A/N: Well, here is the last update of June [not that there has been many]. I shall be back to write more in July =]

Alice already knew what the results were but she wanted to at least pass some excitement on to Bella. Truth be told, she was actually excited herself. Bella deserved it.

As Bella approached the car Alice started bouncing around, smirking at Bella's attempt to suppress her laughter.

"Well?" A grin spread from ear to ear.

Bella smirked.
"I passed."

Alice squealed. "I think we should celebrate. I already called Charlie saying we won't be home til later."

"We've spoken about this Alice..."

Bella never liked when Alice and Charlie would talk to each other over the phone. It was entirely innocent - Alice just liked talking on the phone - but it wound Bella up not knowing and Alice thought she was rather cute when agitated. Lately though, Alice had been phoning Charlie to help her arrange a night out to the school dance. She didn't want anything that would help Bella back out to get in the way.

And today was about dress hunting.

"I get the impression we're going Port Angeles. I also remember you saying the only good thing in Port Angeles is the dress shop..."

Busted. Alice turned round and grinned.


"I thought you might be like this so I took the time to make it slightly easier for you."
Alice reached in to the glove compartment and took great delight in listening to Bella struggle to remain calm as Alice brushed against her thigh.

Lets spend the night together
Now I need you more than ever
Lets spend the night together now...

"The Rolling Stones. You like them right? I downloaded some of the most popular songs from the seventies and eighties - Charlie said that's what you consider 'classic' rock. I thought you might like it."

"This doesn't let you off the hook you know..."

Alice watched as a smile broke across Bella's lips.


"It's gorgeous. So were the last dozen. I think you should pick now."

"Bella, you're not taking this seriously. Here, go try this one on."

"What is there to take seriously? And why do I need to try dresses on?" Bella pouted.

"Do it. Now. Go."

Bella gave in and ambled back to the changing cubicle. Not long after she came out looking just as bored. Alice decided to cheer her up a bit by inspecting her entire body thoroughly with her eyes. It appeared to work as Bella turned a deep shade of red that clashed with the dress.

"Nope. Try this." Alice knew this was the perfect dress all along, she had seen it earlier but playing dress up all afternoon was definately her idea of fun. Bella had taken a bit longer this time but eventually her body appeared from behind the curtain.

"It's perfect. That's the dress."

"Alice, why do I need a dress?!" Bella's eyes grew wide. Alice could her breath catch in her throat and her heart rate increase.

Honestly, it's not that terrifying.

Bella walked over to the mirror our of curiosity.

"Why do you think?"

Alice watched her face pale in the mirror.

"The school dance?! Alice, please, no."


"You can't be serious? You know I can't dance, really, I can barely walk."


"This is not a good idea. Alice, trust me..."


This she hadn't seen earlier.

"Bella, I think you should go. It's an experience. You'll enjoy it if you let yourself."

"No, Alice, I won't go. You can't make me you know..."

Oh really?

"I know. I just thought maybe you would want to..."

"Want to?! Why on earth would I want to?"

"Well, I thought we could go together..."

"To the dance together? Like, uh... as dates?"