Raditz knew this day would come, he just didn't know when, didn't know how. His life was taken by the hand of his brother, Kakorat.

As he stared up into the blinding sun, loosing his life, he knew he would be walking towards the gates of hell in just a matter of time.

Planet Vegeta was always under the control of Frieza for as long as Renee could remember. It was never peaceful, always at war. There was always a day she woke up to find someone else from her division dead, or let alone someone she knew at the pub.

Renee was a Saiyan elite and worked directly from King Vegeta himself. She was given a nice home, as nice as homes could get on planet Vegeta. On her planet, homes were not cingular pieces of property, but a floor in an apartment building. Not all saiyans got their own floor, most shared rooms, beds and even single units. The lower class had up to seven per unit and three per bed. The higher up you lived in each building, the better off you were. The bottom floor was the pub, a very common place all saiyans of each division came to drink, smoke, meet mates and eat.

Raditz was considered an Elite, since his mother was nothing but connections with the Queen and King of Planet Vegeta. He had to keep quiet about his father being Bardock, though many of the young men knew, and harassed Raditz like no other. They called him things such as "Son of a low life" or "peasant". Not only did Raditz have to take the heat of being the son of a low class solider, but he also had to take the heat of his mother's position as an Elite, and how he got everything so easily. He knew his father was not a low class, but a very strong man, for that fact, and looked up to him quite a bit. He mainly admired his father's admiration to remain faithful to his mother even though they couldn't always be together. Even sometimes years at a time.

Raditz, of the age eighteen attended the School of future soldiers of Frieza, Frieza's Academy. Where they trained hard, studied hard, and where they were brain washed into thinking Frieza was the greatest and mightiest being of all.

But there was an upside to going to school. Raditz enjoyed being with his best friend, Diamond. A Saiyan girl, the daughter of Fasha.

Renee had a nice place to her self, small, but it was her own. Her hair was short, but it never lacked height. Her body very tiny and petite, but her power level substantial. Her eyes a very uncommon blue, it was thought to be the sign of a super saiyan, but she knew she did not have those abilities. Many women of the saiyan race had different colored eyes, from green to red, but hardly ever blue.

Renee was not only a high-class saiyan, but was friends with King Vegeta's Queen, Zahara, and the mother of four saiyan children. Two boys and two girls. Renee was not childless herself; she currently had one, Raditz, a handful teenager.

She began to toss in her sleep, knowing having to be awake was coming close. She had another body next to her, lying beside her. When her alarm went off, she reached to hit it, though she felt like throwing an energy wave at it.

Slowly she got up and sat on the edge of her bed. She looked beside her to see him, Bardock, a low life saiyan. She could see he was no such thing, but King Vegeta himself and the rest could not. Saiyans didn't marry, let alone know who half the fathers of their children were, but Renee and Bardock knew.

Bardock, who lived Forty-Five floors below her, almost towards the bottom, was a very stubborn angry man, but yet had a heart he would never had admitted too. Even though marriage was nothing saiyans did unless you were royalty, Bardock and Renee kept an ongoing relationship for years that was kept secret. When Raditz was born, she had to play it off like she didn't know whom the father was. It was not socially acceptable for a low class to mate with an upper class, let alone even talk to one another. So Bardock was her biggest secret and her biggest treasure. He snuck in through her French doors every night, and left them every morning.

So she got up and began to dress herself in Saiyan armor. The dark red spandex on the underneath and the white chest gear over her shoulders along with the white boots with a yellow pointed tip. She shook her head and looked over at Bardock and shook his body to awaken him. Slowly he did.

"Ugh—" he grunted and rolled back in the sheets, then his dark eyes met with hers as he forced and small smile. "I guess it's time I go, I have a lot of planets to destroy by tonight." He moaned, his nude body rolling out of bed and his tail wrapping around his waist.

"Have fun with that." Her very soft-spoken voice replied as she put on her gloves in a smile.

Bardock rolled his eyes. "Oh I will, while you sip tea with the Queen." He pulled his spandex over his rock hard chest.

Renee dropped her arms. "That is not ALL I do." She emphasized. "I also do Planograms and give you and your divisions assignments. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't know who to be killing today." She placed her hands on either side of her hips.

Bardock then put his armor on and slipped into his boots. "Ohh yeah, making schedules is sooo hard." He laughed a bit.

"Hey I've been sending our son to the Frieza's Military Academy since he was a boy so he can become a great fighter, I don't see you doing that." Renee nodded assumingly to Bardock.

Bardock sat up from the bed and approached her. "Well excuse me for not being able to exist in your life." He put on his gloves then reached for her small tiny sized waste.

"You're Excused." She gave him a small playful kiss and then escaped his grasp. "I need to go wake up Raditz." She started to leave the room.

