By The Chichi Slaughter House

Warnings: ZoroxSanji, mild spoilers for recent chapters (i.e. timeskip), yaoi.

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece, fancy that!

Rating: G

Their reunion was one of silence. There was a long pause between them as they half-glared at each other, neither asking where the other had been. It wasn't as if Zoro wouldn't discuss his efforts if asked but he didn't feel like bringing it up for no reason. Though he had gotten stronger, it didn't seem like the time to brag - not that he would have done so anyway - since Sanji seemed secretive and unwilling to talk about what he'd been up to. The rest of the crew were chatting and hugging each other enthusiastically, but his attention was focused on the cook, who seemed too much unlike his past self.

Bored of the silence, the swordsman said the first thing that came to mind:

"Get yer ass in the kitchen and make me a sandwich." Zoro smirked, loving the twitching of Sanji's eye as his cheeks started to stain red. He couldn't help but enjoy teasing the cook, and though two years had passed nothing had changed between them. To him it was business as usual.

And that meant pissing off the cook until he got a foot swung at his head.

This time, however, it was different. Instead of the usual sort-of-play-but-actually-serious fighting, Sanji booted him in his now-blind side, taking Zoro by surprise. Before he really had time to react, it was followed up by another and he found himself crashing into the nearest wall. As he blinked away the pain and shifted into a sitting position, the chef just huffed and walked off with a hand in his hair; his whole posture screaming that he felt uncomfortable.

With a sigh, Zoro turned to sit with his back against the wall and closed his good eye. Better to just doze now that he was here, in this cosy sunny spot. Later, when he woke up he saw a solitary sandwich on a plate next to him. Opening it warily, he saw a simple sandwich of meat, cheese and a green slop of sauce.

Sauce in the shape of a heart.

Feeling his own face go red at the sight of a damned green heart, he put the bread back on and hastily rubbed in a circle; ruining Sanji's weird message. Lifting it to his mouth, he took an agressive bite, ignoring the taste on his tongue and the feelings of nostalgia it caused.

Stupid cook.