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a/n I would have written sooner but writers block really sucks!!!!!!!!! Anyway now time for the last chapter of happy birthday Gaz. Enjoy!

"IT! IS! TIME!" I exclaimed as I unveiled my new and proudest creation to this world, "I have finally created the perfect… wait for it… TOAST!" My new creation was a piece of toast that was delicious, had twice the nutrients of regular toast and half the fat.

"Now time for taste testing." My new assistant decided that it needed testing before it went into the markets but everything I make is perfect so I don't see the point. So my assistant feed it to the test hamster and he seemed to enjoy it.

"See, the toast is fine." Then the hamster exploded.

"See, the toast has some bug still in it." My assistant looked very smug. "Why do you keep on looking at the calendar?"

"The day is marked but I cannot remember why." So we ended up working all night until the only side affect was mutation and/or bloating, but I still couldn't remember. Then I saw a boy and a young girl walking to skool and I think I remember that it had to do with my family.

a/n I know it is short but professor membrane isn't the easiest person to write for in my opinion.