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Chapter 3 – Attraction


This is getting beyond ridiculous now; I'm the gorgeous girl with model looks, kick ass body and silk skin, in one statement. A fucking Goddess that all men worship. But still Emmett refuses to have an exclusive relationship rather than the physical one we are currently in. He excuses vary from he's too young to commit or he wants to keep his option open. What a load of bull, he just can't keep his dick to one woman, that's his problem.

I fell back down onto his bed once I was dressed, where we just had sex and he just dismissed me without a word. But what he said is true we do have to get read to go to my place to greet my darling little sister. Yeah she's only a year younger, but still a little sister in my eyes.

I was told months back she was leaving our whore of a mother to let her gallivant around America for her husband's new job. Who I haven't met since I refused to attend their wedding a few months back. I found out his only in minor league baseball, how pathetic he won't go anywhere. It's been the same since she left our dad with these men in their dead end jobs, and only youthfulness that attracts my mother to them. Unlike Bella I want nothing to do with that woman who left our dad to care for me while she took my sister and left us alone.

I always stayed in Forks, or went on vacation with friends when we had breaks from school. I couldn't stand the thought of going to see her when I had better things to do with my time, as in getting wasted. Bella however spent her summers here until she was 13 where she refused to spend her summer vacation in dreary Forks. And so dad had to go and spend her summer with her In Phoenix. I haven't seen her since.

We've spoken a few times on the phone since her decision to move and we've gotten a little closer if possible. We don't have much in common, but then again I believe my individuality is what sets me apart from other women. She has described herself to me in only simple terms, with browns hair and eyes, and mentioned that she thought her body was better than the average girls. Don't they all. I god hope so, I have no idea what our relationship would be like if I have to admit to being sisters with an ugly fuck. But then again I'm sure no sister of mine will be that bad, and only average at worst. If not she's probably pretty hot.

Now my relationship with men is relatively simple in my eyes. IF their cute enough and willing to (which most are) I will fuck them. My regular fuck is Emmett Cullen, a real hot piece of ass with a lip licking body that has me in Goosebumps just by looking. Also the first person who I have ever wanted more than a physical relationship with, but his confused mind say otherwise. In my opinion some-one who's scared to commit.

Alice bounded into the room minutes later to help me pick what I wanted to wear. Alice Cullen and a little energy ball, is the only girl I can get along with, mostly because hers and my taste in men are complete opposites and also because Emmett's her brother. Mainly I think the reason is because of her love for shopping and her enthusiasm in all things makes me have an amazing time when I'm ever in her presence.

"Come on Rose, I have the perfect outfit for you to wear to welcome little swan home"

I rolled my eyes at her enthusiasm, she was more excited at my sister's arrival than I was, but then again she's just excited at the prospect of a new friend and some-one she can experiment her makeovers on. I actually felt sorry for my sister, if only she knew what awaited her here in Forks.

Alice dragged me from Emmett room to her room where a few of my clothes stayed, due to the fact I was around her so often. But was interrupted but a door on the story above slamming shut and feet stomping down the stairs towards us. We saw Edward's latest pet with only her shoes and skirt jeans on with her shirt covering her breast, and a scowl that had to be directed towards Edward's treatment of her. She ignored us and she by passed us and stormed down the stairs where she also slammed the front door.

I glanced towards Alice who had the look on her face of disappointment at her brothers way of life and his treatment of women. I would most probably feel the same if I wasn't like myself and enjoyed the lack of boundaries.

I heard chucking behind us and turned to see an amused and half naked Edwards descending the stairs to our floor. His smug looking face told us that he showed no compassion for his latest playmate. Even though I preferred his brother, I've already had my fun with Edward a year back, and I couldn't blame most of the girls fawning over him. He was much like Emmett in his treatment of women, although I raise my hand to him, he does try his hand relationships, that always end within days, or lately hours.

I heard a huff besides me and got my brain ready for the start of Alice's daily lecture to Edward and his attitude.

"God Edward how long did this one last, two hour, I think that's a new record. I don't even see why you bother any more; they all end you being a complete jack ass."

He chuckled at his sister's latest rant, and argues back with the same come back as always after her little speeches that come daily.

