Editor's Letter- Neji Hyuuga

Seems like it's my turn to write this again. Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy this month's magazine. Everyone has decided to deal with some rather relevant and in-depth, shocking issues this month.

But they all said they enjoyed it.

Neji Hyuuga

P.S. Next month's Editor's Letter will be written by Shikamaru Nara.

(A/N: To all the readers that are reading this because you've been reading 'Workplace?' a) Thank you!! and b) Sorry if the articles aren't as funny as 'Workplace' is. I tried to write them slightly more seriously. That said, Jack (who I'm sure you all know by name by now) said that 'Ask Hinata' more than makes up for the more serious tones of Sai's etc. For any new readers, I hope you like it, but it honestly does make more sense (and you'll get more of the 'in-jokes') if you read 'Workplace?' first. It's not that bad I promise you!).