A New Life, A New Beginning

By: BlackDiamondsz

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I was going to miss Phoenix, but I decided to move in with Charlie so that my mother could be happy. Only after the first day in Forks, I had a feeling that I was going to like it here, despite the excessive amount of rainfall. My new room is comfortable, Charlie gives me my privacy, and I got my own truck.

Tomorrow, is going to be my first day at Forks High, and to be honest, I was a bit nervous.


The next morning, I was awoken by the annoying and loud beeping noise coming from my alarm clock. I got up, took a shower, and got ready. By the time I got downstairs, Charlie was ready to go to work.

"Hey Bells. You all set for the first day of school?" He asked while putting on his jacket.

"Yeah. I'm just going to get some breakfast." I replied without much interest.

"Alright. I'm going to head out now. See you tonight."

I said bye right before he shut the front door. I ate my cereal in silence, wondering how school would be. When I was finished eating, I washed my bowl and left the house. When I parked and got out of my truck, there were many eyes watching me, but I pretended not to notice.

After checking into the office, I was startled and greeted by a boy that introduced himself as Eric Yorkie. He was nice and cheerful, yet very persistent. He escorted me to my first period class and I talked to the teacher and walked to my seat.

I was organizing my books when I heard someone speaking beside me. "Hey. You must be Isabella. The chief's daughter right? I'm Mike Newton"

I looked up at him and said quietly, "Hi. Just call me Bella, and nice to meet you."

The teacher began his lesson and Mike stopped talking to me. But when class was over, he couldn't stop talking. I quickly walked to my next class and sat down next to this blonde girl that looked like the head cheerleader or something.

She turned to look at me and practically shouted, "Hi! I'm Jessica. You're Isabella right?"

I was getting annoyed of people calling me Isabella, "Just Bella."

She didn't seem to notice the iciness in my voice and continued talking "So, you know Mike Newton?"

"Kinda. He just started talking to me."

"Oh. I see."

She didn't talk much after that. The next few periods were draining and when the final bell rang for lunch, I was grateful.

I was invited by Mike to sit at his table with the people that greeted me during each class. The group mainly talked during lunch, and they were so lively. I turned around just in time to notice the most beautiful people you'll ever see in your life.

I lightly nudged Jessica, "Who are they?"

"They're Dr. Cullen's adopted kids. But, they keep to themselves, so don't bother."

Jessica described the Cullens to me in pairs. The perfect blonde, Rosalie and her boyfriend, the tough, muscular Emmett. The short pixie-like Alice and her boyfriend, the tall, lean Jasper. Although, when the last Cullen walked through the door, I was speechless. He was absolutely breathtaking.

"And that last one is Edward, he's gorgeous right? Don't waste your time though, apparently none of the girls here are good enough for him." Jessica sighed.

For the rest of the lunch period, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. We made eye contact once and I quickly turned away, embarrassed that I was caught staring. The bell rang, and everyone went their separate ways. I went over to the teacher's desk, and sat down shortly after introducing myself. I had to sit down next to Edward Cullen, as all the other seats were taken.

He acted a bit strange, and he glanced at me a few times, but it was like I wasn't there to him. So I was glad when the bell rang. The next few classes were a bit of a blur, as I spent most of them thinking about Edward. It was finally the end of the day, and I quickly got all my books and hopped into my truck.

I drove away from the Forks High parking lot and headed home. Once I stepped into the house, I felt peaceful and calm. It was nice to be alone, since someone was always on my back at school. I decided to make Charlie dinner, I was living in his house, the least I could do is cook him dinner every night. Dinner was just about done when Charlie walked into the house.

"Hey Bells. Smells great." He said, hanging up his coat.

"Thanks. It's steak and baked potatoes. It's done, so come sit down."

Dinner was pretty quiet. He tried to start up a conversation every once in a while, but it died not long after. I cleaned up and washed the dishes while Charlie sat back and watched TV.

I went upstairs to start on my homework. I didn't have much to do when I was finished.

I took a shower, changed into comfortable clothes and went to sleep.


The next morning, I took a shower, got ready and went downstairs.

Charlie was getting ready to leave for work. We didn't talk much, but I wasn't a morning person anyways. So, I ate my breakfast and left for school.

I drove into the parking lot and got out of my car. I wasn't really paying attention to the people around me because they did the same thing every morning. I pulled out my iPod and turned it up, full blast, and I was in my own world.

I dropped my wallet on the ground, and bent down to pick it up. The headphone cord dangled under my knees and ripped out of my ears as I lifted my head and stood up. I flinched from the slight pain in my ears, and suddenly heard loud screeching.

I turned my head to see what it was, and noticed Tyler's van was aiming straight for me. I had figured this out too late, and didn't have enough time to run and get out of the way. I squeezed my eyes shut and prayed that the van would miss me.

I was then hit by a strong force that felt like steel, and instantly fell to the ground. I heard loud shrieks and ambulance sirens before everything went black.

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