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There were reports that he was back.

But how? He couldn't bare it. He wouldn't be able to kill him again. Not after the last battle.

He had finally been able to rest in peace for a while, but then, there came a report of an attack on the shinigamis protecting the outskirts of Karakura Town where the substitute Shinigami lived. Every single shinigami had died. Their blood was splattered on the fields, but despite it being summer, ice covered the ground.

Ice covered every inch of the field, destryoing anything in its path. Anything. People, trees, buildings. Not one shinigami lived to tell the tale.

But it was obvious. The ice was a dead giveaway. As they got there, even the spiritual power felt like him.

Of course, they wouldn't make the mistake of accusing Captain Hitsugaya again. But if not the captain, it was him.

Kusaka Sojiro.

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