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"Zoey, why'd you stop?" Francis was trying to look over the back of the notebook, checking if the entry had stopped. He reached his hand out in an attempt to peel it down so he could get a glimpse at the page. Zoey, with some inhumane speed, reached up and smacked his hand away before he could get a look. "Zoey! What was that for?!" He half shouted holding his gloved hand, pretending he was hurt.

"I just stopped to catch my breath, and I silently read the next part, just give me a sec to continue." She took in one last breath and began again.

Edit to Day 12, made later this day:

There must be some divine force out there that wants me to live. Josh busted through the door, with James M4, he looked down and saw me against the back wall. He rushed over, dropping to a crouch, and immediately asked, 'Alex! Please tell me your alive!' I was shocked to say the least when he came to find me. I nodded my head, and he sighed in relief. 'Boy, do you have a story to tell. And do we have good news for Chelsea and Roger. Can you walk?'

I thought about that question long and hard, my leg was injured, and my left arm was broken, I think I said, 'My left arm is broken, and I think I may have landed on my leg wrong when I was tossed. Can you help me get back to the safe house?' He nodded putting my right hand around his shoulder, and we made it to the safe house without a problem.

Once I was inside though, it was a whole different story.

First was Amy getting the door, she saw Josh and nodded at him, then she saw me and her eyes widened. I smirked as she hastily opened the safe house door for me and Josh. We got in and she closed the door, and everyone, minus Chelsea, looked up from what they were doing. I think Roger was sharpening his combat knife, Chelsea was sitting at a table moping, and Kala was trying to comfort her.

Roger was first to come to me. Kala and Chelsea didn't even look up to check to see if Josh found me. He retained a straight face, keeping his 'I'm to bad ass to cry' look. But his eyes showed more relief than a mother getting her child saved from a burning building.

Josh showed me over to the table where Chelsea was sitting. Roger got her to look up from her depressed stare at the table. When she looked up, there was a sure sign of questioning and shock. What did I get out of the whole thing?

First reaction was she stood up and walked over and looked at me long and hard. The gaze made me want to do something, and so I touched her shoulder, I guess to prove that I was real and she wasn't delusional.

Second reaction was a bone crushing hug, followed by some very rapid (and rather strong) beat downs to my chest. When she stopped hitting me, I hugged her back. Most likely a second way to show I wasn't quite a figment of her imagination.

Afterwards, I limped to a wall and fell to the ground and leaned on that wall while Amy patched me up. She was training to become a doctor, and she had a few years of medical school. Based on what she said, my leg would heal by the end of tomorrow, as long as I didn't strain myself. If I had to move, I had to ask for help.

And because of my delimea, we had to put up a vote. Either they would leave me here and move out tomorrow, and basically leave me for dead. (That was my idea, someone had to throw that one in. Did I vote for it? Hell no.) Or we would wait until I was able to be fully mobile and then leave together. Everyone voted on waiting until I was better.

Screw statistics, I don't have the man power right now to move and check. But it seems we're basically good for now.

"The horde thought he was dead huh?" Francis chuckled. "Bill, you want to read now? Or do you wanna skip your turn." Bill merely shook his head. "Oh... Well Zoey, hand it over."

She held the notebook close to her, "Uh... I'll read the next entry! Don't worry about it! I got it covered, 100 percent! Don't you worry about a-"

Francis waved his hand to signal her to shut up, "Ok, ok, I get it. Just read women."

Day 13, fuck keeping track of how many days after infestation.

Today was jam packed, with loads of fun. Where do I start...

Lets start with breakfast. Instead of having some nasty ass breakfast hot pocket, we had pancakes because there was some ingredients for it laying around. Sadly, I only got 2, because everyone was stuffing their faces that they forgot I couldn't move for shit. So in the end I was stuck eating a hot pocket to fill the empty space that the pancakes failed to fill.

Ok, maybe after recalling this morning, maybe the day wasn't THAT good. But it got better.

