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Summary: Troy Bolton has it all; fame, a promising career and a loving family. But when a crazed stalker threatens to take it all away, what will Troy do?

There is a fine line between serendipity and stalking.

-David Coleman


"I loved you. I would've given up everything for you if you had asked me. How could you throw it all away and then have the decency to hurt me like this? For something I did five years ago?! You're not the woman I once loved." He demanded, with a pained passion in his blue eyes. The beautiful blonde woman shook her head as she placed both her hands on his face, getting him to look her in the eye. She couldn't lose him like this.

"Please don't go. I know I've lied and deceived you, but I love you! I never stopped loving you! Isn't that enough?!" The blonde woman demanded. The blue eyed man shook his head and he took her hands off his face. There was no end in sight.

"You murdered the only woman I ever loved. You killed the only woman I ever loved since you tore my life apart! The only way I can rebuild my broken heart is to live the rest of my life knowing that you are dead too." He said, pulling out a gun. The woman gasped in shock. He was crazy; he was going to kill her.

"Please don't kill me! Please, I'm sorry!" She pleaded with tears in her eyes. But he showed no remorse as he lifted his gun, straight at her.

"It's too late." He hissed out. As she bowed her head to hide the tears and accept her fate, he rested his finger on the trigger. And then very slowly with his finger, he began to pull it…

"CUT! That's a wrap!" Director Wayne Sullivan called out. Actors Troy Bolton and Sharpay Evans burst into laughing after doing such a dramatic scene together. The two had been friends for years and this was now their third movie that they have done together. Being famous Hollywood actors, it became difficult to maintain friendships but Troy was close to Sharpay and he looked at her as nothing more than just a sister. Troy was also very close to her twin brother Ryan Evans who was also in this film.

"Great job Troy! Nice work Sharpay. Troy, you have to be here tomorrow for late night shooting and Miss Evans, you're going to be here all day with your brother to film the murder scene." Wayne informed his two lead actors. The two nodded in agreement as they sat in their chairs, sipping their cold bottles of water. Sharpay looked over at the man she considered as her older brother.

"Nice work today Troy. You actually had me terrified when you pulled that gun out." Sharpay joked as she sipped her water. Troy grinned as he shrugged his shoulders.

"That's my job Sharp. I would've felt bad for you, but your character cheated on me with my best friend, chased me down in my car and then killed my girlfriend. I'm glad my character gets to kill you in the end." Troy smugly said.

Troy was only twenty-seven years of age, but he was one of Hollywood's most famous actors. He already won two Oscars for his incredible performances in movie dramas. Now, he was filming an action film, something he had wanted very early on in his career. With his sandy brown hair, sapphire eyes that everyone killed for and his generous and laidback personality, he was Hollywood's most loved celebrity. He never got into any trouble and he was very well respected by several other celebrities. Sharpay was also twenty-seven like Troy, and she met Troy when she was in high school and they, along with her twin brother, had the same acting coach and they all became famous together and they refused to let the fame go to their heads.

"Well you're just rude. Speaking of best friend where is that lazy assistant of yours?" Sharpay sarcastically asked. That moment, Chad Danforth, Troy personal assistant and best friend arrived with two French vanilla coffees for the two stars. Chad was Troy's best friend since they were both in diapers and when Troy got his first acting job, he asked Chad to be his personal assistant and Chad has worked for Troy ever since, due to their friendship and good pay.

"The lazy assistant is here with your coffees. So Troy, you have to be here tomorrow night at seven o'clock sharp for fittings and makeup. And don't forget that you have that Hollywood party that you're attending tonight so I suggest you go home now to your lovely wife and begin to get ready for this party. And yes, Taylor and I will be babysitting Ethan. We'll be at the house at six." Chad informed his best friend as he gave Troy the lowdown on what would be happening. Troy smiled when he thought of his family. He sure did love his family.

"Troy Bolton's blushing again!" Sharpay teased, causing Chad to laugh and mock Troy as well. Troy rolled his eyes as he got up from his chair and he prepared to go home.

"I'll see you both later." Troy said as he left the set to go home to his loving family.


Troy's wife, Gabriella Montez was only twenty-six but she had just as much talent as he had. She was a well-respected singer and a supermodel with a killer body. They met in high school several years before. Due to her academic excellence, Gabriella was put up a grade which made her the youngest in the grade. Troy and Gabriella had dated all four years of high school and all four years of university. When Gabriella turned twenty, she had gotten her first modeling and singing job while Troy got his first acting job. Even though they were both busy with their newfound careers and successes, the two made time for each other. Finally, when Troy was twenty-two and Gabriella was twenty-one they got married. Their wedding was known as 'the wedding of the century' by several tabloids. A year after their wedding, Gabriella gave birth to their first son named Ethan Michael Bolton. Ethan was now four years old and he looked almost identical to his father. The only thing he had of his mother was her chocolate brown eyes.

