Deleted Scene

A whitecoat pushed his way through the doors, pulling a cart through behind him; Angel could hear the squeak of the little wheels and the rattle of beakers. A clunk sounded, followed by a round of curses which were echoed in the man's head. Angel shrunk back. This was that Reilly again. If he was trigger-happy zapping Angel, she didn't doubt he'd be just as happy to hurt her in other ways.

Angel saw nothing for a few moments, then a pair of legs approach and crouch down in front of her, accompanied by the curious stare and… nothing. She'd heard his annoyance just a moment ago inside her mind, but now he was a dead spot, what was going on here?

"Hello, Angel, do you remember me?" he said, his voice low and nervous, "The burns from earlier need to heal up before they try the maze experiment, probably should've given you a few more," he added distractedly, looking her over with a sadistic smile. Bastard.

"Now, you just have to drink this: its only dye and it won't hurt you any, just makes our job a little easier," he prattled on good naturedly, giving Angel a sick, uneasy feeling in her stomach, what was this guy trying to do? One minute she's an It and the next he's chatting to her like a favoured niece. She didn't understand, and the way he seemed to have shut her out of his mind confused her even more, but she decided to drink the yuck stuff he held out to her.

It was sickly sweet and burned her throat but she drank as he continued to speak to her, "That's the way. Now, just a quick blood sample and that'll be it for today," he was saying in that deceptively kind voice, Angel knew the truth, she'd felt how eager he'd been; how much he wanted to hurt her. She wouldn't be fooled by this façade he was putting up for her. So when he opened the door to her cage, Angel didn't wait a second before she shot out, slamming her small body into the man.

She'd expected him to lose his balance, or at least not react for a few precious moments, thought that maybe there'd be some way out of here. Reilly didn't even falter though, wrapping his arms around her where she'd collided with his chest and holding her fast while her wings fluttered and struggled. Angel cried out in disappointment and sank her teeth into Reilly's shoulder, clamping down on the skin and muscle through his hated white coat.

Reilly jerked, stifling a cry of his own, and Angel felt a surge of vicious delight, short lived as it was. The side of her face exploded in pain and the fell back, dazed, while Reilly gingerly took the blood sample he'd came for, shoved her back into the dog crate and hurried away, leaving Angel to wake up, confused and alone and locked up again.