Author's Note: More ficlets on Feral and Briggs, a spin off from Genetic Terrorism.

He loved these moments when they had sex out of a bed. It just seemed to make it all that much more intense. Sometimes he thought it had a lot to do with them having been primitive. It just seemed to bring out the wild side of them.

At this moment he had a hold of her neck with his fangs and was thrusting furiously into her submissive body as he curled over it.

Her blond hair spilled over her face in her position on paws and knees with the heavy tom pressing down on her back.

It was a wild ride. He was hard and forceful and she loved it.

"Ohhhh.........gods........yes....." She sang out deliriously.

He could only grunt since his mouth was full of her neck fur. His hips moved hard and fast as he brought them to a violent release.

He pulled his fangs out and licked her neck tenderly for a moment before pulling himself free then rolled to his side and took her along with him.

They lay quietly on the blanket they'd laid on the grass at Megakat Park. He'd found a secluded spot where they wouldn't be seen or interrupted and things got hot and heated rather quickly. No surprise there since they couldn't seem to keep their paws off each other.

Callie sighed and rolled until she was facing Ulysses. She kissed him then relaxed and caressed his powerful chest. It seemed too amazing that the two of them had come together so explosively.

It was months later since the incident that had made them realize how attracted they were to each other. From that moment of discovery, they'd spent every odd moment they could having extremely incredible sex together. It didn't hurt that they actually liked each others company as well.

She felt his cock stir lazily against her leg. She smiled. He always seemed to be ready for her and she liked that she had that affect on him.

Grinning wickedly, she slipped down his body and took hold of him in her paw. He blinked at her in surprise. He watched to see what she planned to do.

At first, she just stroked it gently in her paw, occasionally using her thumb to caress the fat mushroom head gently. He gasped and groaned but didn't stop her only rolled to his back to give her better access.

She upped the ante by beginning to use her rough tongue to lick him. He shuddered and groaned louder. Chuckling, she fondled his massive balls, squeezing and rolling them in her palm. Next she used a claw to delicately caress his perineum. That caused him to cry out, pre-come leaking from his now hard cock.

"Callie......." He whined pleadingly.

She just gave him a lustful look and took him into her mouth. He was far to big for her to deep throat but she did the best she could.

He bucked helplessly, her hot mouth was driving him insane and he didn't think he could hold on too much longer if she kept up her teasing. It took a hard, conscious effort for him not to just thrust into her mouth but that would hurt her so he kept his hips still but it was torture to do it.

She ran her claws gently down the rest of his cock she couldn't get into her mouth and grinned around her mouthful when he pleaded with her to stop teasing.

Callie had one more trick to do that she knew would finish him off. Added to her tormenting tease with her claws she purr which caused a vibration through his cock.

His eyes widened and he felt the lightning tingle rush from his toes to his head and he roared.

Callie had felt his balls pull up tight and the head of his cock swell abruptly. She pulled her head back quickly as he shot off a stream of come. She'd tried to take his load once before and that had been enough, it simply was too much for her. He didn't mind.

Grinning triumphantly, she moved up his panting body and gave him a kiss.

"You are fantastic!" He panted.

"And so are you!" She purred.

What a great day. The sun was warm as they lazed in each others arms and rested. There was still time for more play before they decided to go home.