Josh said he had found a grocery store that looked like it wasn't raided when he went out to find me. Our group put it to a vote, (my vote excluded, since it wasn't my ass going head to head with the infected.) Then they played a game of rock paper scissors to see who was stuck with me. Prior to the game Josh volunteered, but Roger called him a bitch for trying to avoid getting hurt. So they played, and in the end, Chelsea ended up staying in the safe house with me.

And this really turned my day upside down.

While we waited inside the safe house for everyone, I asked Chelsea to help me up and get to the table in the safe house. Prior to getting up, my leg could support barely support me, and when Chelsea got me off the ground and I took one step forward, my leg gave out.

I screamed (yelped?) in pain and fell to the ground, unknown to me was the fact I pulled Chelsea with me. With a rather silent crash to the floor, she was on top of me, and I was in some sort of pain that ended rather quickly.

Talk about a bad sentimental moment, AND bad positioning. It was a movie moment in my book, falling with someone like that. I 'was' going to try and lodge myself free, and mumble a sorry, but she didn't move. I don't know if something clicked between us, or if it was the heat of the moment, but I somehow got the balls to make one hell of a move on her. I kissed her, not the other way around, but ME. My brother is the one that does this stuff, not me. I ended it rather quickly, scared. Once again, I tried to shift out of the position, but she leaned in closer, refusing to let me leave this stance.

I'm glad she didn't let me move.

She returned my kiss, and this time it lasted for who knows how long. Shit, if Roger EVER gets a hold of this, I will be subject to his teasing all the way to my grave. And god knows his teasing is a way of him saying 'contemplate suicide for letting me get a hold of such valuable information.'

Other than that, the day went by with us stabbing at the horde trying to bust through the metal door. Stupid bastards.

Kills Tallied of the horde outside:



Note from Chelsea: That was a rigged game, I let you win because you were hurt.

"That ends his entry for Day 13. Bill you want to read?" Zoey held the notebook for Bill to look at, he had the look like he debated it, but in the end shook his head no.

"Geez gramps, you sure know how to ruin everything." Francis held his hand out for the notebook, "Hell, if dusty bones won't read, I might as well." He took the notebook and turned the page.

Day 14:

My family... butchered. They were killed by what seemed to be a hunter. Jesus, they fucked Ryan up so bad I was only able to distinguish him by the fact the hunter spared one fucking quarter of his face. They bit him, tore at him picked bones out, and I don't even know if he was dead when they did any of that.

And mom... I didn't even know it was her until we checked them for ammo and supplies, she didn't have anything but her torso left, and her various limbs scattered around except for her head. I checked her pack and found a photo of our whole family, mom, dad, Ryan and me.

I... don't know what got into me today. After I found them dead, everything was blurred. I remembered being enraged, sobbing, and killing any fucking thing that didn't wield a gun. I curb stomped a crippled regular infected, I beat a Smoker into a red pulp, and I shoved a pipe bomb down a Hunter's throat. And it felt so right to watch them suffer, it was like a drug. It felt so good to see them bleed, it felt so good to see the infected white eyes glass over in defeat. I went so far as to take Rogers knife and stabbed an infected in the throat. I took a screw driver through both eyes of an infected, then mutilated it, each specific part took one minute, taking a wooden stake, jamming it into the things stomach, pinning it against a wall, then leaving it there to bleed to death.

Maybe... Maybe this is what Chelsea felt when James died. This feeling of revenge, to cause everything that would dare harm something so dear to you suffering beyond the imaginations limit.

I'll kill these infected, I'll rip these Hunters open, I will strangle these Smokers, and if I ever find the infected who killed mom and Ryan, even Satan himself will cower in fear.

Day 15:

We're getting close to Mercy Hospital, it's within view finally. (Guess that's what we get for living in the damn outskirts.) I'm kind of worrying about this though. The only way we can get the pilots attention is getting on that rooftop. The hospital is a skyscraper, and probably the biggest fucking one here. We have a minimum chance of every last one of us getting there in one piece. Then, we have to worry about the pilot not having the balls to land and risk his life to save us. He might not even have enough room for all of us to fit.

That's why, in this journal, I picked the people who will be left behind if there isn't enough room.

First is me. I got nobody waiting for me at the refugee point, Mom and Ryan were killed, and Dad doesn't give a shit about me, if he's alive that is.

