Chapter 4: Fight Toward the Abyss

It was a fight between the Batman and the notorious Leonidas von Rook. The fight between the Batsub and van Rook's submarine was getting closer toward the abyss. Aquaman knew that strange stone had something to do with him preventing him from trying to control the Megalodons.

"Sorry Bats, I better stay here and prevent the Megalodons from chasing you" said Aquaman as he was using his powers to ensure the Megalodons wouldn't follow them.

Meanwhile, Van Rook noticed that the Batsub was catching right up toward his submarine.

"That maniac is trying to stop me, well, let's see how I use some of the more heavy duty artillery" laughed Van Rook.

At the console of the submarine, Van Rook began to press some buttons on the console. Large artillery guns then began to emerge from the submarine's back.

"Looks like trouble for me" said Batman.

The artillery guns then began to fire upon the Batsub. The Batsub began to maneuver itself out of the way of the artillery guns. Instead, some rocks nearby began to tumble quite close to the Batsub.

"Seems like this fellow certainly wishes to crush me into pieces" remarked Batman to himself as he dodged the oncoming rocks.

The Batsub easily dodged the oncoming rocks that were falling close toward it. Yet that wasn't enough, as it seemed for Van Rook, he then fired another wave of artillery guns at the Batsub, this time managing to make a direct hit.

"Time to put up the shields for this thing" said Batman as he then began to press buttons on his console.

As the shields went up for the Batsub, it was a bit harder for Van Rook's submarine to fire upon the Batsub.

"So, my little friend has some gadgets within that contraption of his" laughed Van Rook, "let's see if he can handle something like this."

Van Rook happily then began to press more buttons on his console, and suddenly, a jet of some liquid began to emerge from the back of the submarine, heading straight toward the Batsub and covering the front view of the sub itself. The Batman simply responded by having some sort of sucker emerge from the Batsub and suck up all the liquid that was covering up the front view of the sub.

"Let's see if this maniac has learned his lesson here" remarked Batman.

The Batsub once again, then used the liquid it sucked up to fire upon Van Rook's submarine once more. Van Rook then suddenly realized what just happen, and began to maneuver his submarine out of the way, and instead heading toward the trench where the Kur stone was last spotted.

"I'm going to get what my client asked me for" said Van Rook, "and no one's going to stop me."

As the submarine attempted to head deeper into the trench, Van Rook realized that he had to once again get outside the submarine in order to retrieve it, as the trench was too narrow for the submarine. As Van Rook geared up in his suit, he then headed out to attempt to retrieve the Kur stone.

"So, seems like he wishes to acquire that odd rock" said Batman.

The Batman then immediately began to gear up in his suit, and headed out to follow Van Rook. Van Rook soon found the Kur stone right on the edge close to the dark abyss of the trench itself. Much of which was too narrow even for him to fit through it.

"At least I finally got what I came for" laughed Van Rook as he grabbed the Kur stone and placed it within his backpack, "time to go get my pay."

"The only thing you're getting is my knuckle sandwich!" roared Batman.

Suddenly, the Batman's fist came flying right at Van Rook sending him tumbling across and heading closer to the wall of the trench.

"Still, you seem to pursue me, but no matter, whoever you are, you're going to go down" laughed Van Rook as he took out a large laser gun from his inventory.

Van Rook then began to fire upon the Batman. Some of which the lasers missing him began to hit some of the rocks near the cliffs of the trench. The rocks then began to tumble right down toward the two. Yet the Batman then managed to push Van Rook out of the way of the oncoming rocks. Yet while Batman saved Van Rook, from the falling rocks, the Kur stone within Van Rook's backpack managed to fall right from it heading straight down to the dark abyss down below.

"No!" cried Van Rook as he attempted to reach for it.

"Leave it, we got bigger problems!" added Batman as more rocks were falling toward them.

Both of them swam for their lives to get out of the way of the oncoming rocks. Van Rook immediately headed back into his submarine and began to start up the engines again.

"That vigilante and his fishy friend" grumbled Van Rook, "those two cost me my pay day from my client!"

As Van Rook started up the engines for his submarine, Aquaman came into the scene.

"Bats, he's getting away!" cried Aquaman to the submarine Van Rook was controlling.

"Let him go" said Batman, "I feel he's already lost this round."

"Say, whatever that strange rock was, it's no longer blocking my powers from controlling these Megalodon sharks" said Aquaman.

"Good, maybe your new friends can give chase toward our unwelcome guest" replied Batman.

"Will do" replied Aquaman.

As Van Rook then began to start to leave the scene, yet not without being chased from the Megalodons were controlling. Back on the submarine itself, Van Rook had just contacted his client V. V. Argost himself to give him the grim news.

"What's your status Leonidas?" asked Argost on the computer screen.

"The Kur stone that was located in the Megalodon nest, these two clowns stopped me from retrieving it" replied Van Rook who then began to send in photos of the Batman and Aquaman.

"Well then" replied Argost, "looks like we have something else to worry about now."

The scene then ends with the Megalodons continuing the chase of the submarine.