"Mom is Uncle Chad and Aunt Taylor going to watch me tonight?" Ethan asked his mother as she began to put on the outfit that Ethan helped her pick out. Gabriella looked over at her son and she nodded her head as she ran a hand through his sandy brown hair that resembled his father's.

"Yes they're coming over at six. Your father should be home soon." Gabriella assured Ethan. Moments later, the front door swung open and Troy entered their mansion. He walked up the stairs and he entered his bedroom where Ethan sat on their bed and Gabriella was in her overflowing closet. Ethan looked over at his father and a smile erupted in his face.

"Daddy!" Ethan cried happily as he jumped off the bed and ran to his father. Troy opened his arms and he wrapped his muscular arms around his son as he picked him up and held him close to his chest.

"Hey buddy. You helping mommy pick something out to where?" Troy asked his son affectionately. Ethan smiled and nodded his head.

"Yes I did. Mommy looks really pretty." Ethan told his father. Before Troy could say anything, Gabriella emerged from her closet. Her beauty stunned Troy as he saw her. Gabriella wore a sleek black strapless dress and black open toe heels. She kept her black jewelry simple and her wavy hair was clasped up into an up-do. Troy was at a loss of words; she was so beautiful and could barely believe that he had been married to this woman for five years.

"Wow." Troy managed to say after staring at her in awe. Gabriella smiled shyly as she walked over to her husband and son.

"I'm assuming you approve." Gabriella suggested as she took her husband's side. Troy smiled lovingly at his wife as he lifted his free hand to cup her cheek into his hand. His thumb gently caressed her cheek as he continued to smile at her.

"You look beautiful." Troy truthfully told Gabriella. Gabriella smiled as she moved into the feel of his hand. She looked over at the little boy in her husband's arms and she took him into her arms.

"Thanks for helping me pick out my outfit Ethan." Gabriella thanked her son as she kissed his cheek softly.

"Your welcome mommy." Ethan whispered into her ear. Gabriella put her son down and he left the bedroom to play in his playroom. Troy quickly dressed into his tuxedo and Chad and Taylor soon arrived and Gabriella and Troy left for the party.

By the time they arrived, paparazzi and obsessed fans were already screaming for Troy and Gabriella. Troy snaked his arm around his wife's waist and he held her close to him as cameras were flashing before them and fans were screaming for them to see them. Troy and Gabriella smiled for the cameras and they stayed close to each other as they ascended up the red carpet. When interviewers started to call them, the couple parted and they began to do their interviews. As she was being asked several mindless questions about her album and modeling, Gabriella couldn't help but notice the number of male fans that were screaming for her and begging for her to give them an autograph. After shaking the interviewer's hand, Gabriella went to sign some autographs for the group of men, hoping they would stop the screaming.

"Gabriella, you look sexy!" One of the men called out as she was signing autographs. Gabriella just smiled and said thanks. She heard several men tell that on a daily basis and she just let it pass.

"That should do gentlemen. Stay cool." Gabriella calmly said as she began to walk away. Before she could even lift her foot, one of the men grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to them.

"Where do you think you're going? You're coming home with us baby!" The man huskily said. Gabriella tried to wiggle free from his grasp, but it was no use; he was too strong.

"Let me go now!" Gabriella demanded. When two other men grabbed her other wrist, she knew it was time for her to start panicking. She was afraid now.

"Feisty little wildcat you are! It'll be all the more interesting back at my place." The second man drunkenly told her. The third man grinned as well.

"We don't want anyone to get hurt, so you may want to come without a fight. No need to involve your husband and that sweet little boy of yours." The third man threatened as he began to pull her in closer to the three of them. They all had their hands around her waist, pulling her away from the red carpet and away from Troy.

"Troy! Troy help! TROY!" Gabriella screamed in a panic as she tried to hit and push the men off her. Before Gabriella even knew it, she was suddenly dropped to the ground, and the sudden motion and sound of people being punched was above her. She looked up from the ground and she saw Troy pushing and punching the three men away from them. The three men, injured and beaten, ran off and left Troy and Gabriella. Troy turned to his wife and he offered a hand to help her up. Gabriella interlaced his hand with hers as he helped her up. When she was back on the ground, Troy wrapped her up in his arms as he breathed heavily in her ears.

