By The Chichi Slaughter House

Warnings: SetsunaxKuu, spoilers for the whole series.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora/Shattered Angels, and make no profit from writing this.

Rating: G


There was never a time in which Setsuna had seriously questioned her loyalty to Kyoshiro.

He was her master, and she his sword; nothing more and nothing less despite their feelings or goals. Whether she loved him or hated him was never taken into consideration in their roles, neither was his plan to kill her when she was no longer of use. He ignored her feelings no matter what, in favour of seeking revenge on five girls who didn't even remember his brother, yet she could never forget his determination to kill them all.

Once, she had briefly considered running away from him, but something other than her feelings or the contract she was bound by had kept her there. Something had told her to stay by his side until the end, even if it got ugly or complicated, and she had obeyed it, staying with him through thick and thin.

And now she was so grateful for that. The one tug that had kept her loyal to him had now gained her the one person she loved most of all. The same person who had helped him to find the truth through the mirage his mind had created. If it wasn't for her innocence, then it was almost certain that all five angels would be dead at Kyoshiro's feet by now, whilst he stared emotionlessly at them.

With her help he had overcome everything and because of that, she and Kuu could live together in peace. Every day was now filled with fun and games, without expectations or missions to fulfil. Setsuna didn't have to feel inadequate anymore, or spend hours just wondering how to get her feelings across, because Kuu just knew.

The other angels were now living their lives as they had wanted, too. The death of Mika had destroyed Kaon's contract, meaning that her love for Himeko was allowed to be in the open. Now that Soujiro had been taken back into the Morality Enforcement Squad, Tarlotte had finally been given her freedom to live alongside him without being hunted for her differences. As for Waruteishia, she spent her days attending to Kazuya in his vegetated state, a smile seeming to never leave her face. Even Kyoshiro had moved on; spending his days alongside the Morality Enforcement Squad at his other brother's side.

Now Setsuna could just live her life freely, like everyone else. And as long as Kuu was there, it would be all she'd ever need.