The graveyard was perfectly still - not a breath of wind displacing the perfect pattern of the leaves on the trees. The cool midnight air condensed on the warm church windows; steamy smoke from the altar candles rose to the tarnished oak beams. Inside the church, a young child yawned, bored with the proceedings; lulled by the droning of the vicar. He turned his head slightly, watching the candle smoke. Out of the window, something caught his eye. A hooded figure, tall, majestic, and slightly hunched, was weaving its way around the gravestones, before finally coming to rest beside a tall white stone. The figure stood there for a while, apparently motionless, before turning on its heel and disappearing with a soft 'pop'. The child watched this, dreaming absent-mindedly about how silly his Grandma looked in that hat, before turning back to the vicar. He had no idea how close he had come to being the victim of a dreadful curse; the dreadful curse that had shattered the people who rested underneath that gravestone. No idea at all.

Severus Snape listened to the joyful singing that came from the church. Without realising that he had begun to move, he found himself standing opposite the one grave he had feared, dreaded and desperately wanted to see. The grave of his sweetheart; the grave of his worst enemy. He glanced at the inscription:

James Potter, born 27 March 1960, died 31 October 1981

Lily Potter, born 30 January 1960, died 31 October 1981

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

Lily Potter. Reading this name, Severus' steely black eyes softened, if only for a moment. He loved her as the moon loves the sun. But, alas, she had never loved him. Liked him once, maybe, until he made the fatal mistake, the one that changed the course of his life forever. Kind, sweet, beautiful Lily. If he tried hard enough, he could still hear the echo of her laugh. After the discovery of the prophecy, she had thrown every ounce of her energy into her life with James and Harry. She'd always been so full of life... so determined to live for the moment...

She lived like she knew nothing lasts
Didn't care to look like anyone else
And she was beautiful, so beautiful
I still hear her laugh like she's here

Glancing up slightly for the slightest second, Severus saw a young boy watching him from the church window, laughing as he blew the candle out. Severus grimaced. He had never known the joys of being young. Sometimes he doubted whether he had ever had fun as a child. He had never laughed as the Marauders had laughed. He had never pulled pranks as the Marauders had pulled pranks. Mind, he thought, that is because you were always the victim.

Shower it down on all the young
It isn't so wrong to have such fun

A second glance at the headstone forced him to decipher the first name. James Potter. That boy had made life hell for him. Marrying Lily, he had knowingly broken Severus' heart. He did not deserve the angel that now lay beside him.

Forever angel
I hope they love you like we do
Forever angel
I'll be proud to be like you
Be like you
(I'll be proud to be like you)

After six years of despising him, Lily had finally accepted James. To Snape, it did not signify that it had taken her six years to like James. It just mattered that she had accepted him. With that one word, 'Yes!', she had broken a heart, injured a soul, and ruined every possibility of innocence for Snape. He gazed with loathing at the headstone, suddenly feeling repelled by the sight of them being together. He wondered if she was proud of her son, prophesised at the age of one to defeat the Dark Lord. Was she disgusted by his presence? He would never know. He did not want to.

Does the sun shine up at you when you are looking down?
Do you get along with the others around?

It has to be better for her, Severus thought, sending a silent plea to the milky white stars that shone in the inky sky above him. It has to be better in heaven than it is down here. Maybe this death was for the best. The more he reasoned with himself though, the hollower the reason sounded in his head.

It's got to be better than before
You don't need to worry now you're gone

His angel, his love, his Lily. Without her, he did not know love. Without her, he did not know peace. Without her, life had lost all meaning. He kicked himself under the long travelling cloak that was wound around his body. You lost her, he thought. It was all your fault that she died. If you had told her how you really felt, she would not have gone with that bullying toerag, Potter. She would have been your angel. Shaking his head, Snape banished these thoughts.

Forever angel
I hope they love you like we do
Forever angel
I'll be proud to be like you
Be like you
Just like you

A memory sprung into Snape's head, making his face form a cold sneer. It was a memory of Hogwarts. Some might call it his worst memory...


'All right, Snivellus?' said James loudly.

Snape plunged his hands into his robes for his wand, but not soon enough...


Snape's wand flew from his hand, landing around twelve feet away. He made a run for it, a second too late once more.


He found himself hanging upside down, and then dumped roughly on the ground, surrounded by laughing students. How excruciatingly embarrassing. He struggled, but his body would not move, as if invisible ropes bound him. He could only watch as the Marauders taunted him, teased him mercilessly. Until Lily came...

'Leave him alone!'

Severus heard her voice, felt himself become free from the cords that bound him, and spoke the words that would guarantee him unhappiness for the rest of his days. They just slipped out -

'I don't need help from filthy little Mudbloods like her!'

He saw the hurt in Lily's eyes turn to anger, he watched her storm away...

He felt his heart break...

*End of Flashback*

And when I go to sleep at night
I'll thank you for each blessed thing surrounding me
For every fall I'll ever break
Each moment`s breath I want to taste
Confidence and conscience
Decadent extravagance

He remembered how he had watched Lily reign providence over Potter, how he had heard himself give Potter one chance to Lily's heart. The memory swam before his eyes, clouding his senses. However, it could not cloud one sense. Severus Snape still knew that he still loved Lily Evans.

Never ending providence
For loving when I had the chance

Finally, Snape admitted to himself one thought that he had been trying to banish for years. He looked at Lily's name and smiled. His eyes softened once more. I'd be proud to be like you, he thought. I'd be proud to be like you. And from that moment, Snape knew that he would do anything to help her living son; Harry Potter. He would risk his life. And with that final gesture, Severus Snape turned on his heel and was gone.

Forever angel
I hope they love you like we do
Forever angel
I'll be proud to be like you
Forever angel
I'll be proud to be like you
Forever angel
I'll be proud to be like you

Back inside the church, the child called Neville Longbottom slipped off his pew and turned to leave with his Grandmother. One day, the man in the hooded cloak would become his worst fear. One day, that ugly hat of his Grandmother's might help to banish that fear. But for now, Neville Longbottom knew only one thing. With his child's intuition, he knew that something significant had happened in the graveyard of Godric's Hollow that night. And he was right. Severus Snape had finally let go. The leaves rustled in the no longer silent churchyard. The footsteps of the congregation echoed heartlessly on the paved path; footsteps belonging to people who, unlike Neville, were completely oblivious of the promise newly made by an honest man. An innocent man.

As Severus Snape slept that night, a quiet voice disturbed his dreams. It's tone swept melodically around the room, sweet syllables sounded in the wizards ear. Look after Harry, it said. It will all be worth it in the end, Sev. After all, the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.