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How many years have I been alive? Around…20ish? Something close to that? Couldn't be too old. Of all my years that I've existed, how many breasts have I see that I could actually reach out and touch?


And here I am, staring at a blonde girl that's unconscious thinking 'maybe this is God telling me to go ahead and do something to her?' I know rape is wrong, but in an afterlife, how many afterlife police are wandering the worlds making sure we're not doing anything too rowdy?

Exactly. I rest my point.

Then again, would I really rape a WOMAN?

Saïx and Xemnas stood in room number XII with the blonde figure resting on the bed. They were staring at her in complete silence for the past five minutes, each collecting very odd thoughts about the girl in front of them.

If I were Xemnas in this situation, what would I do? Oh yes, undress her like the pervert I am and touch her delicate body to the point I've probably ruined her only innocence she might have, then slowly dress her in tight leather and watch her through the rest of the night. Hmm. That'd seem almost…fun to do. But the more I really think about it…the more I start to wonder if I'd even want to go through with it. Fun for one try? Yes. Going from gay to straight? No.

"Should we strip her?" Saïx questioned the Superior, breaking from his devious thoughts.

Xemnas was staring at her curves and nodded before shaking his head. "No no, we'll um…let her rest…and shower and do as she pleases tomorrow."

"You mean we're not going to give her a bath?"

"Of course not."

"Wait, so Marluxia gets a hand job by Zexion and you're making her do it by herself?"

Xemnas glared, "Well it isn't like you wanted to touch a woman in the first place."

Saïx shrugged, "Everything is worth a try."

Xemnas rolled his eyes. Saïx was something else…something he wished he could have right now. And the man was suggesting they bathe this poor, defenseless woman. "I highly doubt she'd like it if she woke up and found out a man somewhere within this group had undressed her while she was asleep."

"There aren't any court systems in the afterlife to condemn us for touching her body, so—"

"She doesn't look like she's that old, I think it's best we don't mess with these things—"

"You have to admit you want to fondle her breasts—"

Xemnas gave a shocked expression, "No, I don't."

Saïx made eye contact with him and smirked. It was nice causing him such agony. If only he wasn't fighting against him…he shouldn't do anything with the man until he outright said he loved him in front of the Organization. Oh boy, now they got to add this chick to the whole boat. "What's her name?"

Xemnas glanced back at her, "Larxene."

"Well…why don't we bathe her together? It'll be a nice check and balance, won't it?"

Xemnas thought this over before crossing his arms over his chest, "Why don't we just bathe together?"

Oooh, he would say that. It's so tempting…but how do I know that he won't just bounce back to that flowery whore once he has his fill of me?

"Only if the bath tub is in a place where everyone can watch us fuck around."

Xemnas didn't know of a place like that…but then he wondered if the fountain outside could be used as such? Maybe that would be pushing it a bit too far?

"What…if I held hands with you and walked you around the building?"

Saïx raised an eyebrow, "Are you serious?"

Xemnas shrugged, "I'm not good at this."

Saïx laughed, "So I've noticed. Maybe if we were in kindergarten I'd agree." He moved for the door, "You're right. Let's let her sleep, no point in bothering the poor thing." He slipped out the door. Oh god, I'd so hold his hand any day. Why did I shoot down that option? Then again, who is going to even see us do something like that?

Xemnas watched him get away. He knew nothing about relationships….

He smirked, but he knew someone that did! He moved in the opposite direction of Saïx and soon found Xigbar lounging on the ceiling of his room. "Xigbar, I have something important to ask you."

Xigbar looked down and jumped off the ceiling, landing nicely in front of the Superior, "What is it?"

Xemnas froze up. Should he really discuss this with Xigbar? It was his only option, the man was his trusted apprentice! "If you had to declare love to someone…in front of a crowd…what would you do?" Okay. Now for his reaction.

Xigbar was confused. Did Xemnas just ask him that? Was this some type of a trick question? "Um…I wouldn't, because I can't feel love!" Yeah!

"No no, I'm serious. What would you do…"

Wait. That wasn't the answer? Now Xigbar was worrying…what if Xemnas was testing him on his moves or something? If he said the wrong thing…would it replace him from his second in command spot? Oh no! "Uhh…"

Xemnas frowned, "Xigbar?"

"I'm confused."

"I just wanted to know. I mean, not that I'm doing anything like that…I just…was curious."

It finally clicked that Xemnas WAS stuck in this situation. Ah, it made sense! He smirked, "Oh! Okay, yeah I get it now. You know what I'd do? I'd grab them like this!" Xigbar pulled the Superior close, "Bend them down like this!" He tilted the Superior and saw how terrified he looked. "And say 'pucker up, sister' and land one on her like—"

"OKAY! I get it.." Xemnas struggled and got out of his grasp, "Thanks…" for nothing. Xemnas got out of the room and Xigbar cackled happily to himself.

"And that's why I'm number II. I can make that guy blush like the dickens!"

Xemnas had to get a different answer. That would be way too…unlike him. He opened up Zexion's door and saw the boy was reading. "Zexion…I have an important question to ask you."

Zexion set the book down, "Yes, Superior?"

Here we go again. "If…you had to…declare love to someone…in front of a group…what would you do?"

Zexion hesitated in questioning it, "Why?"

"I'm curious to hear your answer."

Zexion started to think hard on it. So…someone that he loved and he had to say it in front of a group? What WOULD he do? He wasn't much for being outgoing, he'd be subtle and nice about it. But what if the Superior was testing him on his personality? If he was too shy would that count against him? The Superior always did make him do more chores than the others…

"Well…I'd…just….shout that I love them."

Xemnas almost smacked his head. "That's…it?"

Zexion started to get red, "I don't know I've never been in that type of a situation. To tell the truth I'd just sit there and stare at them and then look away if they ever saw me. I'd never say it before a group."

Xemnas sighed. Why did he go to Zexion again? "I see…well. Thank you for your input."

"I don't understand….why you're curious about this…"

Xemnas glanced at him and shook his head, "It's nothing." He left and decided it wasn't worth asking anyone else. They'd all have terrible answers too. Vexen would say throwing chemicals on them would be wonderful, Luxord would do a dumb magic trick, and Lexaeus would throw a rock at the person that says 'marry me' on it.

While Xemnas was brooding in his room, Saïx went to Vexen.

"What's the matter?" Vexen hissed as he lifted up his goggles to get a better look at Saïx.

"I was curious about something. Do you know how to make a plant killer?"

Vexen hesitated and stared at him, "You disappear for weeks, beat Marluxia in a battle of strength, and now you want to kill the plants around here? Did Xemnas promote you from worthless pup to gardener?"

"No….I wanted the stuff for something else."

"You want to use a plant killer to kill other things besides plants?" Vexen hesitated than frowned, "You're talking about Marluxia, aren't you."


"You can't kill the man, Xemnas would bitchslap all of us—and yes I said bitchslap."

"Uh, correction, Xemnas wouldn't care."

"But those two have been making noises for the longest time…"

Saïx frowned, "Making noises?"

"Oh please, if you're in the kitchen and Xemnas's room is right above it you can hear EVERYTHING going on in there."

Those whores… "Well. Let's just say Xemnas is no longer interested in Marluxia."

"Oh, he's back to you?"

"Not necessarily. He wants me but I'll make him work for it."

Vexen sighed, "I don't understand this. We're here to get hearts and Xemnas just wants sex."

Saïx smiled proudly, "I taught him that trick."

