I dashed through the screen doors sweat all over my face. School was boring as hell and boy it dragged by as slow as a snail! I ran up the stairs and straight to my room not even bothering about getting something to drink. I sat on the computer chair and gazed at the monitor, school might be boring but in this realm, the computer, anything was possible. Even having little animal-creatures to fight off against each other and play with. It was like an escape. Feeding Pikachu and battling other trainers. I smirked, nothing beat this. Well except possibly actually having pokemon in real life. Now that would be sweet.

I turned on the computer and anxiously began my game.

"Come on Torchic! You could do it!You could beat that Graveler!" I shouted at the monitor. My older brother walked by silently laughing at my antics. My whole family was used to me shouting at the monitor. What could I say? I was absorbed into the Pokemon world.

"Yes!" I shouted.

"Easy their bro!" My older brother, Adam laughed.

"Addy, you know I get so absorbed," I said with humour.

"Do NOT call me "Addy"!" My older brother warned. I simply laughed. He was always trying his best to intimidate me but I saw through his ruse. He just ended up breaking down and laughing too.

"Don't get too caught up in there, what if you got stuck?!" He laughed. I was on the brink of tears from laughter. My brother was the absolute best! But I didn't know how true that statement could have been. I didn't even think about it, it was just too unreal...for now.

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