked.

"Your headache. Your memories came back and your confused because you are trying to deal with the memories of two lives." Leo said.

"Yeah. I'm kinda confused." Yugi said.

"It'll change." Seto told him.

"How do you know?" Joey asked.

"I know, puppy, because I had the exact same problem when I regained my memories." Seto answered.

"He's right. I went through the same thing, and I'm sure that Ishizu did, too." Leo said.

Ishizu nodded. "Indeed, I did. Don't worry, Yugi. If you give it a little time, I am certain that you will be able to sort everything out." Ishizu said.

"Great. Until then, I have to put up with a killer headache." Yugi said.

"At least that is resolved." Malik said.

"I don't get it. Why did his memories come back overnight?" Joey asked.

"Good question." Tristan said.

"Maybe the answer is clearer than any of us think it is." Leo said.

"What do you mean?" Duke asked.

"Well, Yugi's memories came back last night after Yugi and Yami talked. Maybe Yugi just needed to tell Yami the truth and when he did, it allowed him to remember his life here." Leo said.

"He needed to say what he did not say five thousand years ago." Ishizu said.

"Exactly." Leo said.

"My head is killing me, and if I try to figure out what you two are talking about, it's going to hurt even worse, so someone will just have to explain all this to me later." Yugi said.

"We'll tell you everything." Atemu told him.

"So, who's up for going out?" Duke asked.

"I think I am going to stay here. My head is hurting enough as it is." Yugi said.

"I think that I'll stay here, too." Yami said.

"I think we'll all go see a movie." Leo said, standing up.

Getting the hint, Atemu grabbed Heba and said, "Yeah. We'll see you two alter. Bye."

Atemu and Leo pretty much forced everyone to leave.

"Well, that was odd." Yami said.

"This is confusing." Yugi said.

"What the hell has possessed you two?!" Bakura shouted.

"Nothing has possessed us, Bakura. Yugi and Yami still need time to work things out." Leo said.

"They already did." Kyla said.

"No. I think Yugi and Yami just talked about losing their daughter five thousand years ago. They need to talk about what happens with them now." Atemu said.

"So that's why you suggested we go see a movie. It's give them a few hours alone." Heba said.

"Yeah. Let's just hope everything is fine when we get home." Leo said.

"What do you think will happen?" Marik asked.

"One, Yugi and Yami decide to work things out. Two, they don't. Three, we go home to a bloodbath." Leo said.

"I'd rather it be the first one." Atemu said.

"So would I." Leo agreed.

"Well, let's go see what movie we're going to watch." Yuesei said.

"What are we going to see?" Mokuba asked.

Seto groaned. "Great. Another long argument." Seto said.

Yugi had gone into the living room and flopped down onto the couch.

"Are you sure that you're all right, Yugi?" Yami asked, standing in the doorway.

"I guess. I'll feel a lot better when I am able to sort out what belongs in what time." Yugi said.

"Yugi, do you think that we can talk for a moment?" Yami said.

Yugi sat up and turned to face him. "I guess." Yugi answered.

Yami walked over and sat down beside Yugi. "Yugi, before you find out from anyone else, you should know that Leo, Yuesei, Joey, Seto, Mokuba, Kyla, Sayora, Ryou, Bakura, Marik, Malik, Tristan, and Duke know about us losing that baby back in ancient Egypt." Yami said.

It took Yugi a moment to remember what he had said, but when he realized, he stiffened. Yugi turned to Yami and said, "Did you tell them?"

Yami shook his head. "You know that I told my parents, Atemu, and Heba back in ancient Egypt. Well, they told everyone about it." Yami explained.

"Why would they do that?" Yugi asked.

"They thought that they should know why you had been acting the way that you have. I didn't even know until this morning when they told me that they had told them." Yami said.

Yugi buried his face in his hands. "This is not what I wanted." Yugi said.

"Why is it so bad that they know?" Yami asked.

"I don't need them looking at me with pity every time that they look at me." Yugi said.

"They won't. Yugi, they're not going to act like that all the time. In time, it'll pass." Yami said.

"I hope so." Yugi said. He looked at Yami and said, "One other things, Yami."

"What's that?" Yami asked, looking down at him.

"If you ever accuse me of cheating on you again, if you ever call me a whore again, and if you ever believe someone else without asking me about everything first, I swear that I am going to kill you." Yugi said.

Yami gulped. "I get it, Yugi. I won't-wait! Does that mean that you're going to give me another chance?" Yami asked, looking down at Yugi.

"Yes. We're going to have to take it slow again, though." Yugi said.

"I know, and I get that. We'll go slow." Yami agreed.

"By the way, what happened with Tea?" Yugi asked.

"Well, you were still in a coma, and we found out about all the shit that she had pulled in order to split us all up." Yami said.

"What all did she do?" Yugi asked.

"She started the rumors that you and Heba were cheating on me and Atemu. Then, when that didn't work. She started telling me and Atemu that she saw you two with other people. We confronted you two, and you know how that ended up. After that accident, Tea told us that she had started those lies. We really blew up. Grandpa told us about your parents and that that was why you two were disappearing. We told Tea to tell the truth, but she didn't. At school, she told everyone that you and Heba were trying to have sex with people in that taxi when that accident happened. We tricked her into saying that she had lied about everything where the cheerleaders heard her. It didn't take long for her to be made out to be a lair. Everyone at school turned against her quickly. She also hired that guy that tried to rape you." Yami said.