"Oh boy."

"Don't worry, once Marluxia is out of his hair I'll make sure he pays more attention to the Organization than how many times he can do it in a week."

Vexen thought this over and raised an eyebrow, "You mean it?"


Vexen lowered his goggles, "Then let's make some weed killer, my friend!"


A week had gone by and things seemed pretty tense. The weed killer was taking a long time to perfect, considering they had to gather ridiculous items from places like Atlantica to use in the terrible concoction. Thankfully it was finally settling downstairs, cooling so they could use it in a spray bottle.

At the moment they sat at the kitchen table eating dinner, no one speaking. Xemnas had tried to say something to Saïx every time they were at a meeting, but it wouldn't come out right. He ended up asking Saïx if his hair was nice, which was the dumbest thing he could have ever said. Ever. No one had commented on it, though, and Saïx just nodded and complimented the Superior on his hair.

That was that.

He sat there now hardly eating as he wondered how he was going to bring up the subject. There had to be a way to…to just…

"You guys are really boring," Larxene mumbled as she played with her peas, "I thought this Organization would have someone attractive to hit on…but my god. You might have looks, but your personalities are killing me."

Axel smirked at her, "Hey, I'm hot maybe you should—"

Saïx covered Axel's mouth, "When she said 'hot guys' that automatically cancelled you out."

Axel pouted and tried to defend himself, but couldn't be heard.

"This isn't a dating service, Larxene, it's a group organized to gather our hearts back." Xaldin was the least bit enthused with their newest member. She was such a bitch at times…No no, she was always one. And it wasn't like she had to TRY or anything, it just came naturally for her.

Larxene rolled her eyes, "I know, I know…but you could at least TRY to do something...I don't know…less normal and more seductive? Like when Xemnas asked Saïx how nice his hair was, that was exciting! Saïx could have used a bit more oomph to his words, but I think there was some potential…"

Saïx raised an eyebrow, "You think I should compliment our Superior more often?"

"I don't see why not, he's pretty handsome. He shouldn't have to ask you, either."

Xemnas frowned, "I was…feeling off that day."

"You mean turned on," Axel remarked and Demyx gave a childish giggle.

Xemnas stared at Axel. He wanted to punch him in the head. "We don't need such degrading thoughts brought up at the table, Axel."

Larxene shrugged, "Were you turned on?"

Oh god. Some GIRL was asking him these questions. "That would require emotions…"

"Not necessarily, I mean, if you gave yourself a handjob—" Axel started and Lexaeus growled, the silence falling back over them.

Saïx gently put his fork down and looked over at Xemnas, "Superior, your hair looks nice today."

Xemnas wanted to scream 'I love you' just to get it over with but had kept it down. He needed to find a good strategy on approaching him with everyone here… "Why…thank you, Saïx."

Xigbar noticed the pause, "So…we should play a dirty game."

Larxene jumped up, "Ooh, what about spin the bottle?"

Xemnas shook his head, "I think that's a bit..a bit…" Wait. Why was he saying no? Ehh…too many mouths to kiss in this possibility.

"Count me out!" Vexen rose, "I have important things to check on," he hissed and smiled at Saïx before going off.

Marluxia glared at the small connection but flicked his hair, "Hmm, maybe we should? I think it'd be a great experience."

Xaldin and Lexaeus rose, walking out without a word. They noticed Xemnas hadn't moved from his spot, which they found rather odd…

"I'll play if Zexion plays!" Demyx screeched and sat down next to Zexion.

Zexion gapped, "W-what?"

Axel smirked, "Come on, Zexion, it'll be fun! You just spin a bottle and you kiss people."

Zexion blushed, "That's kind of vulgar."

"You can't feel vulgar!"

"I wasn't putting that in the sense of feelings, I meant more of a description," Zexion started to explain, but was cut off by Larxene.

"Sweet! Look at all of these boys I could kiss!"

Xemnas raised an eyebrow, "I've never played such a game."

Luxord smirked, "All you do, Superior, is spin the bottle. Let's say…" he put down the ketchup bottle and spun it, "It's spinning…and it lands on," he stopped it at Zexion, "Zexion. You give him a kiss. Then Zexion gets to spin the bottle and he kisses whoever it points at."

Xemnas looked at the group of idiots and frowned, "That…does seem a bit vulgar."

Demyx leaned on the table, "Why, did you only want to kiss one person instead of everyone?"

"Not necessarily. I just don't know whether I should jeopardize my role as Superior to go about and kiss people."

Xigbar slapped Xemnas's back, "You won't! None of us care if you kiss people."

Xemnas sighed, "I suppose."

Xigbar grabbed the bottle, "I get first dibs, just so the Superior understands what's going on." He whipped it and it spun rapidly, slowly winding down. Xigbar had his fingers crossed for Larxene, but he watched it past her in its final moments and land on Luxord. Zexion snorted slightly and Demyx giggled while Luxord gave the greatest expression ever.

"Well fuck, mate."

Xigbar looked under the table to make sure it wasn't rigged before landing a quick one on the bearded gambler. He crossed his arms grumpily, "So wasn't what I had planned."

Xemnas stared at Xigbar, "And this won't ruin my reputation? You seem hardly enthused. I don't see the point in playing if it's going to result in--"

Xigbar shrugged, "Depends on who you kiss, Xemnas. Maybe you can sit out for a full round and watch?"

Xemnas frowned but sighed, "I'll supervise, how does that sound?"

Larxene shrugged, "Whatever floats your boat, Superior."

Luxord grabbed the bottle and spun it, "Get ready."

They watched it spin once again, slowing as it pointed at the members of the circle. It came to a stop at Larxene and she gave a happy smirk, "Oh, how wonderful!" She leaned over and kissed Luxord softly. "My turn!"

Luxord smirked, "That kiss was more satisfactory than the last one I had."

Xigbar snorted, "You probably cheated."

Larxene shook her head, "Boys." She let it twirl about and it landed on Xemnas. "Oooh, I bet this'll be good." She went over and without hesitation she kissed Xemnas on the lips. He would have remarked 'uh, I'm not playing' but she had greedily stolen the kiss before he could do much else. Oh well?

"I'll spin for the Superior," Saïx suggested and grabbed the bottle, letting it spin.

Xaldin and the few others that didn't want to participate were watching outside the kitchen. It was funny seeing Larxene kiss Xemnas and not getting a reaction out of him.

"Heh heh heh," Xaldin chuckled and he let his wind powers go to work.

The bottle began to slow down and it seemed to get….almost forced to take one more round before sliding to a halt on Xemnas again.

The two men stared at each other. That was not only magical, but…made things rather hard…

Marluxia seethed with anger as it landed on Xemnas. Who the hell… he looked at the doorway and saw the group. How dare they…

Saïx leaned his elbows against the table, "Well, that's interesting."

Xemnas frowned, "Um….that reminds me, I have to go do something." Ugh, fail. He totally just avoided the situation.

Larxene pointed a finger at him, "XEMNAS! That's cheating! Let Saïx smooch you."

"Cheating? I can't help it that I'm…busy." Xemnas remarked. He was losing this battle. It was looking like he was avoiding kissing Saïx just because he was freaked out or something.

"Busy with what?" Marluxia questioned, now seeing how it was going.

"Uh…well…things. You don't need to know about them."

Xaldin jabbed an elbow into Lexaeus, "He's cracking under pressure, should we help him?"

Lexaeus shook his head, "Oh no. That wouldn't be any fun."

