This is Person95. Okay. This is just a crazy idea I had. I mean nobody has been doing the first book in Fang's POV so I said: 'I wonder what Fang was thinking in book one.' So then I got the idea: 'I'll write the first book in Fang's POV!' There. That was my thinking plan.

I was running. Erasers were everywhere, watching, waiting. Waiting for me to make a mistake, waiting to hurt me. I think I was six at the time; I knew it was a dream and I wanted to wake up, to stop the inevitable demise of my younger self, but you can never change a memory.

The treadmill sped up and the Erasers chuckled and got ready to attack me. My younger self was doing the speed experiment. The speed experiment was when they would make you run on the treadmill while they would turn up the speed, slow at first until you were running as fast as you can and then when you stop or can't run fast enough the treadmill coughs you up and you fall into a pit full of Erasers who are out for your blood.

The speed increased more, and more, and more until I was running as fast as I could. Then it increased more. I felt that sickening feeling in my stomach that I always got when I knew I failed and would get a couple new broken bones. Right when the first claw hit me I learned something. Only the lucky ones die.

I jolted upright in bed. My heart beat was uneven. Even though no one would notice my heart beat I spent the next two minutes slowing it down and then another two minutes getting dressed. Then I walked to the kitchen to find Max leaning over, looking in the fridge. Gazzy was sitting at the table looking at me. When he opened his mouth to say hi, I put my finger to my lips and walked up behind Max.

"Will you quit that?" Max said.

Mentally I was laughing at Max's expression, but physically I was calm, cool, and collective. Calm, cool, collective. Those were my only rules, if you don't follow those rules you set yourself up for Pain and his friend Hurt. "Quit what? Breathing"

She rolled her eyes, typical Max. "You know what."

With a grunt, I finally saw Iggy appear from the sofa. "I'll make eggs," he announced. Max looked around the kitchen while Iggy staggered over to the kitchen.

"Fang? You set the table. I'll go get Nudge and Angel." And with that command I started fulfilling my duties. Gazzy at some point started to help me while singing the Constipation Song. Gotta love an eight year olds sense of humor.