Yugi turned and looked at him, wide-eyed. "She what?" Yugi asked.

Yami nodded. "She did that. Anyway, she said that she would still have you raped. We went to see you in the hospital. That night, Seto, Marik, Bakura, Atemu, and I went to Tea's house that night. We found out that she was obsessed with Atemu, too. She had pictures of both of us all over her room." Yami said.

"In other words, she planned to sleep with one of you and then she would sleep with the other one." Yugi said.

"Pretty much. Anyway, we let the Shadow creatures torment her. We heard her thoughts. She planned to have you and Heba both raped to get back at us. The spell that I cast on her was that every time she looked in the mirror, her appearance would take on what her heart was like. You know how she was absorbed with her looks." Yami said.

"And it drove her insane." Yugi said.

"Yeah. In the end, Seto got her in an mental institution in another country. The guy who tried to rape you told the police that she did that. Seto also had a recording of Tea admitting that she was the one that hired that guy, so she would have gone to jail, but we needed something that would stop her from trying to do anything else. So, we did all that we did." Yami said.

"I'm guessing that the spell will last for the rest of Tea's life." Yami said.

"Yes, it will." Yami agreed.

Yugi sighed and leaned against Yami. "She really was Teana's reincarnation." Yugi said.

"Yeah, but she deserved what Teana did, but I thought that might be a little suspicious." Yami said.

"She won't be able to bother us anymore." Yugi said.

It wasn't long before Yami realized that Yugi had fallen asleep.

'I guess that headache's making it hard for him. I'm just glad that we're okay.' Yami thought. He wrapped his arms around Yugi and lay down on the couch with him before he fell asleep as well.

The next morning, the group that lived in the Moto house gathered downstairs for breakfast.

"What to do today?" Kyla said more to herself.

"I have work from school that I need to take care of." Yugi said.

"Well, what do you know." Leo said.

"What's that?" Grandpa asked.

"According to this article, a mental patient in an institute in South America committed suicide. Says that she had been there only a few weeks, but the doctors had labeled her high risk for suicide. They couldn't get to her in time." Leo said.

"What's so important about that?" Yami asked.

"It was Tea Gardner." Leo said.

"Really?" Heba asked, surprised.

Leo nodded.

"Well, I guess she couldn't take the thought of being ugly for the rest of her life." Atemu said.

"Well, at least she can't hurt any of us or anyone else now." Yugi said.

"No. She can't." Yami agreed.

~Ten Years Later~

"Stop running in the house!" Yugi yelled.

"Sorry, Daddy." two small voices called.

Yugi shook his head.

There was crying from a crib.

Yugi walked over and picked up the crying boy. "Shh. It's all right." Yugi said, cradling, the child.

There were sounds of footsteps on the stairs before two children ran in.

Helana Moto, Yugi and Yami's oldest daughter, was five. She had long, tri-colored hair with straight, blonde bangs. She had amethyst eyes.

Mitsu Moto, Yugi and Yami's other daughter, was four years old and had hair like her sister's, but had crimson eyes like Yami.

Atrin Moto, Yugi and Yami's son, was only a month old. He had tri-colored hair and one amethyst eye and one crimson eye.

"What are you up to?" Yugi asked.

"Nothing. We were just playing, Daddy." Helana said.

"Is anyone here?" a voice called.

"In the living room, Heba." Yugi called.

Heba walked in with a girl and boy.

The boy's name was Hasan Moto. He was six years old and looked exactly like Atemu.

The girl was May Moto. She was three years old and had tri-colored hair like Helana and Mitsu. She also had amethyst eyes.

"Can we go play?" Helana asked.

"Sure. Just behave." Yugi said.

All four children ran upstairs.

"how's today been?" Heba asked.

"Tiring." Yugi replied, sitting down.

"How's Yami been?" Heba asked.

"A mother hen." Yugi replied.

"Well, you did have a little trouble with this pregnancy. He has ever right to be worried." Heba said.

"I know." Yugi answered.

The door opened a few moments later, and Atemu and Yami entered the room.

"Where are the others?" Yami asked.

A loud crash upstairs gave the answer.

"We'll take care of it." Atemu said, and the two went upstairs.

"Are you glad that we stayed with them?" Heba asked.

"You know I am. Yami and I haven't had major problems since then. Plus, we have three beautiful children." Yugi said.

"Yeah. I know the feeling." Heba agreed.

After taking care of the four kids, Atemu and Yami headed back downstairs.

"I am really glad that Yugi and Heba gave us another chance after what happened when we were in high school." Atemu said.

"I know. I'm not sure I could have handled it otherwise." Yami said.

"Well, we both have families now, and there's nothing to stop us from being happy now." Atemu said.

The entire group met for a picnic. Everyone brought their families.

"This is great. It's always nice to see everyone." Atemu said.

"Yeah. It's fun to see how all the kids have changed." Heba agreed.

"Well, none of us could be happier. That much I do know." Yugi said.

"Things always seem to work out for the best." Yami said.

The two couples kissed each other, a sign that they would be happy for the rest of their lives.

Until Atrin's crying interrupted them.


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