"They're gonna die!" Katie said pointing to the t.v. screen with a large bowl of popcorn nestled on top of her crossed legs. She had been sitting next to Jessie on the couch for the last hour now watching, in her opinion, the most predictable movie in the world.

"Katie!" Jessie playfully slapped Katie's arm.

"Oww, hey." Katie laughed and tried to act hurt.

"That's impossible. He's the hero. the hero always lives," Jessie said.

"Usually yes, but not this time. Sorry babe." Katie grinned. Jessie huffed while crossing her arms and turned back to the screen. By the end of the movie Jessie's jaw had dropped to the floor.

"No…but…he..how is that possible?" Katie laughed.

"I told you so. I knew he would die. I mean, they weren't that subtle about it." Jessie grinned and turned to Katie.

"No I mean, how is it possible that you were right?" Katie opened her mouth to retort but found no words coming to her.

"Whats the matter. Cat got your tongue? Did Singer run out of her list of snappy come-backs?" Katie glared at her.

"ok that's it. You're going down." Katie reached for her but Jessie took off running. Katie followed her up the stairs. As she approached the attic door it started to close so she put her foot in it to stop it. With all of her strength she pushed the door open, overpowering Jessie on the other side. Jessie squeaked and ran up the stairs. At the top Katie managed to catch up to her and rap her arms around the small blonde from behind.

"Now you're gonna get it Sammler." Katie bent down, picked up Jessie bride style and threw her on the bed. Katie jumped on the bed after her and started to tickle Jessie. Tears fell from her eyes as laughter took over the room.

"No…please…stop….Katie." After a few more seconds Katie managed to pin Jessie's arms above her head. The laughter died down as both girls stared at each other with serious eyes. Katie looked at the other girl in complete adoration. She finally broke the silence.

"I am so in love with you." Jessie blushed and looked down for a moment. When she looked back up at the older girl all the fear was gone. Jessie smiled wide. Her blue eyes locking with Katie's.

"I love you too." All hesitation was gone from her voice. Katie let out a small sigh of relief that she knew she didn't need to be holding. With a smile she leaned down and kissed Jessie. Katie let go of Jessie's wrists as the kiss continued. Mouths open and tongues fighting for dominance. Jessie wrapped one hand around Katie's neck while the other went to her waist. She pulled Katie down to lie on top of her and Katie obliged. Katie moved her right hand down Jessie's side to her stomach where her shirt rode up and caressed it. Jessie shuddered. She pulled back and inhaled sharply. Katie looked at her worried.

"I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?"

"No no, not at all. Just didn't expect it." Katie still looked worried and Jessie wanted to ease her mind.

"I didn't say I didn't like it." Both girls grinned and continued where they left off.