Author's Note: More ficlets on Feral and Briggs, a spin off from Genetic Terrorism.

"Ohhh......yes.....harder......don't stop......" The blond she-kat moaned hotly as she nipped the chin of the male pounding into her. She was laying on her back on a pallet of copy paper boxes. His coat covered the surface to give her comfort.

The male growled an unintelligible response and moved faster then leaned over to give her a savage kiss. Pulling away, panting to catch his breath, he rumbled, "Take all of me!"

She felt filled to capacity as she always did with him and she loved how forceful he was. That wild and savage behavior was something left over from their time as primitive cats.

Before she would have been upset with a partner who was soo rough but ever since her time as a golden panther, she had a hunger that couldn't be assuaged except by the male who'd been a saber-toothed tiger.

The end was near, she could feel him swell even bigger. She grabbed his head and pulled his face to hers. They locked their mouths in a kiss that would hide their screams of release. He bucked hard and thrust one more time before she tightened around him, sending them over a glorious cliff.

They clung together and panted hard, catching their breath. When their hearts had slowed down and they could breath easier, he gave her a gentle kiss and withdrew from her.

Two strong arms lifted her off his coat and lowered her feet to the floor. She sighed ruefully as yet another pair of panties lay torn on the floor.

"You know, I'm starting to run out of panties."

"Well, I'll just have to keep buying ones for you." He purred in her ear as he pulled her close to nuzzle her face with his.

"I have to admit, you do have excellent tastes in female undies." She chuckled.

"Why thank you. I do try. Especially when I'm the one who keeps destroying them." His eyes glinting with devilish humor as he grabbed his coat and prepared to leave.

She snorted with laughter as she straightened her clothes. She had begun to carry a spare pair of panties in her purse since she never knew when he would show up.

"Hmmm, we still on for later?" He murmured, giving her a last kiss.

"Far as I know. If the Mayor holds me up, I'll give you a call." She whispered back, returning the kiss then sighing reluctantly as they parted.

Giving her a last look, the Chief Enforcer slipped out of the small storage closet and headed for the elevators. The Deputy Mayor waited a few minutes before she too left the little room and headed for her office.

Now that she'd had a wonderful 'pick me up' to start her day, it was time to get to work.