Chapter 5

His footsteps echoed throughout the steps, making soft ringing sounds. His figure was slightly bent, clutching his chest, his hands blood with his own blood. He had been slightly careless as he entered Soul Society and had ended up with several blows. Around five shinigamis had spotted him as well.

Laboriously, he walked, passing many offices. He passed the twelfth division, then the eleventh, and then painstakingly stopped at the tenth. But he did not stay long. One look and he was off, running as fast as his legs and wounded chest let him.

Soon, he was nearing the first division. Instead of taking the right that led to Yamamoto's office, he veered left. When he turned, he ended up with a dead end.

It was just what he was expecting.

He grasped Hyourinmaru's hilt, and unsheathed his sword. Through empty air, he brought Hyourinmaru down. A ripple seemed to appear in the air, the earth shivering. Then, what seemed to be an opening, a door appeared. He lifted his hands up feebly and went through the door.

Upon entering, he couldn't see. The room was pitch black, but soon his eyes adjusted. He had to hurry; he was loosing too much blood.

"Ahh, as expected, you are here," Kusaka said, slightly out of breath.

"Of course. You are, my mistake after all. I am here to destroy you," replied a voice from the dark. It was a calm voice, one in no hesitation to kill.

"Old man, you think you can kill me? You think you can right your wrong just by destroying me? Destroying it?" he laughed. "No, of course not."

Yamamoto looked down; his face was covered by the dark, his expression unreadable. "No, that you are correct. But this may right my sin to some extent. Although, it will never erase one's pain."

He unsheathed his sword while at the same time he widened his stance. "No need, old man, no need," he said, shaking his head. Then, he raised his right hand up into the air, then cried, "Come to me, Hikamimaru!" (Kyinmaru)

From the glass case next to Yamamoto, out came a sword, it's hilt aimed at him. With swiftness and accuracy, the sword flew into his hand. The sword let out a soft, warm, reddish glow, radiating heat. The guard was the same four-pointed star, just like Hyourinmaru, but the star was red, not blue. The sheath came right after the sword, it being of reddish hue.

"I'll be leaving now," he said softly, acting as if he was sorry to leave.

With a single swipe, a wall of fire showed up. Quickly, Yamamoto extinguished the fire, but he was too late. Kusaka was gone. Yamamto fell, barley catching himself.

"Hey, Toshiro. Is something wrong?" Ichigo asked. Hitsugaya had just spaced out for a minute, almost falling to the ground if not for Ichigo.

"Yes… I think. I just felt… Something's wrong…"

His hand instinctively went to his sword. As he touched the hilt of Hyourinmaru, a voice spoke to him.

Hitsugaya. My twin has awakened. My twin…

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