Day 1: One week before total infestation

I'm keeping this journal to keep track of the weird things that are starting to happen.

Today was another busy day, school, homework, chicks, drama, all that fun stuff that comes from being 15. But thats not the reason I'm writing in this. People around the world have been getting sick, and at an incredibly fast pace. They say the symptom is an increased hostile reaction, vomiting, and all around feeling bad. Doctors say its just a bad case of the cold, with the added aggression. Apparently a lot of kids at school have this, because fights are breaking out often, people are getting hurt, hell, we even had a kid die last week.

Not much else to add for today, but I'll try to keep myself up to date, this is probably going to be on the news everyday, and on every radio station.

Day 2: 6 days before total infestation

Another kid was killed today, poor guy had his head his head crushed between a locker and a fire extinguisher. It's getting worse too. Today I got into two fights with some of those kids that were infected. Fortunately, they didn't try to kill me, or the disease wasn't as bad, because they managed to stop themselves before it got to rough.

Is it just me? Or are those kids that are sick getting just slightly paler? I'll ask around school tomorrow.

P.S: Mom is making meatloaf, find a friend and eat with his family tonight. Don't forget, or you will spend a lot of quality time with the toilet.

Day 3: 5 days before total infestation

The military showed up at school today, they went around to each class room this morning, searching for 'immunes' what ever the hell they are. It seems that I was one of the immune, along with about 40 other kids in our school. They divided us into groups of 5, and made us stand out in the hallway. Each group would go into the media center, and come out again. My group was the last to go in, so we waited in the hallway for about two hours. Only person I even remotely knew was Chelsea, she was really hot, and she looked scared out of her mind. Being the nice person I am, (Note from Ryan, your awesome older brother: And probably hormone driven.) I went over and talked to her, and try to calm her down. She seemed to become less scared, but she seemed to get nervous when she talked, and tried to say she wasn't scared.

When we finally went into the media center, they gave us a shit load of shots, drained blood, and ran numerous tests of god knows what. Chelsea started to flip, but I put one hand on her shoulder and she calmed down a bit, and turned a bit red, (Another note from Ryan: She obviously 3 you fucktard, to bad you're to stupid to realize it.) probably because she was getting angry from getting poked with testing equipment, I sure was.

After that, the day went about normally, so no complaints.

Day 4: 4 days before total infestation

Before I start, Ryan, this is a warning, if I see your writing in here again, I'll kick your ass. And Chelsea does not like me, she already has boyfriend, or so I think anyway.

This week is getting stranger by the minute, a kid came into school with a hoody over his head, and a teacher told him to take it off, he didn't listen and went on about his day. Later that teacher ran into him again, told him to take the hood off, but instead of ignoring him, he pounced on the teacher and ripped his insides apart. His ribs were out of place, his heart was still beating, his stomach was ripped into shreds, and his lungs were... I don't know, but that kid fucked him up so bad, the heart stopped beating a few seconds later. Chelsea so happened to be next to me, she looked like she was going to barf, I did the only thing I could do, put a comforting hand around her. (Ryan: You totally want to get into her pants don't you Alex?)

P.S: Study for chapter test in Math. Forget, and you will pay dearly. (Ryan: Only stupid people have to study)

Day 5: 3 days before total infestation

Ryan, Jesus Christ, if I find you writing stupid shit in here again, I'm posting those nude pics of your girlfriend all over the web. (Ryan: You wouldn't dare, and how did you get those anyway?)

School has been canceled, to many people have been dieing recently, and the streets have people who are ready to kill, probably have that virus, or whatever it is. I'm heading over to Chelsea's tomorrow, she says she is really scared, but getting there is going to be a challenge. My dad keeps a USP .45 Tactical, I think I'll take that with me, along with two or three spare clips, the world is so fucked up right now, I'm sure the police wouldn't mind. (Ryan: Smart choice, I always carry my Deagle when I go out now.) She also asked I stay the night, (Ryan: There's your chance Alex! If you don't hit that, I'll back hand you when I see you again!) So, I decided I'd invite Roger to join me, he's my only friend I have that wont try to kill me anymore. (Ryan: YOU STUPID SHITHEAD!) I asked Chelsea if that was cool, she said it was, and she was inviting her friend Kala.