"And I need to leave." He slowly began to walk towards the window. He gave a last glance to her and waved. For him, it was always so hard to leave every morning, and he feared the one-day he does get caught.

"Bye" she nodded to him as he opened her French doors and flew off into the sky.

Landing almost instantly he entered the building he was just in, except through the first floor. He walked up two flights and came to his corridor and entered, there his crew slept. Three on the bed, one on the floor, two on the couch, and one awake staring right at him.

"Hey Tora." Bardock greeted his best friend Tora who had a long face and short spiky hair, but had a quite of bit of height on Bardock.

"And where were you again?" Questioned Tora, for he knew about him and Renee's love, only him and his crew.

"You know, roughing up some weakling Kanasa's." Bardock chuckled and closed the door behind him.

"Likely story." Tora rolled his eyes. "Where are we headed today?"

Bardock grabbed what looked like a rolled up news paper and opened it, where it had every saiyans daily schedule. He knew this is what Renee was currently working on. "We are to go to planet Pue Pue."

Bardock and Tora looked at the rest of their sleeping crew. "Do you think just you and I could take on the whole planet? I'd hate to wake them. " Said Tora.

Bardock laughed out loud. "Lazy bums. I guess so, let's get to the docking station, we don't want to waste much time."

Tora nodded to Bardock, as they both left their home and headed out the front doors of their building.

Their planet sky was always dark, it was always night on Planet Vegeta, and Bardock loved missions due to being able to see the sun.

Renee headed towards the palace, where she worked. Going up the elevator she hit the top floor of the building that looked like an office space. She sat down at a desk and began to work on her scheduling of planets destruction. She scrolled down a bit on her spreadsheet and saw Bardock's name. She smiled for his name always made her happy. She began to type next to it, giving him more planets to destroy then the upper class. She knew he'd like the challenge.

Suddenly Renee heard footsteps and turned around in her chair to see the Queen, the wife of King Vegeta. She was quite short, just like her, but her hair was long and straight. Renee was always jealous her hair had never been as long. Her forehead was covered in beautiful jewels, and he hair had a strand of gold beads in it. Her dress was long and tight fitted, covering her arms and hitting right above her ankles. Her dress was mauve with a gold band around her waste, and at her cufflings. Her feet were dressed in heels that lased up her ankle.

"Hello Renee" The Queen said as Renee stood up bowing to the Queen.

"Hello my Queen." Renee replied then came up from her bow.

"Would you and Nadia, your secretary, be ever so kind to accompany me to lunch?" Questioned the Queen. Renee began to pounder and now realized what Bardock meant by his comment about having tea with the queen.

"Of course." Renee Agreed then motioned to her secretary on the other side of her cubical. They both followed the Queen down several flights till they came to the bottom floor, and walked outside. The queen was a classy woman, but for such a royal being she loved always going to the bar on the bottom floor of the saiyan living space.

Her, her secretary and the Queen went inside this Smokey bar, that was full of low class saiyans working and hanging around.

"Mmmm that Saiyan sure is handsome, too bad he is lower class." One of the women with Renee Snickered then sat down. Renee didn't know whom she was talking about until she noticed Bardock and knew he was whom she was speaking of.

Bardock sat at a table with his crewmembers, drinking a large alcoholic beverage. She smiled at him, enough for him to notice, but not enough for anyone else too.

So Renee sat down at the bar next to the Queen, both of them having a meal and talking for sometime. But when Bardock began to walk out, he made eye contact with her, and she knew that meant hurry up.

Renne looked over at the queen and smiled. "I must be going now, I do have to make dinner for Raditz and head to bed for tomorrow's work." She handed her plate to one of the saiyan waitresses, who was a low class saiyan.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Renee jumped down from the stool and said bye to the two upper class saiyan women.

She quickly followed Bardock's steps, and she went through the doors, feeling the cold night air. Bardock stood right next to the doors, waiting for her outside.

"I can't be seen talking to you." She quickly said and crouched to the ground pretending to fix her boot. "Come over tonight?" She asked still fiddling with her boot.

"Uhh—I don't know, I think a few of my crew members are suspecting something." He replied nonchalantly, staring up into the sky.

"We miss you. and I'd be nice if raditz got to see his dad every once in a while."

"Hmm—" Bardock pondered the thought and then looked back at her. "Alright, I'll make an appearance in my home for a bit so my crew doesn't get suspicious. I'll sneak out the window and fly up to your place—1 hour?" He chewed in a toothpick he got from the Pub.

Renee stood up, her back facing him. "Alright—Se you then." She entered their building, taking it to the top floor where her and Raditz lived.

Raditz walked into a training hall on his own, for he didn't like being with people. And began to workout, like he always did after school. Being by himself in the room made every little movement echo throughout the large high vaulted ceilings.

