This is the sequal to 'play me, and i'll just cheer you on.'

so if you haven't read that, then you will not understand this what-so-ever. :(

I had alot of fun writing the first story to this, and i got it done,within a few days! I always update,almost everyday, actually!

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This story is called; The light comes before the dark.

In the previous story, Bella changed Edward, from being a player, to her sweet hearted boyfriend. She lost two boyfriends along the way, (michael who eventually turned into a vampire.) (Tyler, who got killed by Michael.)

Michael,Bella, & edward moved in together. Bella found out she's pregnant.

They will be getting marrired, and Michael found his singer.

In this story: There will be two weddings, obviously. Alot of obsticules along the way, though. Bella will have her baby. Someone from the past life of Bella, will come back into her life, and shatter her dreams. Will it turn out good for Edward? Or bad. :)

The first Chapter will be posted soon! :)