"What can I say Alice, I'm not what their looking for and all I want is a good fuck buddy. So no more need for your lectures which you know I love to hear, but I must go I'm sure Em and Jasper want to hear how this one ended as well"

And with that he walked by us and ruffled Alice's hair on his way down stairs where the boys most probably are.

" I am so happy me and Jasper found each other, I'm not sure what he would be like without me" My god can that girl exaggerate, Jasper is nothing the Cullen brothers so she really doesn't need to worry.

" Alice listen lets hurry up I need to change and you don't need to worry about Jasper his nothing like those guys so please shut up and lets go before I grow old with age from your ranting"

She sighed in defeat knowing I was right about Jasper and her brothers and we continued out way to her room.

I chose a tight pair of blue jean, red halter top with a very plunging neck line. I chose a simple pair of black 4 inch heels and kept my hair down and straight. I always knew I had good fashion sense and I often sue that to my advantage towards guys and to piss off the other sluts, because they can never look as good as me.

Even if they didn't show it both Emmett and Edward were excited and as they put it "New piece of ass" to come and enlighten their time here in Forks. I was jealous at first, but my confidence assured me I would still be the "main squeeze" as most men say in this place.

Alice came out of her wardrobe a few minutes later with a white pair of jeans and a flowy yellow top that showed off her curves while still being cute. And of course with her height she always wore at least 5 inch heels. Pity most of us still towered over her even with the heels on. Just as I finished my make up.

"Rose" she questioned me

"Huh... Oh, what Alice?"

"Even though it's your sister and you don't know her that well, you don't seem to be excited at the prospect of her living here, How come?"

I sighed, and thought about how I should answer her and not seem like a jealous bitch. Who was afraid what the newbie will do to her reputation.

"You know me Alice, whenever am I excited but its not all true, I mean she is my sister so I am looking forward to her living here, if you can believe it. I actually cant wait to be able to get to know my sister, I've seen how close you and your brothers are when your not arguing, and I want that with my sister. I really want to make up for the years our parents kept us apart.

She looked surprised for a second, what cant I be considerate before finally speaking.

"Wow Rose, not to be rude but did you just show emotion that wasn't lust or greed" She giggled.

I rolled my eyes again at the little pixie, which I seem to be doing a lot lately.

"Ha, ha funny Alice" I retorted "I can show emotion you know, its just the ones you mentioned are just the more dominant ones"

She laughed this off and went off to do her own makeup, as I finished applying my make up. Not too much, just enough to show that I have some one and it looks natural. I can't stand the girls that paint their make up on, and too much to almost looked orange. I prefer light make up, so that natural beauty can still show through.

When I was done and her highness was finished, we made our way downstairs to find Edward finally with a shirt on, and watching the television with the guys. Even though I'm only drawn to attractive guys, I never found that with Jasper. He is a very good-looking guy, but for some reason the relationship between us is only friends and if not in a sibling way.

When we made ourselves know to the boys they all sighed in relief that we were finally ready. We don't take that long do we?, muttering that about the length of time it took, and how we care about our presentation every second of the day. And the answer is yes.

Alice bounced her way over to Jasper and into his awaiting arms. I sighed in want, and looked around to see Emmett collecting the keys to his jeep. Only reason we drive in that beast because it's the only one that can fit us all in, other wise I would use my m3.

Edward called shot, and glared at Emmett and his attempts to avoid me, it never works. I always tell myself that I'll talk to him next time we're alone, but he always distracts me and it ends most times with him between my legs and leaving afterwards before I can get a word in. Men. Alice and I were talking about the latest vogue magazine and the guys were discussing their next football game in a few weeks.

I wasn't interest in their conversation until I heard Emmett once again insult Jacob Black., and that pissed me off to no end. The Black's were close family friends, practically family. I've known them all my life, and grew up with Jacob most of my childhood. Dad and Billy are "old buddies" who went to high school and college together and still spent most of their time together. Although Billy's in a wheelchair, him and dad still have the chance to go fishing every weekend, leaving me home alone. Heaven. Jacob is 2 years younger than me, and although his cute I only think of him as a little brother.

"God Emmett leave Jacob alone his a family friend and you don't need to be such a dick about it just because he reported you to my dad about your parties" I huffed in annoyance; his always had a thing about being a complete twat towards Jacob for only petty reasons.