Xaldin smirked, "So true."

Xemnas stood up, "Maybe you can kiss me later. I mean. Not. No. I meant…uh…I'll make it up to you later….that relates less to kissing and…such…" Xemnas opened a portal and went through it. He came into his room and waved his hand for the portal to disappear. GOD. What was he doing?? Stupid stupid STUPID.

Saïx sat there and smirked, "I've never seen him that flustered before." All because he's afraid to kiss me and show some love. Aha. His squirming behavior turns me on. Too bad he didn't just suck up and kiss me, it would have been pretty wonderful afterwards. I'd fuck him until he couldn't walk.

"That was hot." Larxene nodded at her words, "Seriously. He asks you about his hair, but he's afraid of being kissed by you. That's so freaking delicious." She smirked, "I'm starting to like this Superior guy more and more."

"You like him because he's vulnerable?" Zexion questioned rather confused.

"Yeah! It makes things more interesting for future meetings with him!" Larxene hollered and stood up, "Well this was fun and all, but I've got 'better' things to do. As in, paint my nails. I'll see you pathetic and sickly boys later!" She waved and moved off happily.

"I think she only wanted to kiss Xemnas," Marluxia mumbled, still jealous about the whole thing.

"At least I get to kiss him later on, eh?" Saïx replied.

"I like how he said 'you can kiss me later' so naturally and then realized what he was saying." Luxord shuffled his cards before smiling, "Who wants to play strip poker now?"

Saïx smirked, "Oh….we should make it more exciting than JUST strip poker."

"Loser has to go to Xemnas's room completely naked!" Xigbar announced.

"Saïx better lose," Zexion growled as the cards were passed out.

Of course, Saïx did lose. It wasn't because he was trying, it was because he was sitting in chair number 7, and he got a hand full of 7's. Four, to be exact. So what did he do? He put them in the dump pile and asked for four more. He was that insane.

"Show your hands, boys," Luxord remarked, his cloak and shirt gone. Demyx was the only one who was still wearing clothes. Xigbar was down to a beater and his boxers, Axel only lost his cloak, and Zexion was wearing his pants.

And what of Saïx?

Of course, I have the lucky draw of being down to nothing in clothes and I have the shittiest hand ever seen. I didn't even try to get this naked!

Saïx put his hand down and glanced at the others. Wow. He really did suck.

"Aha! Look who lost!" Xigbar retorted and gave Saïx a slap on the arm.

"Aha…very…funny," Saïx sighed, standing up as he was ready to drop his boxers for them all.

"Whoa whoa! Wait. That all is for Xemnas, Saïx, not us." Luxord rose and smirked, "We'd hate to steal his glory."

Axel rose up, too, and started to laugh viciously, "I have an idea…."

"Oh boy," Saïx grumbled. Now what could they want to do to him?

"What if…we did some…calendar shots of Saïx? Leave them in a nice envelope for Xemnas to look at. I bet he'd enjoy seeing Saïx's glistening hot body in the moonlight giving him provocative looks."

Zexion almost died at the suggestion. That was SO wrong. "I can't believe your mind."

"I know," Xigbar said with a disgusted face before it turned into a big grin, "He's like a fucking genius! We have to do it, guys. It'll be awesome."

Saïx crossed his arms over his chest, "Uh…I don't know…I really don't want to pose nude for some really terrible shots of me."

Luxord shook his head and smirked, "I happen to be really good with digital art, babe, I can make you look like a model born for this type of crap."

Saïx watched the group edge him on it, besides Zexion who looked embarrassed as hell. Wellll, it couldn't be that bad, could it? And maybe it'll prompt Xemnas to declare love to me quicker? Ha. It's worth the risk! "Sure, why not? But I need a few drinks before I do anything like this…"

Zexion nodded, "I think we all need to drink before we do this."

Demyx smirked, "Sweet! I'll make something special for all of you guys! I know how to make a good scotch n' whiskey mix!"

As Demyx bounced off the group frowned. And…how did Demyx know…? Oh no. They weren't going to bother questioning it.


What's creepier? Axel being the only person who can keep me warm because he has fire powers, or the fact that Xigbar is rubbing lotion on me?

Aaand now Demyx is helping.

I feel either extremely excited or extremely violated, but right now I can't tell which.

"Uh. Give me another shot, Zexion, I'm still having conscious thoughts."

Zexion handed him another drink and Saïx washed it down.

GUUUUHHH Oooorggh, that tastes TERRIBLE.

"Okay, let's see if that worked." He handed the empty glass to Zexion and stared at himself, "I'm gleaming, this is weird."

"The magic of Vaseline, dude," Xigbar remarked. "I think you're covered."

"Don't you feel kind of…gross since you just rubbed down Saïx's body?" Zexion asked.

"Nope. Don't have feelings, remember? Now are you ready, Luxord?"

Luxord brought out his camera, which actually looked really fancy, "I'm as ready as ready will be!"


I don't really remember what happened after awhile. I guess I got a few more drinks in me, did a few risky shots, even did a little bit of berserk, and posed with a cloaked figure who I'm still trying to figure out WHO it was. And now I'm lying in bed still naked trying to comprehend what all went on last night.

"Saïx?" Vexen entered into the room and glared at Saïx as the man was still in bed, "The weed killer is ready. If, of course, you're prepared to use it."

Saïx sat up and nodded, "Oh god yes." He stood up and Vexen gave the weirdest look ever. "What?"

"Saïx, your body parts are burning my pupils!"

Saïx grabbed his boxers and slipped them on, "Sorry."

Vexen grumbled underneath his breath, "Now if we do this correctly we can administer it onto his food and he'll fall deathly ill for a few weeks."

"Ooh, I like that idea!" Saïx brushed his hair quickly and moved for the door, "Can you go do that? I need to talk to Luxord."

Vexen frowned, "Might I ask why you must talk to Luxord?"

"We're setting up something nice for Xemnas. It's a surprise and all."

Vexen nodded, "Oh, I see. Something grandeur I suppose? A present perhaps?"

"Oh yeah, it's a good present. Think….pictures. Lots of them."

Vexen thought this over. That…wasn't a good present, was it? "What type of pictures? Of the Organization?"

"Wellll….yes and no?"

Vexen folded his arms over his chest, "Do tell or else the weed killer might go unused."

Saïx smirked, "Last night we got really drunk, and took a bunch of provocative pictures of me to give to Xemnas."

"Is THAT why you were naked? Heavens…"

"Ahaha, it'll be good, trust me." Saïx took a deep breath and calmed himself before slipping on the rest of his clothes, "Okay. Now I have to go. Don't tell anyone else of the little present, okay?"

Vexen watched Saïx leave and shook his head, "Why would I want to?"

Saïx entered Luxord's room and saw that Xigbar was already with him checking out the pictures. "Are any of them good?"

"Let's just say I can understand now why Xemnas likes banging you," Xigbar commented. He pointed at the picture on the screen, "Seriously. Look at yourself."

Saïx came closer and was surprised to see how…hot he looked. "Wow. Even my scars make me look sexy."

Luxord nodded, "No shit." He smirked and clicked a few things, "We've got it all set up. It looks cute and innocent when it first starts out so he'll think that you're giving him a stupid gift of just your face, and then SHABAM!" He smacked his hands together, "Naked, glistening Saïx."

"Wow. When should we give it to him?"

Xigbar smirked, "We'll drop it on his desk when he's out of his room, and then when he goes back in he'll wonder what it is. He'll open it up, and then he'll be hornier than fuck."