"Are you okay?" Troy asked, looking into her eyes. Gabriella, trying to keep herself from shaking, nodded her head with wide and shocked eyes.

"Yeah I'm fine. Do you mind if we go? You can stay if you want but I'm going to go." Gabriella told Troy, her voice shaking and her hands trembling. Troy shook his head as he took his jacket off and placed it over her shoulders.

"No, I'm not going to stay. Come on let's go." Troy said as he ushered his wife back to the lot where their limo was waiting for them.


Troy and Gabriella entered their house and they could hear the television blasting from their recreation room. Troy knew that Chad was probably having more fun playing Wii than Ethan and Taylor at that moment. When they both entered the room, no one even noticed that they were even back home due to the loudness of the television. It was Taylor who realized that they were back and she turned off the Wii, causing Chad and Ethan to look at her in shock but then they realized why she had done it.

"You two are back early!" Taylor exclaimed as she hugged her best friend. Gabriella nodded her head as she released Taylor.

"Yeah, the male fans got a little too aggressive." Gabriella hinted. Taylor nodded her head in understanding as Ethan ran over to his father and was instantly picked up.

"Daddy, guess what?! Uncle Chad told me where babies came from!" Ethan exclaimed happily. Both Troy and Gabriella glared at Chad who shrugged his shoulders with a guilty smile.

"He asked and I told him." Chad said in defense. Gabriella looked at her son and she pushed his hair behind his ear.

"Where did he say babies came from?" Gabriella asked, to make sure that Chad didn't really tell him.

"Uncle Chad said that I grew from a seed in the garden. Is that true mommy?" Ethan asked as he stared into his mom's eyes. Gabriella smiled weakly and she nodded her head.

"Yes it's true." Gabriella said. Gabriella and Troy were about to take Ethan to bed and dismiss Taylor and Chad, but Taylor offered to have Ethan stay the night with them. Taylor said that since Troy and Gabriella came home early from the party, they should have a night alone together. After briefly talking it through, Gabriella and Troy allowed Ethan to spend the night at Chad and Taylor's.

Once they both left, Gabriella went into their bathroom that adjoined their bedroom while Troy checked some of his fan mail. Troy had several letters from fans telling him how much they admire him and how he is a role model to them. Then there were a few that told him he didn't deserve to be married to Gabriella and a few saying that he was a waste of air. Troy chucked those letters into his trash can as he striped down to his boxers and he sat on the edge of the bed. Gabriella entered the bedroom, wearing her pink silk nightgown. She saw her husband sitting on the edge of their bed and she crawled onto the bed and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his back tight against her chest. She placed a gentle kiss on his cheek and rested her chin in the crook of his neck.

"What are you thinking about?" Gabriella asked. Troy sighed as he looked at her.

"I was thinking about why I let those guys live. I should've ripped them apart." Troy told her, his rage slowly rising. Gabriella hushed him and she allowed her hand to run through his hair.

"No you shouldn't have. They were just a bunch of scum bags and you did the right thing by not hurting them." Gabriella assured him. Troy shook his head again.

"They hurt you Gabriella. They were going to do worse. If they had hurt you I don't know what I'd do. I just…" Troy said but then his voice trailed when he thought about the possibility. Gabriella kissed his shoulder and then kissed his temple.

"Troy, we knew what would happen by having all the paparazzi and fans coming after us. This is all part of the job description. Just let it go. I'm fine and so are you. We have each other." Gabriella assured him once more. Troy sighed before looking at her. She just had a way of making him forget his worries. It drove him crazy half the time but he loved her for it.

"We always will." Troy told her lovingly. Gabriella smiled back at her husband with a seductive grin.

"Now that we're alone, I think I should probably tell you about my modeling shots I just took today." Gabriella seductively told him. Troy turned around completely, so he could see her lovely brown eyes.

"Should I be worried about anyone seeing them?" Troy asked with a grin. Gabriella had a smug grin on her face as she pulled Troy in close to her.

"Baby you're going to see a lot more of me than anyone will see in those photos." Gabriella whispered sexily as she captured her husband's lips with her own. Troy's hand held her face as his other hand pushed her down onto the bed and they continued to kiss each other passionately as Troy got on top of her. Troy's lips never left Gabriella's as his arm reached over and turned off their lamp and Gabriella showed Troy just how much sexier she was than her modeling photos.

To be continued…

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