Emmett ignored my comment by not looking my way and went back to Jasper and Edward. I got bored of the magazine and turned to stare out of the windows and we made our way to my house. Once we got there we all piled out of the jeep and were making our way inside, the roar of an engine made us all turn our heads in curiosity.

What I saw not only change my confidence in myself but also who I believe myself to be in this city. I'm no exaggerating when I say the girl on the bike was stunning. Maybe even enough to be classified in my league. She had my sort of body with curves to die for. Her long mahogany hair fell to her waist, and her pale skin was the perfect colour to complement her hair and eyes. But then it all hit me, A brown haired and eyed girl arriving in from of my house. She dismounted her bike and turned to use and spoke the words I didn't want to hear.

"Hey I'm Bella"

Oh dear fucking god.


The guys stared in awe at my brief introduction and smirk at their reaction to an attractive woman in their presence. I moved my gaze to a bouncing pixie who face was alive with excitement at my arrival. and she doesn't even know me yet. My sister was the nearest to the house and was, what looked like inspecting my looks and comparing them to her own. Yep she's going to be run to be around.

"Bella?" she spoke for the first time, I moved my gaze to her eyes and noticed she had the same piercing blue eyes as Renee. It was like that I looked like Charlie and Rosalie like Renee. Although I have no idea where she got her blonde hair from.

I thought about how this awkward situation could be resolved, and decided to be upfront and not be the shy girl I can be know to be like around new people. I walked at a slow pace towards Rosalie until I was about a meter away and spoke the first words that came to mind. That could have been embarrassing in any other situation.

"Rose?" I spoke quietly at first before screaming her name "Roseeee!!!"

I closed the space between us and caught her in a tight hug. Even though she may sound like a bitch from our phone calls, in the end she's my sister and I'm over the moon to finally be able to get to know her. After what seemed like a minute or two she encircled her arms around me and hugged back just as tight as I was holding. And spoke welcoming words into my ear.

We both slowing pulled away and I saw what looked like a tear in the corner of her eye, before I dismissed it. I heard a giggle off to the side and gained my composure before turning to her forgotten friends and got ready for the introduction.

" Sorry guys" she apologized firstly " You can probably tell this is my sister Bella I was telling you about. And Bella these are my friends Alice and hey boyfriend Jasper Whitlock, and Alice's brothers Emmett and Edward Cullen.

I took a closer look at Alice and realized even though she's small in size, she has very graceful looks and a similar pair of dark blue eyes as Emmett. The boyfriend however was a complete opposite with a lanky build, mop of blonde hair and a pair of dark brown eyes which could be mistaken for black.

Alice's brother, who Rose told my over the phone is her twin, has a pair of stunning emerald green eyes, and a rare bronze colour of hair that was in a messy disarray. Almost like he had been running his hand thought it many times, or just gotten out of bed. Sex hair. His a bit shorter than Jasper but with a leaner build, and there was only one work for this guy which I'm sure he already knows. Sexy.

I may have to get to know him during my stay here.

Lastly was a god in himself, Known as Emmett. He towers over Jasper, but was in no way lanky. His rippling muscles were almost mouth-watering. His dimples showed through as he smiled, which highlighted my awakened of his dark blue eyes that had sparkles of dark green as well. He is by far better looking than Edward who probably thinks his gods gift to women. The attraction I have for Edward however is in no comparison to the attraction I hold for Emmett. He definitely goes to the top of my list.

I was interrupted of my inspection by Alice, who came bounding over and jumped into me and hugged me with I think was most of her strength.

"Hey I'm Alice, which you already know. Oh my god we're going to be great friends I can just tell. We're going to go shopping, oh god please tell me you like shopping, because I have hundreds of ideas. This is going to be great and by the way……."

After that I completely lost her in what she was saying and just looked at her in confusion and simply said:

" Does any-one know how to turn her off, or at least when her batteries run out" I asked sarcastically but still a bit serious.

With this every-one burst out laughing, and Alice pouted until she looked up at me and smiles in relief when she saw I was joking. She pulled away and skipped back to Jasper and left us with only two more introductions to do since Jasper nodded my way. The lucky next one was Edward and he had a crooked smile as he approached me. I thought he looked suspicious with a glint in his eyes that told me his future action would not be innocent. I was not expecting however for him to pull me into a hug as Alice did. However his was different more intimate and his arms were low on my back just above my hips.

