Dragon ball Z does not belong to me or any of my followers. In this story Vegeta has a younger brother named Velarie. Vegeta has now been mated to Kakkarot for a year and now they have come to love each other. Now it is time for Velarie to mate. And guess who it is????


"Father it's time". "Oh yes it seems were about to land". I looked out the window, bored out of my mind. It took six days and we were finally here. I stepped out of the plane and walked down the steps. It was so hard to walk with all of these clothes on. My father had told me I had to wear the clothing from Vegeta-sei instead of my own. I protested and as he always did he brought up my brother, and told me "if Kakkarot can do it then you can". So that was the end of it.

"How are you Bardock, Duke of Hetela?" asked a man dressed similarly as myself and everyone around. "I am fine King Vegeta.", my father answered. They shook hands sternly. "And how are you Prince Haruka?" "I am great your majesty." I said. "King Vegeta huh, he's pretty hot for an old man". "Follow me.", King Vegeta ordered; my father and I.

We walked at a respectable distance. "Do you see that car over there?" I nodded and looked at the overly luxurious vehicle. "That is where my two sons are and your dear brother. You're soon to be mate is also in there." said the King. At that I started to get excited and nervous at the same time. "What is he gonna look like. I wonder if my brother has changed at all. Will he recognize me, I did get sexier." A sneer came upon my face as I laughed at my own joke.


"We will be leaving here, you and my sons will head to the castle", said King Vegeta. "Yes we will meet you at the castle later." "Ok father I will see you both very soon then", I bowed and took my leave. As I was escorted to the car I saw three heads sitting there. As I approached the vehicle, the door opened. I froze and bumped into my escort. "Oh, I'm so sorry". "It's ok. Are you alright?" "Yes I'm fine", I answered. "OI, Haruka!!!! Are you already flirting with a native!!!!?" I turned my head and saw my loving obnoxious brother. My face turned beet red and I scowled at him. "No I am not you baka." I yelled back. "Finally" a voice came out from the car, "someone agrees with me".

A very short man stepped out of the car. My mouth dropped impolitely as I stared at him. I looked from him to my brother. "I know its amazing isn't it" Kakkarot said. I cleared my throat. "You must be Prince Vegeta" I bowed, "I am honored to meet you". "And I you" he said. His voice was like velvet. He was the hottest thing I had ever seen. He was short, but his looks compensated for that. "Alright Haruka, stop staring I know he's hot, but he's mine." I closed my eyes briefly then opened them, when I did I saw the cutest thing. He was blushing. "He's so cute", I whispered to my brother. "Am I allowed to come out yet", another voice floated from the car. "Are you ready Haruka?" "Of course brother, when am I not ready?" As I was saying this a man a little taller than Kakkarot stepped out of the car.

I thought Vegeta was hot, but this was amazing. "Shit, I guess I wasn't ready." "Hahahaha you're so funny Haruka" my brother said smacking my back nearly knocking me over. I was about to hit my face on the ground when a hand wrapped around my waste, and pulled me up. "Are you ok?" "Yes I'm fi-", I looked up and his face was inches away. "My name is Prince Velarie." He stated this as if I had no idea. "Ahh come on Velarie, get outta his face." My brother pushed us apart and we all got into the car.


As we exited the car my brother and I planed to go to my room and change for the ceremony. "I hope you aren't going to dress like you did at our ceremony." I looked hot that time, what was the problem?" "Brother what did you wear?" "I wore the red outfit we got on Christmas." "It was very revealing. It showed his entire back." Prince Vegeta didn't sound too happy about that. "Then you aren't going to like mine", I said a little disappointedly. "Yours is the same?" "We have to go darling, see you at the ceremony" He kissed Vegeta on the mouth and turned toward me. He grabbed my hand and led me to my room.


It was time. Oh my God it was time. I was so nervous. I was not naturally shy like this. My brother told me that on Vegeta-sei, they covered up to the max. So my outfit was very erotic to most of them. I stood at the door waiting for my turn to come in. My brother kept laughing at the faces Vegeta kept making at his outfit. It was different, but just as revealing. He wore the tight pants, and his back was out. He had his arms out also. When I walked up behind them Vegeta completely stopped speaking and froze when he saw me. "What the hell is wrong with you people?" "Do I look bad", I asked self-consciously." "No f course not, it's just that when you come out people will be drooling all over you."

I had on the same tight fitting pants as Kakkarot, but mine were bright red. I had a loose pair of pants over them that were gold. I had on a shirt that stopped at my bellybutton. I had a chain of gold going around my stomach that had small ruby's going around it. My back was covered. My hair was down to the middle of my back. I had another gold chain in my hair, like a head band.

"Prince Vegeta and Prince Kakkarot", the announcer announced. My brother and Vegeta locked arms and walked out. I was totally nervous. I was scared to death. The only thing that made me feel good was knowing that they would all be looking at me and saying how hot I was. "Prince Haruka."

I walked out with the cutest smile I could muster. There was a loud range of gasps in the audience. Even the band went silent. My smile broadened as I saw the King himself gawking. I was starting to relax. "I can do this I can do this." The minute I looked up and saw Velarie smiling at me, I panicked. "What the hell, I can't do this oh Gods help me!!" I reached my hand out to him and he grabbed it. A strong electric shock went through me as our skin met. We stood there hand in hand. I could barely hear what was being said. The electric shock never stopped. My breathing became a little raged and I was becoming flushed.

Finally the formalities were over; it was time for the long awaited and most feared point. Velarie had to leave his claim mark to complete the ceremony. He turned me towards himself and pulled me close. "I'll be gentle", he whispered in my ear. He leaned down and kissed the spot at the conjecture of my neck and shoulder. I shivered at the touch, that spot had gotten very sensitive lately. He smiled and pulled me closer. He kissed the spot repeatedly. Intensifying the pressure the more he kissed me. My breathing became ragged and I was panting loudly. One of my hands had wound in his hair as the other grabbed his arm for dear life.

He began to press his lips harder. He slightly nipped at the spot. My breath hitched and I moaned, loudly. There was some gasping around us, but I didn't care. I grabbed his arm tighter. He suddenly licked the spot. His tongue was like burning silk. I arched my back further and a lust filled moan filled the room. There was total silence. Everyone could now see my face. And I was very hot at the moment. He blew where he licked me, and then he held me tighter and bit into my flesh. My eyes flew open as the pain tore through me. It was like I had been stabbed. As soon as the pain came it was replaced with a mind blowing pleasure. I grabbed a fist full of his hair and cried out his name as wave after wave of pleasure hit me. He pulled his mouth away and leaned back to look at me. There was blood on his lips. I leaned forward and licked it off. He smiled and turned us around towards the crowd. There was no clapping. No applause, just silence. I was exhausted; it felt like I had just had sex. That bite felt like an orgasm. I was still breathing hard and my face was still flushed, but I was happy. He wrapped his hand around my waste and helped me into the dining room behind the blushing and silent guests.