"Then you can surprise him and fuck him all night long," Luxord added.

Saïx laughed and the two boys turned to stare at him, wondering what was so funny.

"Sorry, I can't just do that quite yet."

Luxord raised an eyebrow, "And why not?"

"Because he needs to tell me he wants me in front of the entire Organization. It was a deal we struck. I want to make sure he's not going to fuck Marluxia anytime soon. Though…I think he'll be sick of Marluxia soon enough."

Xigbar shrugged, "I think once he sees this he'll wake everyone up and yell it."

"We can only hope, right?" Saïx remarked and stretched, "I'm going to go to the kitchen, I'll see you guys soon enough."

As he reached the kitchen he found that Marluxia was eating breakfast. Vexen glanced up and winked at him. Ah, so our poison has been set. Now to see the reaction! Saïx sat down in Xemnas's chair comfortably as the man had yet to show. Marluxia continued to eat pretending they weren't there.

Munch munch munch.

Saïx stroked his hair gently and watched as more members began to enter, Zexion giving him a baffled and shy expression. He's funny when he's blushing. That kid is scared of his own shadow it seems. "Good morning."

"Weird seeing you awake at this hour," Xaldin remarked and sat down.

"Well, I've got a lot to do today."

"Such as?" Lexaeus questioned.

"Not sure yet. I'll figure it out. Maybe I should do some training? That sounds like fun."

Marluxia glared at him and would have remarked when a feeling of sickness washed over him. He rose and grabbed his plate, deciding he had enough breakfast for the day.

Saïx wondered if it was the weed killer….

And then everyone heard Marluxia lose his breakfast. Zexion stood up and covered his nose, tears almost rushing to his eyes. "Ugh!! I think I just lost my appetite!" The boy quickly left looking extremely green. Ahaha, he's not even filled with the toxins and yet he's the one about to hurl thanks to Marluxia. That's great.

"That was weird," Larxene mumbled and heard a portal being made. She assumed it was Marluxia escaping the kitchen. "Oh well!" She grabbed up Zexion's plate and started to eat his food, "Ah, what a wonderful morning."

Saïx nodded, "Indeed." Oh god, he was starting to say it. "I mean, yes, of course."

"I think that chair is getting to you," Xaldin joked, catching the phrase he used as Xemnas's.

"His vocabulary rubs off on me from his chair? That's awesome."

Xemnas entered and frowned as his chair was filled, "Why are you sitting there?"

"I'm warming it up for you, Superior. I know how you hate cold seats in the morning."

"Oh. Um. Go make me coffee." He waved his hand at Saïx and watched as the member rose and went to do his duty. "Have I missed anything?"

Larxene shrugged, "Marluxia's sick and it upset Zexion's senses. Other than that, nope."

"Oh, how terribly dreadful for those two." Xemnas took his seat gently and watched as Saïx returned with the coffee. "Thank you."

"Of course, Superior. Your hair looks wonderful today."

Xemnas almost took a sip of the coffee but hesitated. Where did that come from? Oh yes. Last night they were joking about it. "Uh…thank you." He should say something besides that. "You…look different today." Ugh. Where was he going with that?

Saïx looked at himself. He did? Oh yeah! "I'm not wearing a shirt."

Xemnas nodded, "Oh. That must be it."

"Do you want me to go put one on?"

"Uh…no, you're fine."

Larxene nodded, "He IS fine."

Xemnas almost died. He didn't mean it like THAT. "I meant that in a….different sense."

Larxene giggled, "Of course."

The kitchen fell silent as they waited for their remaining members to return…


"I think we can call it good, Xigbar," Luxord remarked as they neatly placed the package on Xemnas's desk with a note on it.

"I want to put a video camera in here…just to see his expressions."

Luxord smirked and held something up, "I can do that." He went over and distinctly placed it near the window, "Ahah. How's that? He won't even see it."

"Sweet, dude." They high fived and quickly left the room, arriving at breakfast. It was eerily silent.

"Hey." Xigbar sat down and frowned, "Something bad happen?"

"No," Xemnas replied, "We were curious as to where you were at."

Luxord smirked, "Just checking what the weather was like outside. Saïx said he wanted to train today, so I thought it'd be nice to go see how it was. Sorry it took so long."

Xemnas brightened as he heard that Saïx wanted to train, "Oh no, that's perfectly fine."

Saïx glanced over at Xigbar and gave him a curious look. The man returned his look with a giant grin and a wink, but of course he only had one eye…so it was just a really obvious blink. "How is the weather?"

"Not too bad. Might rain a little, but that's never stopped you, has it?" Luxord replied casually, eating up his food without acting suspicious. He was a pretty good actor.

Xemnas was building up some courage. Maybe he should say something NOW? "Saïx…" the group all looked at him. Oh crap, there goes his confidence. "That's….very …." He completely lost it. "Uh…" think of something quick, "Good that you're spending plenty of time building up your strength." Whooo, quick save. "Everyone should learn from you."

Saïx smiled. He gets so close every time and he gets so bashful so quickly. It's kind of cute. "Thank you, Superior. I appreciate your words." Yeah, edge him on.

Xemnas nodded before stopping noticing he should say something back. "Yes. Yes indeed." Well….okay that kind of worked.

Larxene was holding in her girly laughter, but at last she started to giggle to death, "You two are entertaining."

Xemnas frowned and looked over at her, "Pardon?"

"Just how you two talk to each other. It's almost as if you're getting married and you JUST met each other."

A few other members snorted at the comparison while Zexion spoke up, "It's the morning, Larxene, it's hard to carry a conversation when we're all tired."

"Yeah, gotta cut Xemnas some slack. The guy HARDLY sleeps because he's so jacked up on coffee all the time!" Xigbar roughly shook Xemnas's shoulder and gave a cheery grin.

"Oh…well..yes. I didn't get much sleep last night. Sorry if I don't make complete sense."

Saïx smiled, "I was up late, too, but I guess the moonlight was what kept me awake."

Xemnas nodded, "Understandable…"

"Why were you up late, Superior? Something on your mind?" Saïx questioned. Heck yes I'm imploring! I deserve to know everything that's on your mind!

Xemnas blinked, "Uh…" He shrugged, "I'm not quite sure. Must have been what I was reading that captivated my mind for so long."

"I see." Damn. He avoided it so easily.

Xigbar finished his breakfast, "Whenever you want to go outside, Saïx, I'll join ya! It'll be fun messing around for a few hours."

Saïx rose, "Then let's go. Should we report back to you, Superior, when we're done?"

Xemnas blinked. Report back to him? It…felt nice that someone wanted to fill him in on what they did. "Indeed."

Saïx smiled, "Then we will." The two left with that.


Saïx yawned, "Can we go bother him yet?"

"Not yet."

A few minutes passed.

"What about now?"

"Not YET."

Saïx rolled onto his stomach and played with a few pebbles, "I'm as bored as hell out here. We fought and that was that."

"Look, once a few more hours pass and he's in his room we'll confront him and then we'll leave and return back up here. I've got binoculars and everything to watch his every movement."

Saïx sat up, "You sound like a creeper."

"Hush, it's all in the name of science….and your love for this dodo bird."

Saïx laughed, "I can't believe you just called him a dodo bird."

"Well…you probably wouldn't call him anything better, now would you?"

Saïx shook his head, "Probably not." His eyes glanced up at Kingdom Hearts gently. He couldn't believe just last night he was posing nude toward that thing. I'm a freak.

