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Part 2:

The day went by as normally as it could have. I went on to philosophy and pretended to listen, while daydreaming about the world I had slipped into. After school went pretty smoothly as well, except for the fact that I found him outside the school, smoking. I warned him quickly that if he kept smoking, his teeth would turn yellow. He smiled for the first time that day, dismissing my comment. But I laughed in return, knowing the outcome of his teeth.

It turns out that his house wasn't too far away from the school. So we walked towards the Napier house together, quietly. He didn't really talk me, until I finally brought up the law. Then he rambled on and on about the same things and well, in ordinary situations, I would feel quite terribly bored. However, he spoke with such passion, that I just blushed every time he looked my way.

We had finally arrived onto his doorstep and well it wasn't the biggest of houses, but it looked cozy enough. He jingled his keys, spinning the key ring around his finger before placing the key into the keyhole. He grabbed onto the doorknob and then turned to look at me, before saying in a soft voice "Be quiet." I knitted my eyebrows in response, as he opened the door and stepped in. I followed him quietly into the house, as he looked to the right of his stairwell, where a pair of woman's shoes sat.

He sighed happily and then turned to me and said, "It's okay…were fine." I stood there in confusion, as he continued "Ugh…take off your shoes." I nodded and removed my shoes as he yelled out "Mother! You home?" I looked at him strangely for a second, until a high-pitched, happy voice came from the stair well. A beautiful middle-aged woman appeared at the top of the stairs and she shouted "Jack, your home. Early too!"

He started up the stairs and then his mother gasped when she saw me. She smiled happily and said to Jack "I didn't know you had a girlfriend." He rolled his eyes at that and explained, "I have a play due tomorrow, Mom. She's just my partner, that's all." She nodded in return, not buying all. I started to walk up the stairs and spoke "Hello Mrs. Napier. It's a pleasure to meet you."

She smiled widely at me and then spoke kindly "You are so well spoken.(Pause) Jack, she's a keeper." I giggled at Jack's reaction to that. His eyes were wide with anger and then he took a left and shut the door after he entered the first room on the right. Mrs. Napier looked at me with happiness and spoke sweetly "I'm sorry that I'm acting like a complete lunatic. Its just…Jack has never brought anyone home.... for anything. And well, here you are." She paused for a second, grabbed onto my shoulder and said, "You must stay for dinner."

I shrugged my shoulders in return and smiled widely to show her my appreciation. She bit onto her lip softly and then said "Oh, sweetie. Go on, just go into the room where he just walked into." She turned away from me and murmured something like "Finally," but I could of heard wrong. I turned to my left and then walked into the first door on the right, without knocking.

That was my mistake. I stood there with a huge shocked grin on my face, as he jumped up and screamed. He had been changing when I opened the door; it wasn't too bad…no, not at all. I mean he was just in his boxers. I smiled giddily as he started yelling at me. After a few seconds, I finally closed the door, realizing the anger that rose within him. About a minute later, he opened the door to let me in while screaming something like "Don't you knock?" But I shook my head once and just bit down on my lip to stop from giggling.

- - -

A few hours later it was 6: 30 that evening and Jack and I had our play finalized. It only had to be 5 minutes long, but when we timed it, it was more like 25 minutes. He had asked me my name and at moment… I couldn't think of anything but mocking this life, so I responded 'Harley." And every time he would call me that, I would laugh and grin like an idiot.

Suddenly, at exactly 6:31 pm, a knock was heard at the door of his room. We were sitting quite close but when the door was opening, Jack jumped up quickly and started pacing around his room. It was Mrs. Napier and she practically ordered us, quite kindly, to get our butts down to the dinner table. Jack had asked something about his father to her, she just nodded and then he had grunted.

Down the hall to the right, was the dinning room, and it was beautiful compared to the rest of the house. The house wasn't ugly, oh god no. It just was too normal, and then the dinning room was painted gold and red, it was extraordinary. I was first to enter the room and I noticed a man sitting at the table. He was the kind of handsome that you were afraid of. He had dark hair and dark eyes and he wore a large grin the size of the Titanic.

