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Kissing Love Goodbye

Chapter One -Do I really Love Him?

"Josh, where are you taking me?" Melinda said as her boyfriend guided her into the open doors of a building. It was the beginning of July and already extensively hot outside. Melinda wore a knee length sun dress, baby blue and flowing at the skirt.

"No questions," he smiled, and then he told her to close her eyes.

"Do I have to?"

"Yes, come on, please?" he asked, she obliged and closed her eyes, feeling his arm slip around her waist.

"Well, lead the way," she said as he guided her through what felt like a long hallway.

"We're just about there," he said as they finally came to a stop. Melinda heard Josh open a door and then he lead her inside.

"Okay, now you can take the blindfold off," Josh said as Melinda slowly removed the blindfold, to see that she was in an empty apartment building.

"Where are we?" she asked, looking around, and then giving Josh a penetrating look.

"We're in our new apartment...that is, if you want to move in with me...again" Josh said, trailing off, patiently awaiting her answer.

"Ummmm... okay, yeah," Melinda said, a tint of hesitation in her voice. Melinda hugged him tightly. Josh smiled.

"I love you," she said, pulling away from him ever so slightly, just to see his face.

"Yeah, uhh, sure..." he said. "Okay, well now that we're here, there's actually something else I want to ask you," Josh said, a hint of nervousness in his voice.

"Okay..." Melinda seemed to notice his jitteriness.

"Well, we've been dating for two and a half years..." Josh paused awkwardly.

"And..." Melinda urged him on.

"And, I really care about you, so, Melinda, will you marry me?" the words hung in the air for several discomfited seconds. Melinda felt tongue-tied. She didn't know what to say to him. They were both so young, eighteen, just out of high school and about to start college in the fall.

"Ummmm, Josh, you know I love you, it's just, could you give me some time to think about it?" her question caused more tension to fill the room. Josh looked away from her, and then looked back, slowly turning his head.

"Yeah, uhhh, yeah, sure, no problem," Melinda saw his hurt face.

"Josh, it's not you, okay, it's just, we're so young, and I really want to think about it, please don't be upset," Melinda lied, trying to comfort him.

She reached out to him and gave him a hug. Josh looked at her and smiled a half smile and nodded. "Okay, sounds good,"

Melinda sat on her friend Andrea's bed. She was visiting Andrea at her apartment. She was still unsure if she was willing to accept Josh's proposal.

"He asked you to marry him?" Andrea asked in disbelief.

"Yes, ugh! And I really don't know what to do..." Melinda replied, falling back onto the bed in frustration.

"Well, do you love him?" Andrea asked.

"Yeah...i do, well I thought I did," Melinda said and Andrea gave her an inquiring look.

"What do you mean you 'thought you did'" Andrea asked, coming over to the bed and sitting beside her.

"Well, I do care about him, but, why can't I decide if I want to marry him or not?" Melinda wondered, half asking Andrea, but half thinking out loud.

"well, take some time, it's a big thing, don't rush into it,"

"I know, that's exactly why I want time before I tell him what I want to do, but Andrea, you should've seen his face, he looked so hurt."

Andrea sighed. "Melinda, just tell him how you feel, he'll understand."

"I'm not so sure he will. I mean, I'm only eighteen, I don't know if I'm ready to get married. And sure, josh is so great...sometimes, but I don't know how long it would last between us. Sometimes he seems like he's two different people."

"What do you mean?" Andrea asked.

"Well sometimes I think he cares about me, and other times I'm not really sure. I mean, sometimes, he seems to completely ignore me and then just when I think he's going to break it off with me or I try to question him about it, he gets all sweet and caring. I swear, sometimes I don't even know who he is..." Melinda trailed off. "Sorry for making you listen to my ranting Andrea, you don't need this. I just really needed someone to listen while I vent so, thanks." Melinda added.

"Hey, it's no problem. That's what friends are for. You listen to my ranting all the time." Andrea said sympathetically.

Melinda smiled for the first time that afternoon. "Thanks," Melinda said and she lay back onto one of Andrea's pillows.

"Melinda, why does it always feel like there's something about Josh you wanna tell me, but you never do?"

Melinda sat up and looked at her nervously. "Ummmm, what do you mean?" Andrea could feel the uneasiness in her voice.

"Well, even now, you're all jumpy and nervous, same as whenever I bring up something being wrong between you and josh, I mean, aside from what you tell me."

Melinda looked like she was about to say something but then stopped herself. "Uhhh, listen Andrea, it's getting late, I'd better be going home. Josh and I are going to the movies, so I'll see you later okay?" Andrea gave up. "Okay, see ya," she said, giving Melinda a hug before she left.

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