Summary: West Chester experiences a blackout while Katie is assigned to write a english report and Hannah has to pay her to leave the house while Sean decides to loot the mall with his friends during the blackout but Elizabeth spoils Sean's fun.

Disclaimer: I Do NOT own the plot or Journey to the Center of The Earth, I just own Katie Tran.

Trevor was in the kitchen making grilled cheese for his lunch until Sean barges in the kitchen wearing Max's clothes. Trevor laughed.
"Sean, Why are you wearing your Dad's clothes?" asked Trevor

"What do you think? My mother is an idiot, She mixed up all the laundry and accidentally put Dad's clothes with my clothes." replied Sean

"Where's your Mom and Dad?" asked Trevor

"Oh, you mean Dumb and Dumber? Yeah, they went out to IKEA to buy new furniture for their bedroom" replied Sean

Hannah walked in with a basket of fresh laundry and put it on the kitchen table and buts into the conversation.

"Sean, Why do you keep insulting your parents?" asks Hannah

"Cause it's fun and now if you'll excuse me, I have to go change my clothes before mom the dumbass mixes up ALL of my clothes" replies Sean

Meanwhile, Katie was up in her bedroom, sitting at her desk writing her book report for Trevor's english class. Hannah opens the door and walks in with Katie's clean laundry and places it on her bed.

"Hey Katie, Whatcha doing?" asked Hannah

"My book report sooo Trevor doesn't give me an F" Katie replied with a smile

"Are you always worried about your grades?" asked Hannah

"Uh, Yeah!" replied Katie

Hannah sighed. "Katie, When i was your age, i worried about my grades too but i made time for some fun. So take a break from the report."

"Hannah, If i finish the report now, i can have my fun so i don't finish the report at the last minute" said Katie

Hannah walks over and grabs the computer. "Katie, come with Me and Elizabeth on a girls night out tonight"

"Can someone get a bat and beat me to death PLEASE!!!" shouts Katie

Hannah groans. "Your hopeless Katie."

Katie sighed. "Fine Fine! I'll come with you guys, Just give me the computer back.. And pay me $400"

Hannah scoffs. "What! What do you need $400 dollars for?"

"Hand it over blondie and no one gets hurt" retorted Katie

Hannah sighed and grabbed her wallet out of her front pocket and grabbed her mastercard and haned it over to Katie.

"Here, you can use my mastercard an ONLY spend $400 dollars and i WILL know if you spent more than that when i get the bill" lectured Hannah

Katie rolled her eyes. "Yeah Yeah blondie. Are you through with your lecture?"

Hannah groaned. "Just don't run up the card. Can you do that?"

"Sure" replied Katie

Later that day, Elizabeth and Max returned back to the house, into the kitchen with the new furniture, Max was carrying the boxes of furniture while Elizabeth was carrying bags and bags of clothes.

"Hey Elizabeth" greeted Trevor

"Heeeyy Trevor" Elizabeth greeted back

"How was the shopping?" asked Trevor

"Fine, I Got me some new clothes, a bed, dresser and a vanity" replied Elizabeth

"Sean complained that you mixed up his clothes and he wore Max's clothes and then called you two Dumb and Dumber." said Trevor

"Really?" questioned Elizabeth

"Yup" replied Trevor

"What's wrong with that boy?" asked Max

"Your son is growing up" replied Trevor

"Well, my son is grounded" said Elizabeth

"What? For you mixing up his laundry?" asked Trevor

"No, For calling me and Max 'Dumb and Dumber'" replied Elizabeth "His punishment, No T.V for a week"

Sean walked into the kitchen finally wearing his own clothes. Elizabeth and Max turns over to Sean.

"Sean, Your grounded" said Elizabeth

"What?! What, For you mixing up my clothes?!" exclaimated Sean.

"No! For calling me and your mother 'Dumb and Dumber'" said Max

"What? You can't take a joke?" asked Sean

"No!" shouts Max

"You always have to take everything seriously?" asks Sean

"Uh, Yeah" replied Elizabeth

Sean rolled his eyes and shakes his head