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I never saw here in such pain, it was crippling. Her 5th birthday and her dad not there to share it with her, I knew he wasn't coming. If I didn't remind him each time he saw us that her name was Gaz, my father would end up calling her Valery or some other random name, I even sacrifice him learning my name instead of calling me Dib he calls me son. But seeing her cry like this, watching her stare at the door is unforgivable. I check the clock, its 10 PM.

"Gaz, it's time for bed." I say weakly.

"No! He still might come!" She cried between sobs.

"If he comes I'll wake you up." I promise, so I help her get ready for bed, and I tuck her just like I do almost every night. "Good night Gaz, and Happy Birthday."

She says in a sobbed whisper, "Goodnight Dib and thanks." So I stay up all night hoping that he'll show up and give her a happy birthday for a change, instead he doesn't show up; he probably forgot about her. Even though I know he won't come I still stay because I promised Gaz.

First thing in the morning, I make breakfast; Gaz comes down and whispers "He's never coming home is he."

"You know that he come her from time to time."

"But why not yesterday, it was my special day, he doesn't come on you birthday either." She starts crying her eyes out so I go to hug her but she punches me instead. "Don't! Touch! Me!"

I grab her hand; give her the lunch I made the night before and say "Come on, I'll take you to preskool."