Pushing himself up and down off the ground into pushups, sweat poured down his face and into his hair. He panted heavily, his cheeks were flushed and his mouth became thirsty, but he continued anyways. "Seven hundred and one—seven hundred and two." Raditz counted as he did seven hundred push-ups. His muscles bulging from his skin, and his chest even sorer the next time he lowered himself to the concrete. "Seven hundred and fifteen-"

Raditz lost his concentration as he heard the door of the training hall open. His chest fell to the ground, and his arms felt like wet, weakened noodles. His eyes looked over into the direction of the door, too sore to get up, he saw pink saiyan combat books walking his way. Even though his vision was blurry from lack of hydration, he noticed them and rolled his eyes and then closed them. "Hey Diamond." He said as she knelt down beside him.

"Don't you think you work yourself out enough everyday? Give yourself a break!" Diamond was a very beautiful girl, and reminded him a lot of his mother. Her skin dark and her body slim but built, her hips were wide and her breasts slight on the plump side. For a young lady she had a women's figure. She wore her girly pink Saiyan armor, for she had no problem flaunting her feminism. Her tail around her waist and her hair long and soft and pulled back into a neat braid. Her eyes were grey unlike the rest of the saiyans, who's eyes remained dark.

Raditz rolled over on his back, the tile nice and cold on his hot sweaty body. He panted heavily and replied. "Don't you think you draw enough porn?" He let out a chuckle.

"Ahem.." Diamond coughed. "Nude charcoal paintings, not porn! I am an artist." She crossed her arms.

"I have to train. Everyone only thinks I got partnered up with Vegeta and Nappa because of my mom. I have to prove that isn't the case." He sat up and looked at her light eyes.

"Well—" Diamond sat down and crossed her legs and stared at Raditz intensely. "Didn't you get that position because of your mother?" She raised her one brow.

"Well duh! But no one needs to know that DIAMOND!" He responded sarcastically and hit her shoulder.

Diamond let out a small laugh then eyed him up and down. "I think you've done enough. Maybe I should walk you home, incase you die of exhaustion on the way."

Raditz rolled his eyes then began to stand on his feet, when suddenly he lost his balance and fell to his knees and hands once again. Raditz laughed at his legs giving out and looked up at Diamond. "I guess that would be nice." Replied Raditz then once again tried to get up. He slowly walked over to his armor and placed it on his bare sweaty chest.

He wiped his face and walked towards Diamond as she wrapped her hands around his one large arm. "You don't always have to worry about me." He said as they exited the building, he had then realized how dark it had become.

"It's my job to worry." She said walking arm and hand with him down the street. "So, I got my first mission, I leave tomorrow morning." She said a bit excited for she had never been departed.

"Really? That sounds good. Let me know how that goes." Said Raditz as he stood before the building he lived in. "I better get inside, my mom is probably going to be mad that I'm home so late. That is if she's home first."

"How's Bardock?" Asked Diamond, letting go of his arm and looking up at him.

Raditz nodded and placed his finger over his lips. "Shhh, he's good." He knew no one could know, since his father was a low class, but people knew through rumors.

Diamond nodded. "You secret is safe with me." She replied, then waved to Raditz as he walked inside his building.

Raditz walked into his home and flicked on a light, seeing his mother and Bardock sitting there on the couch. Raditz's face lit up in happiness, for this is the most he's seen his father in a while. "Hey dad! Wait, am I in trouble you're both here, waiting for me."

Bardock chuckles and shook his head no. "Your mother made you dinner, left overs are over there." Bardock pointed to the kitchen.

"Sweet!" Raditz loved to eat. After such a large meal Raditz fell asleep on the couch watching what little TV channels they had. Most consisted of current events and the destruction of planets.

Renee turned off the TV and put a blanket over Raditz. She knew he was exhausted and wasn't going to wake him just so he could be in his bed. Bardock turned off the lights.

Renee didn't hesitate to get out of her armor and into something more comfortable when she went into her room.

Bardock walked into her room, closing the door behind him. He looked at her slim figure in her nightgown of silk. Looking at her never got old; he loved her beauty, her blue eyes and her soft dark skin.

With a smile Bardock approached her, wrapping his arms around her waste. Renee's fingertips traveled across his cheek, down his neck, and over this chest that was protected by armor. She tugged on his armor, hinting at him to remove it, and so he did. Only thing left were his spandex pants, his boots had been slipped off at the door.

He leaned into her body; his lips grazing the side of her neck as he tiled her head back, and then down her throat leaving small kisses behind.

Her knee wrapped around his waste and his free hand held her thigh in place. His other free hand held her waste s he rubbed his hand up and down against her silky gown. It then moved underneath, his hand going higher, over her breasts, then her shoulders, and then the nightgown hit the floor.