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Chapter One: The Death of Us

It came on suddenly...

It came on so suddenly, and yet, it had been building slowly for many years. It had been building since before a lot of the lives that it stole or ruined had even begun. Building... Gaining momentum... Growing stronger... And yet, nobody had known that it was happening. Nobody had seen it coming...not until they broke out into the public for the first time. Not until his name became known...

Those who opened their Daily Prophets on the morning of June 11th would have many different reactions to the headline that greeted them: shock, sorrow, utter devistation... The article would read like a horror story.

Murder In The Mountains

Ministry of Magic officials arrived at the home of the well-known Potter family late last night when young James Potter, 17, sent an urgent message for help. According to an anonymous Ministry source, the young man was concerned about finding a large skull with a snake coming out of its mouth floating above his home. "He said that it wreaked of Dark Margic, those were the words he used..."

When the Aurors and Magical Law Enforcement arrived around 11:30pm, Potter was in the living room trying desperately to revive his parents using the 'enervate' spell. On the wall, a message greeted everyone. It was written, reportedly, using the blood of one of the Potters' house elves.

"One of many and there will be many more: BOW TO LORD VOLDEMORT."

No more information is available as of this paper's publication and distribution. Tomorrow's paper will feature a section chronicaling the lives, work and contributions of Harold and Anna Potter along with any new information that the Ministry of Magic decides to release.

The Potters had been a great asset to the Wizarding community. They donated countless amounts of gold to worthy causes, hosted annual benefit dinners for St. Mungo's Hospital... The loss was a horrbile one for the whole Wizarding Community.

James Potter had been forceably removed from the scene by Auror Joseph Lupin and taken into the kitchens. Joseph tried in vain to calm to boy as he sent messages to both his wife and to newly appointed Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry Albus Dumbledore.

Dumbledore arrived on the scene minutes later to find Joseph pouring a considerable amount of firewhiskey into a glass and handing it to a still sobbing James. "Drink up," he was saying. "It'll help, I promise."

"Joseph," Dumbledore said, nodding to him.

"Albus...it's terrible."

"I am going to cast a disillusionment charm and take a look around," said Dumbledore. "I will need to speak with James afterward."

"He's in no place for it, Albus," said Joseph over James' sobs. I'm taking him home. He can spend the night with my family...with Remus. You can come see him tomorrow, when he's calmer."

"You may be right," Dumbledore said, his eyes full of saddness as he looked James up and down. "Take him now. Meet me at my office later tonight."

"What time?"

"When you get done at the Ministry will be fine."

Without another word, Dumbledore took out his wand and performed his disillusionment charm. Once he disappeared, Joseph sighed. He took the half empty glass of firewhiskey from James' hands and linked arms with him. "I'll get your stuff later," he said. James nodded. "Do you have your wand on you still?" Another nod. "Okay."

They disapparated.

As soon as they appeared in the Lupins' living room, James collapsed, a new wave of tears and sobs overtaking him. His glasses fogged up completely once again, but he didn't care. He needed out. He needed to run...

"I'll go get Remus and Alice," Joseph said after a moment. "Your things will be here by morning... I think it best if you stay here for a while."

Without waiting for a response he knew he wouldn't get, Joseph walked toward the stairs. As soon as he was gone, James scrambled to his feet, wiping his eyes and glasses with his shirt. The window to his left was open, so he climbed out of it as quickly as he could. before his feet could even hit the ground, James was Prongs. And Prongs was running. He ran as fast as he could, as if the simple act would make it all go away... as if he could run from reality itself.

Remus Lupin ran a hair through his prematurely graying hair. His eyes darted this way and that... He was searching for James Potter in the field next to his home. After about three minutes of searching, his eyes fell upon a large stag running a couple of hundred feet ahead of him.

Damn furry problem... It would really benefit me to be able to become and animagus, Remus thought as he began to run. "Prongs!" he called out. If the stag heard him, he did not acknowledge it. "PRONGS!" Remus shouted as loud as he could, ran as fast as his body would allow.

A stabbing pain began to plague his gut, and so Remus slowed to a walk. "Merlin..." he muttered. He walked on slowly, breathing heavily.

Meanwhile, a good distance ahead of him, Prongs stopped running. The pain of it all was too much to outrun... And so he collapsed as he transformed back into James for what seemed like the millionth time that night.

Remus sped up again, ignoring his pain. He was at James' side within seconds. James looked up at him, his face contorted in something much worse than physical pain. "Remus," he croaked.

"I know, James," Remus said, setting himself down beside his long time friend. "I know... I'm so...I'm so sorry." It was tearing Remus up to see his friend suffer that much. He reached out, placing his hand on James' shoulder. James turned into his friend's arm, wrapping his own around Remus' torso.

"They gone," he managed to say through his sobs. "They're dead."

Remus began to rub James' back, attempting to calm him down enough to convince him to go back to the house. "I know," he said. "I'm so sorry..."

Long moments passed before James finally started to calm down a little bit. Remus saw his small window of oportunity and acted upon it. "James, lets go back to the house," he said. "Mum was making tea... It'll help you fall asleep, alright?"

James nodded after a minute of contemplation and allowed himself to be lead back to the Lupins' home.

Sirius and Peter-

In no way have I forgiven you for what you did to myself and Severus Snape, so don't go thinking that you're now off the hook. All that aside, however, our friend needs us. I know that you know what's happened because you've been sending James letters daily for the past two weeks. He's been at my place, but he hasn't been reading his mail. Nor has he been eating. I hear him in the middle of the night... He can't sleep, he has nightmares about what happened. I'm very worried about him. Professor Dumbledore came by to see him on the 11th and he wouldn't even leave the bedroom for him. He's been in there since the night it happened... So while I may not be very fond of either of you at the moment, James needs us all and that is more important. When you get this you should come by. You can't apparate directly into my house anymore and we've cut off our Floo Connection. The Ministry deemed it prudent, also, to make it impossible to connect a Portkey to our place. They still don't know if James is in any danger. Apparate into the meadow near my place at 4 o'clock sharp tomorrow afternoon and I'll meet you. You know exactly where.


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