He held a beer in one hand and then he muttered lowly to me "You must be Jack's friend." I nodded as he held out a hand for me to shake. I began to shake it slowly, as he continued "I'm Mr. Napier. Jack's father. But you can call me Danny, sweetie." I suddenly began to get nervous at the mention of his dad. His dad was supposed to be rude, right? But this man seemed perfectly nice.

I let go of his hand and turned around to Jack who was giving him the coldest look possible. I shrugged my shoulders, as Mr. Napier began speaking "Sit, child, sit. I'm not going to hurt you." Jack smirked at him and then muttered into my ear quietly "Sit, Harls." I smiled at this…. Awww… he came up with a nickname for me.

The dining table was rectangular and a chestnut color. On one side sat Mr. Danny Napier and his wife sat in front of him. Jack sat beside his mother, watching his father carefully in the process. I pulled out my chair and was about to sit down when Mr. Napier stood up, while saying "Ah ta ta- sweetie. I got that for you." I smiled at him and sat down in the chair while he continued saying sharply to his son "Jack, where are your manners, boy?"

I could sense that he hated that fact that he had called him 'boy', for he twitched abruptly. I finally noticed the feast in front of us and said to Mrs. Napier "Thank you so much, this looks delicious." Mr. Napier looked at me, licked his lips and whispered in a raspy tone "It sure does…" I chuckled nervously for a second, before Jack reached for a piece of turkey that was already cut up properly in the middle of the table.

That was when I gasped.....loudly. Mr. Napier took a knife and slapped it onto Jack's hand hard. No cut happened, but the action was still horribly scary to witness. Jack looked up at his father before he shouted angrily "Jack, you know better than that! Guests are first." Jack rolled his eyes and moved his hand away from the knife. Mr. Danny Napier shook his head and then stared at his son while saying bitterly "Wipe off that frown, boy. I mean…why are you so serious all the time? Hmm? Why so serious?"

I took a deep breath in, remembering the familiar dialogue. I looked over at Jack who licked his bottom lip once and then gave him a wide fake smile. He glanced at his mother briefly and then again at his father while saying "You happy now?" His father turned to me and placed his hand on my thigh under the table. I gasped at his touch on my leg, so I shifted slowly trying to break free from his grasp.

He finally let go of me and said "I'm sorry for my son…he's a real bastard sometimes." I opened my mouth a bit, but my eyes widened largely. I couldn't say anything to that, so I grabbed at a piece of bread and stuffed it in my mouth. The rest of the family started to eat as well. Mrs. Napier looked unusually sad; as if she knew something horrible was going to happen. Mr. Napier interrupted my thoughts by saying "It's strange that Jackie here snagged a girl like you…I thought he was going to turn out gay."

I chocked on that piece of bread, which caused Mr. Napier to obviously volunteer to hit my back hard, moving his hands a little bit too low. I got up quickly off my chair and then said to Mrs. Napier "I am sorry…I didn't tell you my name. My name is…Harley." I smiled, sat back down onto the chair after Danny Napier moved his grimy hands. I looked over at Jack who was using his fork to poke at the peas on his plate.

I smiled to myself but then my smile turned to a frown when Danny Napier started speaking again "Harley? Harls… I like it. Harley Napier." He then laughed like an animal and Jack dropped his fork on to his plate loudly before screaming "Cut it out, sir!" I looked over at him in confusion. He called his Dad, 'sir'? Wow, the pervert didn't even deserve that! I suddenly shifted my chair slowly in the opposite direction that 'Danny' was sitting in.

I started to finally eat, while his mother started to speak about the day she had. I learned that she was a teacher for disabled students. His father was an accountant…made sense too. In the cartoon of Batman, Jack Napier was an accountant after he failed at being a comedian. But in this life...through out the meal, Jack stared at me. But not in a lustful way. He was observing me, to see my reaction to his family.

When I finished my meal, I complimented Mrs. Napier by saying "This was wonderful. Thank you. But I have to go…" I paused for a second. Did I even have a home? Extra money? Clothes? Anything? My eyes grew wide and I accidentally voiced my thoughts "I don't have anywhere to go." Jack looked my way and was about to speak when his mother spoke "You can stay here for tonight, dear. That is if you want to." She paused, placed a hand on Jack's shoulder and continued "You could sleep in Jack's room. I have an extra mattress that you could sleep on." Jack's eyes widened and so did mine. I shrugged my shoulders and I could tell that Jack couldn't care less. Mr. Napier got up from the table and spoke in a rough tone "Jackie boy…you look so sad. Be happy. Come on…. smile."