"Look! I see him!"

Saïx snapped his attention toward the figure entering in Xemnas's room. He grabbed the binoculars and looked. "Yeah, it's him all right. Now can we go in and bother him?"

"I wasn't expecting him to go in this early….but whatever works, right?"

Saïx nodded. They created a portal with ease and soon stepped out into Xemnas's room, catching the man off guard. "Oh, were you waiting for me?"

"No, we just finished, Superior," Saïx commented.

Xemnas took a seat and noticed the odd thing on his desk but decided to ignore it for the moment. "I see. Tell me how it went."

Xigbar smirked, "Saïx is getting much better! He was actually a challenge, if I dare say it aloud. The man's excelling past Zexion by a long shot, and I believe he's got more punch than Vexen could muster."

Xemnas brightened again, that look of utter excitement when he heard his dearest member was working out as he had planned. "Excellent! Saïx, I'm glad that you've pushed yourself to excel no matter how strange your powers were."

Saïx smiled, "Anything to please you, Superior."

Xemnas hesitated at those words before returning a soft smile, "Indeed. You two are dismissed. Get some rest if you need it."

Saïx laughed, "I'm on a strict moonlight diet. Maybe once morning comes I'll take a nap?"

Xemnas's smile grew, "If…it so pleases you, Saïx."

Xigbar nodded at them, "If that's all, Superior, we will be going." He caught a glance at the package and gave a funny look but didn't question what it was, only nodded for Saïx to follow him. Saïx stole a glance back at Xemnas and saw the man watching him, almost holding his breath as Saïx exited the room.

"If he's infatuated with you now, wait until he sees those pictures. Come on, let's get back to our spot."

They created a portal and pulled up the binoculars, staring at Xemnas's window as the man was still sitting in his chair. After a few minutes the man walked toward the window with the package.

"Oh god."

Xigbar cackled as the Superior sat down and began to open it delicately…


Xemnas hadn't understood why there was a package on his desk, but he was going to figure out what was inside it. The only thing it said was 'look at it under the moonlight.' He had wondered if Saïx had given him it, but the man hadn't spoke up when he was in there…so perhaps it wasn't?

He sat upon the window ledge gently and took the note off, putting it to the side as his fingers began to rip open the flap. Slowly he reached in and pulled out what seemed to be some type of a book…

"A calendar?"

He glanced about before returning his eyes to the cover. There was Kingdom Hearts on the front, peaceful and glowing softly. It was, in fact, the best photograph he had ever seen of the moon.


He opened the page and smirked as he saw Saïx. "How typical." The blue-haired man's eyes were glowing and he had…almost a slight smile to his face, as if wanting to tell him something. He gently flipped to February, seeing Saïx again. "Oh Saïx…" He noticed Saïx was pointing downward, his other hand pressing a finger against his lips. A secret on the next page, maybe? How entertaining. He grabbed the page carefully and flipped it, only to be astonished at the next pose of Saïx. He had his leg wrapped around a pole, giving the most…provocative stripper pose with his hair flinging back. The most surprising part? Saïx was NAKED. He couldn't see anything, but the fact that Saïx was…well…straddling a pole naked was just…wow.


He continued to stare at it for a minute before flipping to the next page, curious to see what else was on there. His eyes met a sunbathing Saïx, another provocative position that covered his lower half, though his piercing yellow eyes almost made Xemnas's skin crawl. He was…so handsome.

The next picture showed Saïx's more…gentle side. Kingdom Hearts was in the background, and the way Saïx was facing it almost seemed…majestic. Of course, he was almost naked, but that was only a bonus factor in this picture.

He continued onward, the positions of Saïx's gleaming body seemed more and more appealing to him, and soon he got to the pictures of him with…another person. They were covered from head to toe in the Organization gear, so Xemnas could hardly tell who it was. But Saïx's position with this person had…struck something in him. He could almost see the figure gliding his hand against Saïx's flesh, grappling onto his tender body, biting into his lips and pressing their hips together….

He went to the next picture, seeing Saïx relaxing upon a bed with the figure's head positioned….right in between Saïx's legs. If Xemnas didn't know any better, he would have believed he was getting a blow job. The look on Saïx's face was of pure pleasure, though. The pleasure that he wanted from Saïx. He thought hard upon this matter. Saïx had…given him pleasure, something only his body could feel, not his emotions. It was all because he couldn't feel emotions, much like Saïx and the others…but that didn't stop the body from reacting the same way…

He had never known…but Saïx had taught him that the body didn't need to feel in order to react…

He came to the last page, seeing Saïx's back facing him, those yellow eyes gleaming back, at him over his shoulder, the blue hair cascading against his shoulders and back. It was…everything he wanted.

There was a knock on the door and Xemnas tensed. He set the calendar down, grabbing up the envelope that had once concealed it. His grip was off, and it fell, pictures from inside spilled across his carpet, all of which were extremely risqué and of Saïx in positions he would rather see before him and not in just picture form.

Xemnas moved to the door, opening it up only a crack so as to avoid anyone seeing the mess inside, "What do you want?"

Zexion was standing there, "Sir, I was wondering if you've seen Saïx."

Oh, he had seen plenty of him. "No…he is probably in his room."

"Oh…well okay." Zexion turned to go back when Xemnas grabbed his arm.

"If you see him…once you're done talking to him that is…would you send him this way? It's very important."

"Uh…yes, Superior."

Xemnas closed the door and gave a small sigh of relief. At least he hadn't entered. He moved over and began to pick up the pictures and stare at them all. They were so…sensual…

"Damn you," he hissed. The pictures were put back into the envelope and he slid the calendar back inside. Carefully Xemnas made his way back to his desk and slipped it into his desk drawer for later…who knows when he'd be able to tell Saïx and the others what he really thought…


Zexion arrived outside, "Are you two spying on Xemnas?"

Saïx jumped slightly, "How did you find us?"

Zexion pointed at his nose, sighing, "I can smell you a mile away. What are you trying to do, see if he plays with himself and your photos?"

Xigbar nodded, "Doesn't it sound kinky?"

Zexion gave a repulsed look, "I don't see why you're in on any of this, Xigbar."

"Dude. Once Xemnas starts banging Saïx I'll be held in higher respects because Saïx is my bud, ain't that right?"

Saïx nodded, "Whoever pleases me will please Xemnas, I'm sure."

Zexion snorted and sat down, "Well, he's obviously ready to hand his body over to you, Saïx. He said after I was done bugging you that I should send you his way."

Xigbar smirked, "Sweet! Now remember what I told you, Saïx, and go in there and surprise him with those hips!"

Saïx raised an eyebrow, "Uh. Right. I don't know if I should just sleep with him just because he likes my body now more than ever."

"You can't really push him away, though," Zexion mumbled. "Imagine how he'll react if you avoid it. He's really clingy to things he likes…"

"I've noticed."

"Do you really have to wait until he declares love in front of everyone? Maybe having sex with him might…prompt him to do it?"

Saïx laughed, "Yeah right. The more I hit on him the more he tried to hide me. I need to turn him on so much that he says it and then takes me right there on the kitchen table."

Xigbar shrugged, "It could work if you keep up your sexual advances."

"That's why I'm waiting. He seems to base his attention purely on me and he doesn't even know what to say half of the time."

Zexion perked, "What if someone…heard you two having sex...someone who would blatantly say 'what were you two doing together last night? It sounded wonderful!' Maybe then he'd have to speak up?"

