Shark Hunting

Chapter 1: Megalodon Hunt

It was just an average patrol for Aquaman, and the Batman who was in his Batsub

"So, what are we protecting?" asked the Batman toward Aquaman who was swimming right next toward the Batsub.

"Megalodon" replied Aquaman, "there are only quite a few of them left on the planet."

"So I have heard" replied Batman, "but who else would want to run into a shark that big?"

The scene then changes toward what seemed like a hi-tech submarine being led by the notorious cryptozoologist-Leonidas Van Rook at the wheel of the submarine. A computer screen of the notorious V.V. Argost could be scene on the side of the submarine close to the wheel of the sub.

"Are you close in reaching the next location of the Kur stone?" asked Argost.

"Yes, are you sure the megalodon shark is still relatively alive?" asked van Rook.

"Apparently so, I wouldn't be wearing this tooth which I found if it weren't true" replied Argost, "I need information on the next location of the Kur stone before the Saturdays or whomever else may stop us."

"Don't worry, I'll get your precious Kur stone" replied van Rook, "but it's going to cost you."

Meanwhile, back on patrol for the Megalodon, the scanner on the Batsub suddenly then began to pick up something along with Aquaman feeling a bit ill for some sort of strange reason.

"Aquaman, what's going on?" asked Batman.

"I don't know, I've never encountered something like this before" replied Aquaman

Suddenly a large Megalodon shark immediately appeared right before the two seeming fast right pass them.

"See if you can communicate with it" said Batman.

Aquaman did his very best, but something was blocking him from channeling into controlling the Megalodon.

"There's something blocking my control!" cried Aquaman.

"Then what on Earth could be the culprit" replied Batman as he then noticed on the Batsub's radar, that the two were getting closer, "whatever it is, I think we're closing in."

Back on the submarine which van Rook was on, the cryptozoologist was getting closer to the location of the nest of the remaining Megalodons.

"Looks like my client Argost is going to get that Kur stone after all" laughed van Rook as he was then gearing up to head out of the submarine being well armed.

As the ruthless hunter exited the submarine, he zoomed right out searching for the nest of remaining Megalodons in the area. Meanwhile, it seemed that Batman and Aquaman were running into their own trouble as it seem a Megalodon felt threaten by the presence of the two.

"Looks like we might have been closer than we thought" said Batman as he began to move his Batsub out of the way of the Megalodon, "see if you can try again in communicating with it."

"I can't!" replied Aquaman, "I've already told you that I can't! Something's still blocking whatever it is that's preventing me from communicating with them!"

"Then we really need to go in and see why that particular Megalodon doesn't want us to go" replied Batman as he then maneuvered the submarine away from the jaws of the Megalodon itself.

"How do you propose we loose it?" asked Aquaman.

"Like this" replied Batman as he pressed some buttons on the Batsub, harmless ink came out from the back of the Batsub, blinding the Megalodon, like how a squid would use in order to escape a predator.

"Good thinking Bats" replied Aquaman with a relief.

"I'm also picking something else up on the radar" continued Batman.

"What do you mean?" asked Aquaman.

"We're not alone here, someone else is also searching this region of ocean" replied Batman.

"I don't think we're going to get far in seeing the other unwelcome guest" added Aquaman.

"No problem, I'll be joining you in my scuba gear shortly" replied Batman as he got up from his seat.

Meanwhile, Leonidas van Rook was right on target as he was getting closer to the nest of remaining Megalodon sharks which were roughly around five left in the world. Van Rook believed the supposedly extinct sharks were protecting what seemed like traces of the Kur stone which he could easily take without any problems despite the large size of the sharks.

"Amazing" said van Rook as he crept up from a rock and noticed a small nest of Megalodon shark eggs, "it seems these sharks are using a piece of the Kur stone part of their nest, too bad I'll have to end this species of shark for good to get it."

As the remaining two Megalodons met up with the three others that were on patrol, van Rook as sneaky as possible, began to place charges around the rocks close toward the nest in order to create a diversion for the sharks.

"This should do the trick" said van Rook as he immediately pressed the button on his wrist, an explosion occurred close to the vicinity of the nest sparking the Megalodon sharks to immediately leave the area, "now's my chance!"

Meanwhile, the Batman along with Aquaman suddenly found themselves the target of what seemed like a group of Megalodon sharks immediately coming toward them.

"Well this sure isn't good" said Batman.

"Come on, we have to get pass them!" cried Aquaman.

Both Aquaman and Batman did their best to dodge the oncoming Megalodon sharks whom were really rushing toward the location of the explosion. It was a bit of a miracle that they managed to survive the onslaught of oncoming Megalodons.

"What did you think might have spooked something as big as that?" asked Aquaman.

As the Batman turned on the night vision goggles in his scuba gear, he noticed Leonidas von Rook happily trying to remove a strange stone for which the shark eggs were covering.

"Looks like we've found our culprit, along with what could be possibly causing you to prevent to take control of the sharks" said Batman.

"Let's say we surprise our new, unwelcome guest, what do you say Bats?" asked Aquaman.

Back with the ruthless cryptozoologist hunter-Leonidas van Rook was certainly quite gleeful he was going to snatch another Kur stone in favor of his client.

"Time for me to get my pay" laughed van Rook as he began to take off the shark eggs from the Kur stone.

"Take a load of this then!" cried Batman as suddenly a fist came flying right at van Rook sending him falling toward the floor of the sea.

"Who the heck are you, and who is your friend?" asked van Rook.

"Let's just say, you've disturbed my friends, and they don't take it too kindly about something like that" replied Aquaman.