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She sat in the middle, her siblings either side, at the table in the corner.
She sat there yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that.
In fact, in the few weeks Bella had been at the small school in the small rainy town, she'd never seen her sit anywhere else.
Alice Cullen.
The Cullens were hot topic within the school. Five brothers and sisters with the same pale complexion and the same liquid gold eyes and the same unfaltering grace. But it was Alice who caught Bella's eye. Her skin that bit more radiant, her eyes that bit more expressive and the way she seemed to just dance and float whenever she moved.
Unfortunately those expressive eyes never seemed to look in her direction.

Deciding to move to Forks was a bold move. Bella was sacrificing her happiness to spare her mother the guilt of traveling. Granted she was getting used to the never-ending rain and non-existent sun but she still found herself longing for home where she could lie outside soaking up the rays. But at least she had made friends - her sanity would last that little bit longer.

It was a normal rainy, busy and somewhat boring Tuesday at school. The same classes as every other day and her interest in them wasn't increasing. Neither was her tolerance for Mike and his obvious liking for her. He meant well but the boy just wouldn't take a hint. It was for this reason Bella always tried to escape unnoticed at the end of the day, to avoid any of his awkward attempts at asking her on a date. Luckily, today was one of the rare days she succeeded.

Keeping her head low, Bella stumbled through the corridors praying her feet didn't betray her now. The last thing she needed was to fall and have Mike come running to her rescue, his long awaited chance to be her knight in shining armour. Almost home free, she burst through the front doors only to see a round white object hurtle toward her head. With her last burst of energy she threw herself out of the path of the football, relief flooding her until she collided with something.
Something cold and petite with delicate hands that steadied her.

"Are you alright?" Her grin stretched from ear to ear. It was genuine too.

"Uhm... Yeah... Sorry for that... " Bella blushed and looked away, the scarlet streaking her face.

"Hey, don't worry about it. The last thing you want is a football in your face, I'm sure it wouldn't help create a good impression of your new school."

Bella was startled. Clearly Alice had noticed her, or at least her arrival.
But then again, who wouldn't in a small town like this? She thought, her excitement fading.

"I'm Alice" She was still grinning, her immaculate golden eyes shining, "I think you have some classes with my little brother, Edward?"

"Yeah I know who you are" Bella regretted it as soon as it left her mouth, worried that her one shot to give off a good impression would instead make her seem like an obsessive creep. Quickly she moved on.
"Oh Edward, yeah, he's in most of my classes actually... Ridiculously smart..." She trailed off, still embarrassed, but noticing that Alice's smile never once faltered. If anything, she could have sworn there was a gleam in her eye when Bella had bluntly acknowledged her.

"Yes, he's a bit of a book worm. Likes his studies. I guess it means I don't need to beat him up for being immature though" She giggled slightly "Anyway, I better go - my ride is waiting."
Tilting her head back slightly to indicate the over-crowded red convertible, she flashed another smile showing off her perfect white teeth.

"Of course! Sorry about the whole... collision... thing. It was great getting to talk though." Bella smiled nervously, disheartened at the thought of the end of their brief meeting.
Alice walked, or rather danced, toward the waiting car and hopped in, calling over her shoulder "I'll see you tomorrow." and with that the car sped off.

That's an everyday thing to say to someone, even if you aren't friends. I mean after all, we go to same school - of course she'll see me tomorrow. Bella reasoned with herself to steady her heart rate, but she couldn't help thinking that maybe there was something intentional about her parting words.


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