Saïx raised an eyebrow, "And who, might I ask, would outright say that without being the least bit embarrassed?"

There was silence between the three before all of them answered, "Larxene!" Xigbar laughed and slapped Zexion on the back, "Dude. You're right. She'll lay it out like it's casual that you two were fucking. Xemnas would have to either say yes or no, and if he says the wrong answer…"

"I could either say the opposite and embarrass him, or I could go along which would make him feel guilty."

Zexion sighed, "So evil…yet it seems like it should just work this way."

Saïx pointed at Xigbar, "You work on her, all right? I want her to hear every gasp and moan that comes from us."

Xigbar saluted, "You got it."

Zexion slapped his hand to his face, "I didn't need to hear THAT."

They rose and moved through their separate portals, Saïx soon arriving in Xemnas's room.


Xemnas got up from his seat as Saïx entered, "Saïx. I…wanted to talk to you."

"Yes, that's why I'm here."

Xemnas hesitated. What to say? Maybe bring up the pictures? Would that be too…weird? " you that sent me those pictures?"

Saïx paused. Should he pretend he didn't know or did? "Would it matter who sent them? They're of me, and that's all that matters."

"Yes…I suppose you're…right." Xemnas paused again, "Are you…trying to say something?"

Saïx came closer, grabbing onto Xemnas, "I'm not sure…does it seem like I'm saying something?"

"I thought…you didn't want me to do anything…unless I spoke out first."

"I can wait to hear it…but right now that's not what my body is saying." Saïx gently kissed Xemnas on the lips, receiving a tender kiss back, "I crave for you to the point that...I can't stop thinking about you."

Xemnas nodded as he started to pull at Saïx's clothing, "I know the feeling. My body….hungers for yours…" His mouth dragged against Saïx's neck, kissing the freed flesh he had just released.

"Then why are we talking…?" Saïx whispered.

Their eyes met before their clothes were ripped from their bodies, hardly able to let go of each other to make it the bed. Their bodies combined as soon as they touched the comfortable bed. Saïx felt himself start to pant, not even knowing that he had been craving it this badly. But his breaths and his moans said otherwise. He felt his cries be muffled as Xemnas began to kiss him roughly, their tongues coming together much like their bodies had a few seconds ago. Saïx felt Xemnas's pleasurable growl go against his chest and felt it come onto his lips, the feeling arising a whole new sensation within him. He wanted more. And he wouldn't stop until he got everything.


Larxene was flipping through magazines in her room when Xigbar had rudely entered without even knocking on her door. She glanced up and gave him a slight disapproving look, but decided not to question his actions, only go back to reading up on scoring hot men.

"Larxene, babe, I uh…wanted you to hear something."

Larxene sighed, "Now what?"

Xigbar held out his hand, "Trust me on this one…it's kind of disturbing."

Larxene stared at the offered hand before grabbing it, slowly getting up from her spot. "This better be good."

"Oh, no doubt it is."

What did he mean by that? She briskly walked beside him, keeping her eyes on Xigbar as the man seemed almost…suspicious in his actions. "Where are we going?"


She glared. She didn't take well to being shushed. Though they arrived quickly at Xemnas's door and she finally understood why she was supposed to be quiet. He pointed for her to lean in to hear better, and Larxene did as she was told. She heard…dare she think it?

"Who is it?" She mouthed, voice hardly above a whisper.

Xigbar shrugged and got closer to her, "Xemnas is fucking someone."

They both put their ears to the door, hearing the gasps and cries. Larxene tried to figure out who it was, but…it just wasn't coming to her. Who sounded like that? Damn. She hated being new around here, it made things harder to figure out!

But it wasn't long for her questions to be answered. She heard rather clearly, "Fuck me harder," from someone.

Xigbar covered his mouth before looking at her, "Sounds like Saïx."

Larxene beamed at that, as if two boys screwing around was a fetish of hers. She got closer to listen some more, hearing the rapid breathing come faster. He MUST be doing it harder now. How intriguing. Did Xemnas and Saïx do this a lot?

She grabbed Xigbar's arm and waved for him to follow her. Together they entered Xigbar's room and the door was shut before she flailed her arms and tried to calm herself. At last she smirked, "Saïx and Xemnas? I should have known… The way they look at each other, the way they flirt without even knowing it! Does everyone know about this??"

Xigbar shrugged, "I'm rather surprised myself. Xemnas has never said anything about his sexuality before."

Larxene walked in a few small circles before smirking, "What if I brought it up to him?"

"He'd probably deny it…unless we had some evidence or something…"

That was when Luxord came in casually, "We do."

The two jumped at his sudden appearance and glared, but calmed as he explained.

"I planted a camera in there."

Larxene gapped, "And he didn't notice?"

"Nope, he was out of his room at the time. Besides…I'm a master of tricks, he wouldn't be able to see the camera since it's covered so well."

Xigbar nodded, acting dumb. It was a good thing Luxord didn't just burst out and give away what they were doing. He wanted Larxene to feed onto their lies, not be in on them. "Good, good. We should get it once they've calmed down."

Larxene frowned, "You want to walk in while they're sleeping and take it?"

Xigbar laughed, "You don't know the extent of my powers."

Larxene was about to ask when she felt something grab her butt. She whipped around and saw a hand…just a hand…floating in the air where her bottom had just been. It gave a slight wave before she whipped around and glared at Xigbar. "I'd punch you, but I'm more interested in seeing this alleged video you boys have."

"Don't worry, m'lady, you'll see it in due time," Luxord replied. He gave a gentlemanly bow to her before looking at Xigbar. Success!


Downstairs Vexen was making himself a sandwich hearing the banging of the bed upstairs. He grumbled to himself as he could practically HEAR the moans of enjoyment escaping one of the two. He hoped it wasn't Xemnas, he'd never look at the man the same way ever again.

"You can keep an appetite while that's going on?" Xaldin asked curiously, watching the ceiling as if it would collapse with the colliding members above.

"Yes, I can, because I've seen and heard much worse. Ever been to Atlantica?" Vexen hissed. The member walked out with the sandwich on a plate, gingerly moving to stare at the ceiling for a bit, too.

"Well…you do have a point."

"Exactly. Besides, I can't wait to see how awkward they're going to act tomorrow morning. If no one brings it up, I sure as hell will!"

Xaldin put his arms behind his back, raising an eyebrow at the crazed man's words, "What exactly would you say?"

"Hmmm…something like 'Did anyone else feel the castle shaking all night? And that wretched gasping and moaning, too.' Pah. If they had half a brain they'd probably think the castle is haunted instead of Xemnas's hips getting a workout of their lifetime."

"And how do we know Xemnas is on top?" A voice rang out and made the two look about before spotting Axel leaning against the doorframe.

"Unless Saïx is going berserk up there, I don't think he has this much strength to make the world fall out of alignment and change its rotation."

Axel shrugged, "You never know. What if Xemnas lays there and watches Saïx take advantage of him?"

Xaldin shook his head, "I still think, no matter how little Xemnas participated, that Saïx would be the bitch in the relationship. He'd like having things jammed into him. He is the masochist, after all."

Vexen nodded, "Good point. I'm glad we analyzed this for future reference. Now next time Saïx says he has a headache I can tell him to stop ramming things into him so much."

Axel thought that over and a smirk grew across his face, "That's a nice reach."

"I'd hate to hear them getting sore throats from each other."

