Aneko: Time Hollow! Didn't even know if they would make a section for it, but here it is. I may write more in the future, but truthfully, I found some of the game rather confusing…

Disclaimer: Whoo, no! I don't own it! I wouldn't want to own it. I already confuse myself enough without the game's plotline, thanks.

Guarded Time

No one had ever known where the hollow pen came from, and most knew nothing about it at all (Not that it mattered, since they couldn't see it anyway). If it was explained, they would either accept it as one of those unexplainable things, or called you crazy. It was exactly these kinds of people that were being protected every day.

Of course, they didn't know that their minds and memories were being fiddled with, and everything went on as though life had always been the way it was. Not seeing the constant fixing of wrongs, of crimes that never should have occurred, or the person who would sacrifice themselves for the sake of others.

They didn't know how much they owed to the one who had given them time. Time to laugh, cry, or fall in love. They didn't know that he used his own time for theirs, no matter what it meant would happen to him some day. He would grow old quickly, much more quickly than he was supposed to, and he would watch his friends, the same age as he, yet at the same a century younger.

You could call him a time guardian, in a way. He would always try to make everything right again, no matter the cost.

Even though they had no memory of what was changed, at times, they would pass by a certain spot, or pass by him, and get the strangest feeling, like things didn't used to always be this way. It felt somewhat like being rocked by the ripples on a lake, unable to get a firm grip.

But then the moment would pass, and they would shake their heads and smile, saying, "No, that's not true." It was the same as it always was. He was the same as he always was.

And they wouldn't know that he guarded their time with his own.