Audrey's POV

She sat quietly, her cold, dead eyes staring out at the bleak, foggy expanse that laid just beyond the window. A fire sat crackling in the hearth. Its flames created a soft glow of light that danced upon her face, illuminating her elegant yet pale features. The fire provided little warmth for her. She didn't feel the cold nor the heat. She continued to stare blankly out the window at the fog encompassed forest and contemplate as to why she had to a cursed one. She couldn't help but feel melancholy about what had happened to her. She had the world waiting for her but alas, it was not meant to be. Ever since the night she was caught in the trap of a beautiful monster, she couldn't help but think upon her past life and wished she could have done something, anything different. She can remember that night like it was just yesterday…


Audrey Grace Harwell made her way toward the intimidating structure that was her father's house. Barely 18 she was a sight to behold; pale, soft skin with eyes of blue gray like the sky during a summer rain, and red hair that any girl would envy. She was returning home after her performance at the opera house, preferring to walk home under the star scattered skies then take a carriage. As she walked by a darkened alley she was suddenly pulled in to the alley by strong arms and held against the stone wall of the building. Terrified she tried to scream but before she could even let a squeak out a hand clamped over her mouth and muffled any noise that may have escaped her ruby red lips. Tears formed in her eyes when she heard the gravely sweet voice of her attacker, "Ahhh, my sweet pet, you smell better up close and you're sooo much prettier in person than you appear on stage." She shivered as he ran his tongue up the length of her neck, starting at junction of her shoulder and neck and ending at the pulse just behind her ear. "My sweet, soon it'll be you and me together forever just as soon as -" he never finished his sentence, instead he bit down on her neck and started to feast on her blood but stopped just before he drained her dry. She felt a fire course through her veins, something that made her feel as if she was being burned alive form the inside, out. Suddenly she felt the weight of her attacker being lifted off of her. Unable to hold herself up, Audrey fell to the ground and started to scream but again felt a hand on her mouth preventing her from doing so.

"Shhhhhh…hush now it'll be alright, just relax, it'll be over soon, just hush and sleep." an angelically smooth voice told her. And she did just that, giving into her pain she let it consume her into darkness.

She never did figure out who had rescued her, three days after her attack she awoke in a small room with a note that told her what had happened and what she had become. Unwilling to believe it at first she went home and continued her life as usual until one night she felt a hunger deep inside her and no food or drink would satisfy it. Realizing that the note had been correct she fled her home leaving a letter explaining that she needed to get away from the England weather and was heading to warmer places. As ran, faster than she had ever ran only stopping when the hunger got to much. She happened to be in the woods surrounding a small village in the countryside of Ireland. She fed on woodland creatures until she found her thirst quenched. She had heard that vampires fed on humans but when she thought about sinking her teeth into the fleshy necks of villagers that passed through the woods but as she got closer she felt what they felt and heard what they thought, she also seemed to know about their lives. From spouses and children to parents and siblings, that made her feel guilty for even thinking such thoughts as she had.

For the next 5 years she lived on the outskirts of that small village close to the woods and her food source. Then one day she made the decision to return home. When she arrived she found her father in poor health and her mother passed. She stayed on as the lady of the house only traveling to feed. After months of suffering her father died in his sleep, and she inherited everything. She closed up her family home and moved back to the little village in Ireland and built a cottage in the forest and lived there for years until she felt it was time to move on. That's how she ended up in the forests and hills of Washington State, just outside a town called Forks.


With a grace that only someone like her could possess she pulled the blinds and extinguished the flames and made her way upstairs to her bedroom, although she didn't sleep anymore, she still like to mediate and rest her mind. Shutting the door behind her she laid down on the California King-sized bed and stared at the ceiling until she felt herself sip into an altered state of consciousness.