Xaldin continued to shake his head, "Bad images. I think we're done with this conversation."

Of course, it wasn't until the two lovebirds upstairs were done that they actually changed the subject.

"I think their batteries died."

"Pff, open a curtain, Saïx can finish up," Vexen mocked and walked off.

"What a grouch…and yet everything he said was really awesome. I didn't know Vexen was that witty," Axel mentioned as he looked up at Xaldin.

"He likes to keep silent, it helps him get away with more things. You could learn from him." Xaldin walked off to go to sleep, hoping that the ceiling wouldn't be in shambles by the time he woke up.

Axel snorted. "Silence? Whatever…"


Xigbar was almost asleep when an elbow slammed hard into him. He wheezed in pain and opened his eye to see Larxene there. "They're done. Now get the camera."

Xigbar stretched and yawned, "Fine. Keep your pants on." He paused. "No wait, take them off."

Larxene gave his shoulder a painful punch, "Just do your job!"

Xigbar ripped open the space time continuum and reached in.

His hand appeared in Xemnas's room near the window, walking about delicately before touching something. He grappled onto it curiously and found that it was definitely Luxord's camera. Xigbar pulled his hand out of the ripped space hole and smiled at the camera, "Success, dudes."

Larxene giggled, "Oooh! Show me, show me!"

"You're really excited about this, aren't you?"

"Hey, it's not everyday that a girl gets to see some hot guys doing it. Not unless she buys porn, but really…this should be a lot better than porn."

Luxord nodded, "Yeah. Less cheesy and without the dumb clichés and odd outfits."

Xigbar rewound it to the beginning and stopped the camera. He heard Xemnas and Saïx mumbling something before seeing them getting into bed. "And they're off! Xemnas taking the lead."

Luxord watched it, "Wow. I've never seen guys have sex before."

Larxene smirked at the camera, "Yeah? It's kind of entertaining the first ten or so minutes, especially if they make noises."

Xigbar snorted, "You're an odd gal."

She took the camera and pressed the fast forward button, "This looks more entertaining."

The three watched Saïx and Xemnas have sex in fast mode. It was, by far, the greatest thing all three of them had seen ever.

"Dear GOD look at those hips go!" Luxord commented.

"Whoa, Saïx has the top now."

They paused as it went on.

"Is THAT Berserker mode?" Larxene questioned.

"Uh…yeah…that's what it looks like in bed…" Luxord mumbled.

Xigbar shook his head, "I fought against that this morning."

"Aww, they're getting tired." Larxene giggled before watching it start up again. "And now for Round Two!"

"Oooh, the soft sensual sex, they're going slower this time around."

Xigbar shook his head, "Greatest. Porn. Ever."

At long last the tape ended and Larxene stopped it, "That's great! Now they CAN'T deny it!"

Luxord nodded, "Yeah. Are you really confronting them about it?"

"Hell yes, I'm not scared of Xemnas. He may look like the evil leader part of this Organization, but really…I think he's probably more scared of me than I am of him."

Xigbar rose from his spot, "She's got a point."

Luxord smirked, "Then it'll be a wonderful conversation for breakfast. I'll be sure everyone attends."

Larxene giggled, "Oh goodie!"


Xemnas woke up and felt extremely sore. Oh god. Why had he done that? He knew going too far would cause after-agony.

"Good morning, sunshine," Saïx whispered in his ear, pulling the man to sit up. Xemnas grumbled and stared as Saïx was wide awake. And since when did Saïx get up before he did? What a freak.

"Can't we…sleep a bit longer?"

"What's wrong, feeling sore?"


Saïx smirked, "Well you need to do it more often. Practice will make it hurt less."

Xemnas laughed and winced as even his abdomen was sore. "I think you got carried away when I let you be on top."

A little bit carried away? I full out let myself go. I didn't want to hold back anything. He needs to see what I'm all about, and boy did I show him. Look at his expression. It's almost…cute how pained he looks. "You should get used to B-I-B."


"Berserking in bed."

Xemnas smirked and got up, stretching his sore muscles, "I suppose I should. Let's get something to eat, shall we?"

As they readied for the day, the others sat at the kitchen table awaiting for Saïx and Xemnas. They were the only members that were missing from the table. Even the sick Marluxia was sitting there waiting to see what all the hubbub was about.

"I hope they're not having morning sex," Larxene growled, ready to get it over with. She had been waiting too long.

"Is there an earthquake?" Vexen questioned.

She shook her head gently.

"Then no, they're not having morning sex."

The table snickered at his words when the doors opened up, Xemnas and Saïx entering in together. Larxene's devilish smile grew wide across her face. "Good morning, Superior!"

Xemnas smiled slightly, "Good morning."

"Where have you two been?"

"Oh…just going over a few things. Nothing important." Xemnas and Saïx took their respective seats. At first Larxene didn't edge on more, which made the others curious as to who should speak up next. But she caught her confidence once again.

"Xemnas, I'm really curious about something, and I think you'd be able to explain it all to me."

"Oh…well…go ahead and ask away."

She set her elbows on the table, using her hands to exaggerate what she was talking about. "Our bodies can still feel sensations, right? But we emotionally cannot. Correct?"

Xemnas nodded, "Indeed."

"Okay. I'm going to go for a…way to ask this without making it seem confusing. We can enjoy sex, right?"

"Well…the body could."

"Yeah. That's what I meant. So, hypothetically speaking, if you and Saïx had sex you'd both enjoy it, right?"

A really awkward silence fell over them. As if that was blatantly obvious enough. Xemnas began to think things over. Did she know something about them? Or was she just going for them because she thought it was funny that they hardly talked to each other? "Well…yes I suppose."

Larxene nodded, "And if Saïx went Berserk…you'd feel pain, right?"

"Yes…" What weird questions to ask at breakfast…

"But you could express pleasure even if you didn't feel it, like…moaning?"


"And both of you could continue on since Saïx could be fueled by the moon…"


"And you probably climaxed at some point, which is the body's reaction to the pleasurable sensation."

"I believe so…."

Saïx looked over at him. She just switched from 'hypothetically' to 'so you did' so easily, and Xemnas didn't catch it? The others perked up at the way she covered it up with an explanation.

"Saïx must have been in the same situation, right?" Larxene asked.

"Most likely…." Xemnas paused, "Wait, are we still talking hypothetically?"

Larxene shook her head, "No, I'm talking about last night."

"Um…what of last night?"

"I just told you. You two were having sex, and that's why I asked if the body could feel sensation."

Xemnas shook his head, "No, you asked and then you brought up last night."

"So you DID do something last night."

Xemnas hesitated. Oh god. What did he just get himself into? "That….was a slip-up."

Larxene cackled, "Was it? Then tell me, Xemnas, how do you know so much about bodily sensations when it comes to sex?"

Xemnas fell silent. He didn't have a good answer for that one. "You don't have any evidence that I did anything with Saïx last night."

Larxene began to laugh maliciously…which sparked for Xemnas to just confess. She probably knew a lot more than what she was giving off, and that laughter frightened him. His eyes went over to Saïx. He…didn't think it'd end like this. It felt kind of…odd being on this end of the stick, having people stare at him for being out of line rather than him yelling at someone else. But…he'd have to say something, wouldn't he?

"All right….I'll admit it. We had sex last night."

The group was surprised at his confession. They were expecting him to find a way out of it…but instead he admitted defeat. Marluxia sighed at his words, wanting to curse Saïx for his actions and to smite Xemnas for rejecting him.

