56. Legacy

"So let me get this straight… Oma and Shu fell in love, so they got one of the finest cities in the Earth Kingdom – No, in the world named after them… because they fell in love?"

"Well that and-"

"That's stupid. That's insane. How cool is that? They could have at least… I don't know, attacked pirates in their free time or ruled the Kingdom, but no, they just fell in love? I mean, anyone could do that… Everyone does that! Why don't they name a city after Katara and Aang, or Zuko and Mai, or Azula and-"

"Well, see the whole story behind Oma and Shu is that they were from two separate, warring, tribes and they built a tunnel under a mountain to be together but then some warriors from her tribe killed him so Oma did some Earthbending, but she didn't hurt them, she made them stop fighting, and then combined the tribes and made a city called Omashu."

"So he got himself offed and she refrained from being badass… I don't think we'll ever get a city named after us."

"Yeah, I doubt it."

"But, if we did, what do you think it would be named? Tophsokka?"

"No! It has to be something that flows better!"

"Oh sorry. I forgot you're '' with you're amazing word and haiku skills."

"I told you! It was just one night in Ba Sing Se, and I didn't even know I was making haikus! And Tokka!"



"I like it! I just might not go berserk when my dad kills you for finding out we're living together."

"Wow, it's nice to know how much you care."

"Oh shut up Meathead, you now I love you… But just think of it… the grand… the great… city of… bum bum bum Tokka! No! Wait! Tokka Kingdom!"

"I really regret telling you this story."


"I love you."

"Those two never cease to amaze me." Katara said to a bemused (and slightly scared) Aang as they watched there two best friends make out.

"Me neither." Aang said, wondering if perhaps there could be a city of Kataang one day.

AN: So I'm yet another writer doing the 100 LJ challenge, but its fun to do so... I can't promise all one hundred drabbles, but so far i have about 15 written already and their just so much fun to write! Reviews are awesome!