Second is Roger. I know that he would rather give me a mercy bullet than let me be dismembered by the infected.

Third is Josh. He'd give his life to protect his sister, a trait often found in brothers and sisters, even though me and Ryan had plenty of fights, I'd lay my life down for him, and I know he'd do the same, if he was still alive.

Fourth is Amy. If Josh was going to be staying behind, she'd probably follow in suit, whether she needed to, or not.

Fifth is Chelsea. As much as I want to see her live through this, she doesn't have much else to live for. Her family is about as alive as mine, and if I were to be left behind, she'd stay too.

I hope this won't be necessary, but it is quite possible that some of us will have to die, for the rest of us to live on.

People Alive: Me, Chelsea, Amy, Roger, Kayla, Josh

People Dead: James

Ammo: Decent amount

Food: Enough for the rest of our trip.

Healing shit:

Pain pills- 2 bottles

First aid- 4 packs

"Damn... Hey pilot! How many people did you pick up when you picked up that Chelsea girl?" Francis demanded from the pilot.

"I don't remember, three, maybe four?"

Zoey's eyes widened, "There were six people in the journal! Pilot! Did you leave any behind?"

"Nope! They all climbed aboard, why?" He shouted back over the roar of the blades.

"Just wondering!" Zoey took the notebook, and flipped the pages, until she came to day 19...

Day 19:


Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT!

Those god damned infected got Roger... Those damn things got him! Jesus Christ... and I... I had to kill him...

I keep reasoning with myself that it was the right thing to do... no. It could have been helped. If I had been paying more attention, he would have been ok.

But no. I got couped up in popping that boomer that I completely missed the fact a Smoker was standing on a ledge. The thing shot his tongue out across the gap that lead to the never ending drop below us, and he got Roger. It grappled him, and dragged him over the edge.

And there he was, my best friend... my last friend... guaranteed to die.

If I left him, the smoker would have been dragged off by Roger's weight and fallen with Roger, if I shot the smoker, he would have fell to his death. I did the only merciful thing I could do.

I was going to put a bullet between Roger's eyes.

He kept screaming at me when I pointed the gun at his head, he kept screaming 'Shot the Smoker! Don't worry about me! I'm going to die anyway!' I couldn't do that to him. He saved my life so many times when we traveled through this nightmare. It was the right thing to do, and before I pulled the trigger, he screamed. 'I love you Kayla!' The gunshot silenced his screams, and the second shot turned the smoker into a green cloud of smoke.

And Kayla, she finally snapped.

After I killed Roger, she went into a state of disbelief. I began crying as I watched his body fall out of sight, to hit the ground and forever be forgotten. Kayla, she screamed in disbelief, she tried to jump after him. We restrained her, but in the end it was futile. She picked up his dropped shotgun near the ledge. She wept as she put it up to her chin, and we screamed for her to stop. I ran to her to try and jerk it away from her.

But, I was a second to late late.

When I was within arms reach, she pulled the trigger. Her internals went all over me, and she fell backwards. Down the same gap Roger went. The shotgun dropped near the ledge, awaiting its next victim.

Whether it be infected,

Or one of us.

Day 20:

This is it. Our finest hour, the last stand, our shimmering beacon of hope. This is do or die time.

We'll be leaving our last safe house in a little while, I'll probably be making an edit to this once I'm in the helicopter, to signify I made it, if it's blank, not so much.

I decided I'd let everyone write their dieing wish/will. If they aren't here with us, I'll write them one myself.

Me: Make a place for people who have lost their family to this infection like I have (Chelsea: That's called an orphanage, stupid. XD)

Chelsea: A graveyard to honor those survivors who were lost.

Josh: Don't need one, 'cause I ain't dying!

Amy: For Josh to be less over confident and take things seriously for once.

Roger: Break the shotgun so it can never kill again.

Kayla: For everyone to accept our fate, and do our best to fix it.

James: For Chelsea to be the happy, little girl she always was. Even in my absence of death.

I'll be making that addition to my journal in a few.

"It ends there. That's the last thing he wrote." Zoey picked her head up from the notebook and looked at Francis. "Think he just dropped it or died?"