"Is this going to affect the Organization?" Lexaeus grumbled, still sunken about the entire ordeal.

Xemnas took a deep breath. This was a lot harder than he thought it was going to be. These people…were supposed to see him as a mysterious figure…not a whore. Yet it seemed Lexaeus disagreed with his actions…

"No, it will not. I won't let anything get in the way of the Organization, no matter what the temptations may be."

Demyx looked about and raised his hand slightly, "Uh…Superior…does this technically mean you're in love with Saïx? Because I mean….to have sex is to make love…so therefore you've already made love…which means that since you've made love, you'd express love…which is like being in love." I think my brain just died thanks to Demyx. He should NOT know what sex is. Ever.

Xemnas thought it over and wasn't sure what to say. It was what Saïx was waiting for. To hear him say that he loved him. He felt his body start to tense, prepared to react at the words.


Saïx felt….that hit him.

"Making love and being in love are two completely different things. I don't have emotions, therefore I cannot be in love with him."

That's his explanation? That stupid…worthless…good for nothing 'we don't have hearts' theory? Why can't he just admit it?? Why can't he say that he loves me and get over this stupid dilemma that we all face?!?

"Aww, but I think we have hearts…you probably WOULD love him if you had emotions," Demyx replied to the Superior.

"If I had emotions….perhaps."

Saïx had to speak up, feeling the rage building up inside him, "We remember emotions. You're saying you don't even think about it, too?"

Xemnas shook his head, "I've never been in love before, I wouldn't know what that memory is like."

Saïx hesitated. That was true…he had told him that before. "What about affection towards others?"

Xemnas looked down, "I wouldn't know." A pause came between them, "I suppose when we get our hearts back….you'll have to show me what that's like."

Saïx felt the rage fall back and he lost his angered expression, letting it fall to a smirk, "I guess I'll have to, you're missing out."

Their eyes connected, a smile reaching across both of their faces. Ahaha, we're having a cheesy moment! I love it!

Vexen suddenly let out the weirdest noise ever, almost that of a turkey gobbling. "This is worse than poisoning Marluxia!! You two disgust me! Go have more sex and get the hell away from me, wwwhaagh, I HATE cheesy romantic moments!" The crazed fool rose and flailed his arms, "Go on! Get out of here! Don't make me spray weed killer to get you two out of here!"

The group was at first hesitant on Vexen's silly behavior when he pulled out the actual weed killer. Xemnas and Saïx both rose.

"Okay, we'll be going…no need to start splashing that everywhere." Saïx remarked as Xemnas opened a portal for them to go through. Marluxia, who had seen the weed killer, shuddered and ran off to get rid of what was left of his breakfast.

Xemnas let the portal disappear behind him and the two exited into a different world.

"Where are we?" Saïx questioned curiously. "Looks familiar."

"Beast's castle."

Saïx raised an eyebrow, "But Superior, we shouldn't be here."

Xemnas put his arm around Saïx's waist, pulling him toward him, "True, but I thought there was something much more important for you to see and understand." Xemnas led Saïx to a window, pushing it up so they could step out on the balcony. It overlooked the forest, the small town not too far off tucked under the tall trees. The thing that captivated Saïx's attention was the full moon.

"Wow….the moon…looks great."

Xemnas nodded, "Almost as great as you, but I suppose not everything can be perfect."

Saïx smirked at the words. Wow, if I could be embarrassed I would be. The way he's showing affection now…it's different than ever before. And…I like it. No, I don't like it…I love it. With or without a heart, I know. "Perfect, huh?"

"Indeed," Xemnas drawled out the word, mocking himself. It made both of them laugh at how the word had became an inside joke to the Organization. Xemnas gently pulled Saïx closer to him. "There's…more to it than just a nice moon. I wanted to inform you…that we have known each other for 27 weeks…"

"Has it really been that long?"

"Time flies when you're dead."

Saïx nodded, "I suppose…"

"Today is the 7th."


"And in one minute it will be 7:07 here."


"But no matter how unlucky 7 may be to you…" Xemnas got closer, their lips only an inch away. "You…will always be my lucky number."

They kissed, one of those kisses that brimmed with passion and love. Even if they didn't have hearts to express such emotions, and even if Xemnas didn't know what love was like…it was happening. Saïx let the kiss continue, unknown to both of them that it lasted for an entire minute, going through 7:07, both pulling apart at 7:08. Saïx felt…different. As if, no matter how many sevens were to surround him right now…that they couldn't cause him any bad luck. Nothing could stop him from this experience he was having.

"You know, my lucky number has always been 1, did you know that?"

Xemnas smirked, "Has it? How intriguing."

"Yeah…the greatest things always come out on top."

"And I do like being on top."

Saïx laughed, "Oh I'm sure. I think you like both roles."


"I wonder what would happen if you were 7 and I was 1?"

Xemnas contemplated it. "Well, I suppose I would have had sex with you the day I arrived, considering how wonderful your hormones are, and because if the Superior were demanding it from me…who am I to refuse?"

Saïx shook his head, a giant grin on his face, "You know me too well."

"I guess that's what I get for being so nosy."

"Indeeeeed," Saïx remarked, both of them laughing at how dumb they were being.

Not too far off Xigbar sat next to Beast watching the entire incident. "Hey, bub, ain't ya peeved that we're here?"

Beast shook his head, "Saïx is a friend of mine."

"And he brings his boyfriend over to play hookie and smooch him up on your balcony."

Beast grumbled and shrugged, "I have other balconies to be on. Besides…they look happy together."

Xigbar nodded, "Yeah. Imagine that." They fell silent in each other's company before Xigbar sighed, "You going to rent out a room for them to sex it up or what?"

"I have my limits. Besides, those commotions are meant to happen at your place so you can hear them." Beast turned away, "I'm sure you'd appreciate it more."

Xigbar snorted, "Right, right. Where are you going?"

"While Xemnas and Saïx are flirting I think I should go talk to Belle, she needs the attention."

Xigbar grinned, "Aww, Beast is in love!"

"It must be contagious."

"Don't spread it to me, I don't need to get jiggy with anyone anytime soon. I want my heart back first, that is my full desire."

Beast chuckled, the growl wavering in laughter, "You'd be surprised at what can change your mind."

Xigbar continued to sit there thoughtfully before standing up. "Hey…wait a minute…" He wondered what he meant by that, but decided to go ahead and go back home. No sense in watching the lovebirds make out all night, right? Right.

Through darkness which I've dwindled through, memories I've remembered and forgotten, lies I've built up and destroyed…I've come to one conclusion. None of it ever mattered past one thing. I am here with a group that I yearn to be with, and I am not only loyal to our goals in recovering our hearts, but I am loyal to one man who has led me to finally believe that it is possible. And when our hearts return with our work, I know that I can continue to live with him and finally feel the satisfaction of our true love. Until that day happens, though, I will just remember that I must work harder to make sure Xemnas and I share that future we've planned. Besides, what else am I supposed to do in this not-so-dead-yet-not-yet-living existence? Exactly.

And after all of this time I think I've finally come to understand that…Seven…isn't my unlucky number. Though it has put me through hell and back, I finally know what seven has done for me. Pushed me to the limits only to feel the greater rewards in life.

Thank god for seven, huh?

The End




That's the ending, hope you don't mind the cheesy lovey dovey ending! I normally KILL my characters…so this is a change from that. Besides, I'm sure there would have been a riot if I had killed anyone in here.

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