(Edit from Day 9: Ryan, I hope I find you at the refugee point, I actually can't wait to receive that back hand if that means seeing you and mom again.)

Anyway, I better prepare for that trip, Roger will be over here shortly, I pray to god he brought a gun, These things are out for blood, or maybe even flesh.

Day 6: 2 days before total infestation

I made the hike to Chelsea's house with Roger. Nothing happened, except this one fat... I don't know what, tried to vomit on me. Roger killed it with his USP .45 Standard. After that we ran all the way to Chelsea's house.

We watched the news, and they started saying things on how to help protect yourself from the infected. Nothing we already did, but then a local warning said people should start evacuating our city. Chelsea's parents said we would begin tomorrow at the break of dawn, and everyone should stay here, after all, it was dark outside.

(Edit from Day 20: I regret not leaving earlier)

We continued watching the news, and they gave out names to a lot of these things, which they called Infected. The first was what they called the Hunter, able to pounce long distances, and would rip you apart. Another was the Smoker, this thing could drag you away from people, and most likely to your death. (Edit from Day 19: Damn it Roger...) The last was the Boomer, it would vomit on you, and the Infected were drawn to this substance, and more than likely would kill you if you had it on you. (Edit from Day 10: God have Mercy on their souls...)

I think we should get some sleep, Chelsea's dad was a war veteran, so she has plenty of weapons stocked up here, as well as a bit of ammo. (Edit from Day 8: I'm glad me and Roger brought our backpacks...)

That should wrap this up, I'm bunking with Chelsea, if she has only one bed...

Day 7: 1 day until total infestation

We made it to our first safe house, but the Infected are even more aggressive, we've been in this safe house since this afternoon, and all we can hear are the screams of the dieing people outside, it's horrible, we are all scared. Even Chelsea's dad, James is worried, and he is the most bad ass person I have ever met. Roger has been sitting in the corner, sharpening his combat knife James gave him. Kala had snuggled up to him, gripping him like a teddy bear, yet, like a shield. I've done my best to keep Chelsea from freaking out, and her dad was afraid she went into shell shock. I wrapped my hands around her waist, repeating to her 'it'll be ok, trust me. I wont let anything happen to you.' I had been able to calm her, and brought her out of the 'shell shock'.

But I'm beginning to doubt myself about us being ok. The screams outside are only heightening it. My mom, and dare I say it, Ryan, I pray to god you all made it out alright. I'll leave a message on the wall for you all, just in case you haven't passed this safe house already.

P.S: The message said, 'Don't let me down Ryan, protect mom and make sure she makes it to the refugee point. Or I hope you already made it to the refugee point. Alex' (Edit Day 14: I should have known better...)

"Zoey! What do you got there?" Bill looked over to Zoe reading a notebook.

"It's a journal of some fifteen year old. He was a guy. I found it in the building on the roof of the hospital. Think maybe he dropped it?" She shouted over the roar of the rotor blades.

"A guy named Alex you say? I remember someone mentioning an Alex, her name was Chelsea. She did have others with her, but I don't remember them that well, they mentioned something about a guys journal, and one of them specificly, I guess he was fifteen, said something about the last page of the journal. Maybe you should look at it."

Zoey opened it to the last page, and went wide eyed. "It's a list of the people he was with. Lemme read em off." She read the names off, but what caught her eye was the last bit of writing. "To anyone who finds this without it being on me, I probably didn't make it. I died trying to make it. Chelsea, if you get this, whether off my body or by someone else, just wanted to say I love you, and sorry I didn't tell you in person. Maybe when you join me and everyone else in the after life, maybe I could tell you in person then." She turned her gaze back to Bill, "Do you think he's still alive?"

Francais shrugged, so did Bill. "Well, we should find that Chelsea girl. If he is still alive, she'll tell us." The helicopter flew over the city, which was now sprawling with infected, and veered towards the refugee point.

A/N: I left it open ended so you all can decide if Alex is still alive or dead. There is evidence he is alive, and evidence he is dead. I might write an actual fan fiction that will tie the ends up. If you review and like it, it will increase the chances.