Give me a reason to end this discussion,
To break with tradition, to fall and divide.
'Cause I hate the ocean, theme parks and airplanes,
Talking with strangers, waiting in line.
I'm through with these pills that make me sit still.
Are you feeling fine?
Yes, I feel just fine.


Matt was always a touchy-feely kind of boy. Ever since I first met him ten years ago when we were three. He didn't think kisses meant anything either, since his father was a Frenchman. Before Matt came to the orphanage, he had lived with his dad (who is now dead) in France. Matt was American though, so he didn't know how to speak any other language but English. In France, you'd thank somebody by kissing them. Not the whole 'c'mere baby, let's make out' kiss, but just a little peck. But little three year old me (I'm Russian, by the way) hadn't known that, so when he kissed me on the lips, I kind of got the wrong idea. I remember, I was about to punch him in the face, but he explained to me that that's how you thank people in France.

I always hung around Matt, he's my only friend. Also, I didn't want him getting his ass kicked by kids who thought he was some type of pimp who kissed everyone. I kind of got made fun of for a few years because Matt was my first kiss. But I don't mind that it was Matt. He's my best friend, he could make out with me and it wouldn't be weird. Not that I'm gay, 'cause I'm not, but I'm just saying. Sure as hell I'd make out with him. Kisses don't mean anything. Plus, he has soft lips. I mean, really soft. It's like kissing a pillow.

Here in Winchester, England though, lots of people aren't cool with guys kissing guys. They think that you only kiss somebody if you love them. They can go fuck themselves for all I care. Kisses don't mean anything. And I do love Matt. Not as a lover, but as a best friend or brother. I love him and he loves me.

Ever since we were four, we'd been Matt and Mello, the two M'n'Ms. Matt was always with me. Maybe not all the time when I bathe, but Matt's seen me naked and I've seen him in the nude. That was a few years ago when it was still innocent and not gay for two kids to bathe together. Now that we're thirteen (he's twelve), two people bathing together is like a porno, and to guys bathing together is like a gay porno. Whoop di fucking doo.

I like holding Matt's hand. Again, everybody gets the wrong idea, but in me and Matt's eyes, it's normal. If a guy and a girl who are just friends can hold hands, why can't two guys? It's not like we're giving head to each other or anything.

"Hey Mells?" Matt said to me.

"Yeah, Matt?" I looked over at him. His maroon red hair was all messed up, since he just woke up. He always wakes up around ten a.m., so I have to wake him up Mondays through Fridays for school here at Wammy's.

Matt and I share a room. Here at Wammy's, you usually have a room mate. Roger seems to hate me and Matt, so he gave us a fucking piece of shit bed. Mr. Wammy gave us a normal comfortable bed, though. I like him. He saved me from the rat hole foster house I lived in when I was two, and he's the only person L trusts. L is a world-wide famous detective. He's never met a case he couldn't solve. Everyone here at Wammy's are like little L replacements. I'm second best here, and Matt's third. That fat-head Near is first. I hate that fucking albino brat.

Any who, Matt and I share a bed. The good one. We've both tested out the shitty one… yeah, it's broken. So me and Matt share.

"Can ya' hand me the water bottle?" He said sluggishly. I rubbed his eyes with the bath of his hand, and I handed him the water bottle on the night stand.

"Thanks." Matt said, quickly kissing me on my lips.

He didn't grow out of that.

He took a swig, and then screwed the cap back on. Matt loves drinking water. He also likes milk. I once asked him why he hated soda, and he said he didn't like 'any of that carbonated stuff'.

"Hey Mells?"

"Mhm?" I responded, looking at him. Matt has a perfect face. He's cute.

"What time is it?"

"Uh.." I quickly glanced at my wrist watch. "About nine-ten. You woke up earlier than usual."

"That's 'cause I went to sleep earlier than usual… wanna go get some breakfast?" He smiled slightly at me. I happen to know that Linda ran a survey on who had the best whatever, and everybody thinks that Matt has the best smile.

"Sure," I got out of bed and stretched. Since spring was coming in a few weeks, it started getting a tad warmer. I slept in my boxers last night. So did Matt.

