Gil Grissom, Horatio Caine and Mac Taylor stood in the Great Hall of Knightmare Castle, as the Dungeon Master and the wizard explained where they were and how they had got there.

"...And so the Dungeon sustains itself by drawing from different places, different times - even from myth and fairytale," revealed Merlin.

"From fiction?" asked Grissom.

"Some folk would say that this realm is fiction," said Treguard. After staring briefly in your direction, he continued, turning his attention back to Grissom. "And some would regard your dimension the same way. But here and now, we are all quite real."

Mac looked at the wizard. "So you're not just called Merlin - you're the Merlin, brought here from Arthurian legend?"

"Not so much brought here, as derived. I've not been removed from my home plane, and nor have you. You are both here with us in 1989, and back - or should that be forward? - in the New World of 2007."

Horatio had been looking into the fireplace, a valuable excuse to wear his shades. He turned slowly toward Merlin. "1989?"

"You'll have to excuse us," responded Treguard. "We're not used to questioning the finer workings of Knightmare, as far as we ourselves can grasp them. You gentlemen, on the other hand, are experts at investigating what you see before you, and uncovering its secrets. Your reputations precede you across the realms. That is partly why Merlin used his powers, and the Dungeon's, to bring you here."

"Sir," said Mac, "I think it's about time you told us exactly why we're here."

"Why? Why else?" Merlin sounded almost gleeful. His eyes sparkled in the candlelight. "There's been a murder!"

The three Crime Scene Investigators stood over the dead body. "So this," declared Horatio, "is our DB. The Dwarf, Bumptious."

Grissom raised his eyebrows. "Well, he certainly doesn't look Sleepy." He turned to Mac.

Mac appeared stern. "Our equipment will be primitive at best. We'll have our work cut out finding his killer." Mac looked at Horatio.

Horatio donned his sunglasses. "Then, gentlemen... it's off to work we go."