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Summary: Laina Malfoy, the estranged sister of Lucius Malfoy, had given birth to a son before her death. Now ten years later, Lucius Malfoy has just found out. Little does he know, his nephew will break all expectations and barriers of the wizarding world.

Chapter one

Lucius Malfoy was angry. No, he was beyond angry. The cause of his anger was simple. A few hours ago he had received a letter from his sister that only now had gotten to him. Ten years late. Apparently the person that it was given to had forgotten to send it until now.

So when Lucius had gotten home, intending to relax from the awful day he had had, he had found a letter waiting for him.

How dare she? That good for nothing sister of his had the nerve to die and leave her son, a wizard, in the care of a muggle orphanage. A young wizard had grown up with muggles! And not just any wizard, not a mudblood, but a boy that had come from a long line of purebloods! And now he would have to get the boy out of there. He would not leave one of the Malfoy line any longer in the presence of muggles.

He prayed that his nephew wasn't too tainted. He shuddered, thinking of the worst. A nephew who agreed with mudblood lovers that muggles and muggleborns presented no danger to wizarding society.

He sighed. Better go fetch him now.

His wife, Narcissa, appeared behind him. She looked curiously at the letter.

"Who is that from, Lucius?"

He sighed angrily in remembrance of what that creature that called herself his sister had done. "Apparently, I have a nephew that I had no idea existed before now."

Narcissa looked confused and then thought of his estranged sister, "Laina?"

Laina was the younger sister of her husband. From the moment she had been born, she had been a menace. First associating with muggleborns and blood traitors. Then when she had reached Hogwarts, she had been put into Gryffindor. A Malfoy in Gryffindor! What a disgrace! Finally, after several instances of flings with some young muggleborns and blood traitors (a Weasley even) and refusing to listen to her father, she had been disowned and thrown from the family.

It was years that she was heard from again. Apparently, she had been engaged to the youngest son of the Maladorn family. Young Salar Maladorn had disappeared from his house. Laina had had an infatuation with the young Salar. It was later revealed that while on a trip to obtain some potion ingredients, he had been waylaid by the young woman. There, somehow, she had convinced him to take her out to get a drink. There, she slipped a love potion in his drink, which the poor Salar drank. Afterward seducing the young man, she had left him.

When the home of some friends she had taken sheltered with was attacked in the first war, she had begged Lucius's father to take her back in. That request was not granted because several ancient and expensive heirlooms had gone missing and was suspected to have been stolen as revenge. So, the young woman had left and never been heard from again.

Until now, apparently.

"Yes, Laina! That (insert word here) had the nerve to leave my nephew in a muggle orphanage!" He was now pacing in anger. She could almost feel the waves of rage flow off of him. But he had a right to be angry. Her nephew, the son of a Malfoy and a Maladorn, was in a muggle orphanage!

"Are you going to retrieve him?" She carefully asked as the speed of his pacing slowed, indicating that his anger was coming under control.

"Of course. I'm not leaving him there any longer. Even if he is my sister's son. Tell Draco to be prepared to greet his cousin." With that, he stormed out the door.

With a sigh, Narcissa went to get her son. This should be interesting.