In the corner of my eye I saw Rose and Alice both roll their eyes at his, what seem like a very up front approach. Jasper was sniggering, and Emmett had a look I was not sure of, but seemed almost like anger, because he composed his features,

I felt a pair of lips near my ear and looked up to see Edward's eyes looking into my own before I lost them and felt his breath directly upon my ear,

"I'm Edward and will always be free for a talk or anything you need. Don't hesitate to ask" His voice was low and the proposition did cross my mind. He might be fun to have around.

I peeled myself from him and could feel my infamous blush appear to my cheeks. He chuckled low and deep and went to stand with Jasper still with the grin plastered on his face. I saw Emmett make no more to introduce himself and decided to make the first move this time. I made my way over to Emmett and held my hand out for him to shake. He was stunned for a moment before he placed his large hand into mine, and at that moment felt a tingle when his skin cam into contact with mine. He shook my hand lightly and kept eye contact with me the whole time we shaking before a light cough pulled me from his gaze.

" Sorry" he muttered firstly before talking loud enough so every could hear " I'm Emmett and well you already know I'm Edward and Alice's brother. Welcome to hell"

I smirked as he spoke the truth and came back with

" Sure it wont be so bad with you all around" and emphasized the work you.

" Nice to meet all of you guys, but I must relieve the cab driver and get my stuff up to my room before it gets to dark" I explained

Within a second Emmett had volunteered to help my with my stuff, Rosalie however did not appear to want to help and sent a glare in Emmett's direction before making her way into the house muttering something about clearing the way to my room. Oh she's going to fun to be around.

I wondered if they had a thing going on, but dismissed that fact when I remembered that Emmett hadn't looked in her direction since I'd arrived. She however was always watching his reaction and with my watch him like a hawk.

I picked up my bad that held my personal stuff and waited for the boys to get my bags from the boots before thanking and paying the can driver to let him go. I looked towards the house and my childhood memories f my summers here came flooding back to me. The house was a very good size with four bedrooms that had bathrooms of their own except for one. There are four good size rooms downstairs that held the living room, dining room, kitchen and my favourite room of all, the library. Which stocks most my most treasured books that I collected over the years, and already sent over a week ago.

Even with the size the house has a homey feel, with the soft colours which complement the interiors design in most of the social rooms. My room's located at the front of the house on the second story, that overlooks the forest outside the front of the house. Best room in the house, and also had a tree out front which can be climbed to enter my room. :D

I noticed my bed and wardrobe had all be fitted with a desk located near the window for my laptop to be placed. I chose blue colours with light blue walls and a dark blue carpet and curtains. My ceiling was recently painted white and my bed covers are the ones I sent over that are a mixed between light and blue blocks. Yes as you can tell my favourite colour is blue.

I yawned at the thought of unpacking and because I was still tired from the lack of sleep I got last night.

" Don't worry Bella, we can all hang out tomorrow and get to know each the, and mom wants us home so we have to go anyway. Also we can go shopping which I am not letting you get out of.

I smiled at her enthusiasm an said goodbye to the other guys, I kept eye contact with Emmett longer than necessary. He smiled my way before the others mentioned he drove them here and so broke the contact and made his way to his jeep, but not before looked over his shoulder to me again. Edward, who had a bit more an eccentric attitude kissed me on the cheek and slipped a piece of paper in my back pocket. He smirked and made his way outside. I took the paper out and saw it was his number and wasted no time in putting it into my cell.

Rose came back upstairs after walking out with them and smiled when she caught me yawning again and advised " You better get some sleep before tomorrow, and by god shopping with Alice you'll need all your sleep. I'll be in the garage if you need me" She made her way to the end of the hall before turning and confessing .

"It's good to have you here Bella, May not seem like it in this city, but we're going to have a blast" and with this made her way downstairs.

I decided top leave my unpacking until tomorrow and got my bottoms and tank top that I use for bed. I made my way to my bathroom and took a quick shower before I dried myself and put on my clothes. I slipped into bed and thought about how my thoughts were being plagued by the shyness of Emmett and the way he watched me intently. It was intriguing.

Oh yes tomorrow will be fun.