Author's Note: Hey, I'm Natty, and this is my first Twilight fic, but not my first fic ever. I really hope you enjoy what I've written and that you share your thoughts or comments about it in a review. It's the only sort of payment that us authors get and I appreciate each one I receive. So a big thanks in advance. (I feel like Alice!)

About the Story: (Important) So, this is a fic in Edward's POV. It's basically him recalling some of the most memorable people he killed, these people being from the time when he strayed from Carlisle, ten years after his "birth." (Reference: Chapter 16 in Twilight, starting on page 341 and this particular bit ending on page 343). He's a bit... monstrous and ruthless at times, so beware. The last person, however, is an exception to what I've just shared... You'll see why. ALSO, when talking about mystery person number five will you find out where Edward is when he is searching through these memories, so you have to stay tuned to find out. (Although, I'm writing person five now, and so it won't be long). Equally as important, this started out as a one shot, but I decided to give a chapter to each person.. hence you only see on person here; Roderick Jensen. And this chapter is short... the other ones get longer.
T for language and content.

And without further adieu (aka, no more long explanations), here it is...

Five People Edward Cullen Has Killed: Chapter One: Roderick Jensen

It was during my rebellious time--my "teenage years" as some members of my family like to call it--that I stalked and killed this rodent of a man. For eight nights I followed him, blood-thirsty, and watched him, through his thoughts, do despicable things. I listened and cringed at every muffled scream and bone snap that came from the innocent women he rapped, beat, and then left to die.

The ninth night, though... that's when it all ended. I wouldn't have any more of it. I watched, lurking in the shadows, as he walked out of a whore-house he was frequent at. With complete silence, I jumped in front of him the second the big, metal door slammed shut.

I dragged him by the throat to my hiding spot in the shadows, behind a large, filthy dumpster. The man--no, not man. He doesn't deserve such a title. The bastard of a man was too scared of me, unable to scream in protest or fear.

I weighed even more pressure on his throat. His heartbeat moved at an almost vampireistic speed.

I wasn't going to make this quick; no, he was going to suffer. It had been about ten years since I had been created, and ten years on animal blood just wasn't enough.

Slow enough for him to make out what I was doing, I pulled out my sharp razor and laughed under my breath. I could feel the venom in my eyes turning my eye color back to its natural blood red.

In a fashion meant to torment him, I held up one of the arms I pinned down with my iron grasp and brought the razor to his skin, stopping before I pierced it.

"This is for what you've done to all those women." I growled, not pausing before making a large cut on his forearm.

His face turned pale, his eyes wide. His pupils grew in fear.

I didn't let any of the blood go to waste. Slowly, in order to keep him some-what conscious, I sucked the blood gashing through the veins in his arm.

Finally, his heart stopped beating and his life was through; he wouldn't harm anymore women.

He was my first kill after leaving Carlisle and there was no guilt or remorse for my indulgence, breaking the rules.

No, instead I was prideful, basking in accomplishment of saving people, feeling the power surge through me.

I was almost as self-absorbed in that very moment as Rosalie.