I started to tremble as Jack got up from the table and started to walk away from the dinning room. His father stopped him by holding onto his arm and saying with a growl "Now hold on there, you little…. joker you. How are you going to be a comedian if you're so serious? Hmm? What's wrong with you? You bring home a beautiful girl and you act like she doesn't exist! Maybe I was right…Margaret…" He paused, and now I had finally learned his mother's first name.

He let go of his son's arm and continued "He's probably going to end up on the streets…. gay and a failure. Just like he has always been." I looked down at the floor for a second, trying to hold back tears of anger. I hated his father! Jack looked over at me, licked his bottom lip and then ran and hit his father with full force.

I screamed as I saw that Jack had punched his father directly on his nose, causing it to bleed profusely. I covered my face in shock, as his father grabbed him by his collar and whispered something into his ear. Jack turned to look at me, and for that split second…I wondered what his father had told him.

But then Jack walked my way, grabbed my arm and started to pull me back towards his room. I tried to ask if he had gone crazy, or stupid, but he didn't say anything to me. He just locked the door behind us and then sat quietly on his bed. It stayed that silent for a few minutes…if you don't count him cracking his neck or his knuckles every few seconds.

I finally spoke "Jack…I'm sorry about this." He started to laugh…I couldn't tell if it was sarcastic or not. He just laughed and laughed and laughed. I walked over to his bed and sat down and then reached my hand out to his while whispering, "Laughter truly is the best medicine." He stopped laughing and looked at me in my eyes.

He then hit my hand away, got up and whispered to me "Harls…I'm so sorry." I gave him a small smile and whispered back "It's not your fault, J." He nodded at this and started to pace around the room, while saying "One more thing…just...ugh...if he does one more thing…I'll kill him." I looked at him and wanted to tell him…what he tried to do to me at the table, but I couldn't.

I closed my eyes and let tears pour out and when I opened them, I saw Jack standing right in front of me. He moved his hands to hold my head straight and firmly. He then leaned in closer to my ear and asked in a low voice "He did something to you, didn't he?" I tried to shake my head but he held onto it tighter and then screamed at me "Tell me what he did!"

I gulped, licked my bottom lip and replied in a soft tone "He…. didn't do anything. I mean… if he did, it was my imagination. He just brushed me…" Jack started to shake me violently while screaming, "He touched you, didn't he? (Pause) Answer me!" I couldn't do anything but nod my head. And that was when he let go of me…and changed the subject by saying, "Let's work on the play again. What are we going to call it?" I looked at him strangely, but deep down inside, I was really happy he changed the subject....but I still wondered why he did.

- - - - -

Later on that night, Mrs. Napier came in with a mattress and placed it onto the bedroom floor. I guess she really trusted her son with people. She apologized about dinner and claimed that her husband was truly a nice man and then she fled the room when Jack came in again. Now, I am staring at the ceiling in the lightened room now. It was 2:30 in the morning and I couldn't sleep, ever since Jack stepped out of his room at around 1:30 am.

Suddenly, I heard the door open and he must of thought I was asleep for he was tiptoeing in. He sat down on his bed, before I looked at him and gasped loudly. It looked like he was beaten very badly. I jumped off the mattress and ran to his bed, grabbing him in the process. He had one wound in the middle of his lips, it was small, barley noticeable but it still looked awfully painful.

He also had a black eye and blood dripped from the side of his chin. I whispered to him "Jack…I should go get…." He grabbed me, his hands trembling as he spoke "Pl-please…don't go." I nodded, took his head into my hands and whispered, "I won't." He took a deep breath in whispered "One day I'll show him....." I nodded as I pulled him closer to me, by whispering into his dirty blond hair "I know you will, J."

He looked up at me, smiled and then said, "Don't tell anyone." I smiled in return and starting wiping away the blood that ran down his face, with my fingers. He chuckled and began to speak in a short tenor "He was drunk…. he probably doesn't mean it. But I can't…" I stopped him by placing my fingers on his lips and then by saying with a smirk "He's a fiend." He chuckled back at me and then slowly drifted off to sleep in my arms.

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