He shrugged, "Well, you picked it up. Was there a corpse around it, maybe some limbs?"

She shook her head, "No..."

"Then he's probably ali-" Francis was cut short of his sentence by the pilot.

"Here we are! Refugee Point zero four! But commonly referred to as Lumina's Point."

Francis raised an eyebrow, "Lumina's Point?"

Zoey looked at him sternly, "Lumina is Latin for light." She stated it as if it were common knoweldge. "So it means Light's Point."

"My you are a smart one." The pilot was veering the helicopter towards the landing pad, "This is Rescue Heli 'Spes' with" He looked back at the survivors. "three more survivors, we got any room? Or do we need to take them to Refugee Point zero two?" There was a low voice from the pilots helmet, "Roger that, I'm landing on helipad one." He cut the radio, and directed his voice back to the survivors, "This will be your new home until either the disease disappears, or until you die. Again, I welcome you to Lumina's Point, and I hope you enjoy your stay." The helicopter touched down gently, and the pilot, along with Bill, Zoey, and Francis left the passenger area of the helicopter.

A figure in a suit walked towards them, and greeted them. "Hello, I am the mayor of Lumina's Point, I take it you all just came in?"

Francis snickered, "No shit."

Bill elbowed him hard in the stomach, "Respect the higher ups, or you'll be thrown out of here and back with the infected." Francis quickly stopped and straightened up. "Yes, we are sir. I'm Staff Sargent Bill from the US military. I doubt you've heard of me though." The mayor nodded, urging him to continue. "This here is Francis, a former biker I found punching out a hunter." Francis grinned at the memory, and the nice tear it left in his leg. "And this is Zoey. A student at a school, we found her 'stuck' in a closet."

"The nob was broken. I swear!"

The mayor chuckled. "Well I am Mr. Woodyard. If you haven't noticed, we have 30 feet high walls made of steel two inches thick. You'll be safe here." He paused to allow questions, if any. When none were stated, he continued. "I understand you are looking for a few certain survivors?"

"That we are sir." Bill responded, "We are looking for an Alex, age in the notebook is fifteen, has no family left. Know anyone by that name, age and background?"

Mr. Woodyard thought for a moment, and concluded, "I don't know everyone in my own little town here, but if you head up that way," He pointed towards a large mansion. "You will find most survivors under eighteen in there that have lost their family. That'd be your best bet."

Bill nodded, "Thank you, sir. We'd best be getting out of your hair, then. The job you have is probably not an easy one, especially in these times."

"If you don't mind, I'd like all three of you to stop by my office so we can sort out a type of job for you all."

"Will do, now if you'll excuse us..."

They hiked up to the mansion, when they arrived at the front desk, a lady with glasses looked up from a computer, "Can I help you?"

Zoey responded this time, "Yes. We're looking for a few survivors named Alex and Chelsea. You know anyone by that name here?"

The desk lady nodded slightly, but noticably. "I do remember a Chelsea being taken under the care of an Amy who was around the age of twenty-three. The Alex I don't really recall though."

Zoey ran her hand through her hair, "You know where we can find Amy?"

"Sorry, I don't."

Zoey sighed, "Ok, thanks for your help." They walked out and Zoey crossed her arms, when a boy appeared.

"Uh... I heard you were looking for an Alex?" He questioned.

Zoey quickly perked up, "Yes. Do you know where he is?"

The guy nodded, "Yep. If you give it here I'll hand it to him." Zoey was about to protest, but he interrupted her, "You all are newcomers. All newcomers should get a post here in Lumina's Point from the mayor. So, I'll save you all the trouble of finding Alex, so you can get your job."

"Uh... ok... thanks!" Zoey handed him the notebook, and left.

"Anytime!" He shouted at them as they left. When they were out of sight, he opened the notebook to the last page, pulled out a pen and began writing...

Final statistics:

Final Location: Refugee Point 04/ Lumina's Point

People alive: Me, Chelsea, Amy, Josh

People dead: James, Roger, Kayla

With that, the boy closed the notebook, and began walking towards a small house as dawn began to emerge.

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