I threw on an over-sized black t-shirt, and Matt put on light baggy jeans and a striped black and white t-shirt. He held my hand as we walked down stairs to the cafeteria. Like I said before, Matt was touchy-feely. He didn't think it was wrong to hold a boy's hand, or to kiss a boy, unlike most people I know.

As we walked down the stairs, we passed Linda. She was pretty annoying, but she didn't see anything wrong with kissing the same gender. She also thought kisses didn't mean anything. Matt likes her. Not as a girlfriend, as a friend. They both lived in France, so she also used to kiss people to thank them. She grew out of that though.

"Hey Matt, hey Mello!" She smiled cheerfully, giving us a little wave. Linda wore her light brown hair in two pony tails, and she was wearing a red sweatshirt with a skirt. Girls always wore skirts.

"Hey," I half-smiled at her.

"Hi Linda!" Matt said enthusiastically.

Linda smiled at us. "Are ya' guys gonna go eat?"

"Mhm," I responded. "What're they serving?"

"Pancakes and sausages. It's pretty good." She sort of shrugged. "Since it's Saturday, Roger said we could have a little movie night. Can I ask your opinion of what we should watch, please?"

"Annie." Matt said automatically. Matt loves musicals. "Or Grease."

"Um… Texas Chainsaw Massacre." I loved horror movies with tons of gore.

Linda scrunched up her nose. "I don't like blood… but… we're all gonna vote later today, so I'll put that in. Well, I'll see you guys later!"

She went up the stairs as Matt and I continued downward. We were still holding hands when we got inside the cafeteria. I instantly saw a few girls making eyes at Matt. I clenched my teeth, tightening my grip on Matt's hand.

"Ow, Mells, you're hurting me…" I stopped squeezing his hand, and just held it. "What's wrong? You look mad."

Mad? I looked mad? I don't know why, but those girls looking at Matt like he was a sex toy pissed me off. "I'm not mad."
"Oh, you looked kind of pissed…" He shrugged. He slightly tightened his grip on my hand, like he thought I was going to run away or something. We walked over to the table, getting pancakes and sausages on two plates for us. We sat at the far corner of the cafeteria near a window, and near those girls, who by the way, were STILL making eyes at Matt. My blood boiled.

"Matt, pass the salt please?" I said innocently. Wait 'til those girls see what I'm gonna do.

"Sure, Mello." He handed me the salt.

"Thanks, Matty." I say, using the nick-name I gave him back when we were five. I kissed him.

I looked over my shoulder at those girls. They were giving me death glares. I smirked at them, sticking my tongue out. I quickly looked back at Matt when I felt his eyes on me. "What?"

"Nothing." Matt said. I looked down while I ate.

Matt eats very slowly. He's like a slug, but that's what makes Matt… Matt! And I liked Matt the way he was. Sure, he was a slug at eating, he took too long to bathe, he snores in his sleep, he drools sometimes when he sleeps, he ignores me sometimes, he plays too much video games, he likes blowing bubbles in his drinks, he reads too much manga, he stays up too late… But he's my Matt. I love him…

As a best friend! Hmmm…

"Mells?" I heard Matt say.

"Yeah, Matt?" I responded, looking up at him.

"They're syrup on your lap."

I looked down. Sure enough, I was squeezing maple syrup onto my lap. I growled, kinda animalistic-sounding.

I looked over at Matt. His face was slightly red. I smirked. "Somebody pitched a tent in your pants, Matt."

"I-it's just hormones! I-I'm going through puberty!" He stammered.

I slightly smirked. "Why did this occur?"

I saw a quick hint of panic cross Matt's face. "H-her!" He pointed without looking to a random place.

"The old cleaning lady?" I chuckled.

"Uh, she was just there! She's gone!" Matt tried. He's lying. I've known him so long, he knows that he isn't a good liar, and even if he does make up a convincible lie, he knows I know when he's lying.

"Matt… you're a terrible liar." I smirked at him. Was that… my fault? I slowly brought my syrup-covered hand to my mouth. I started licking off the syrup. I saw his face get a shade darker of red. The 'tent' got 'taller'…

It WAS my fault!!!


Tell me that you're alright.
Yeah everything is alright.
Oh please tell me that you're alright.
Yeah everything is alright.


Everything is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack


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