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Full Summary: The keys are the most vital thing in existence. If they were to disappear, the world as we know it will crumble to the ground. Sora and Kairi's twin daughters are pulled right into the middle of barrier dispute between dimensions and if they can't get the keys in time, everything really will crumble.

Pairings: Sora/Kairi, several OC/OC pairings.

Warnings: OCs. This story contains MANY OCs, so if you're going to flame me for my use of OCs, please don't read. However, I'm usually pretty good at keeping my OCs human, so… don't let a previous lack of faith in OCs keep you from trying my story.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything associated with Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Disney, or Square-Enix. I do, however, own Ava, Kara, Evan, and any other OCs.

Almost two years since the first chapter of the first version was posted. Let's hope this one goes over better.


Chapter 1- When Family Returns

The power of the Princesses of Heart was sealed into the form of keys and they were scattered across the worlds…

"Ava, wake up!" A well aimed eraser hit Ava Irino square in the middle of her forehead. She tumbled backwards, crashing into the ground with a crash that made the rest of the class wince.

Ava jumped up, ready to punch the teacher in the face for knocking her down, but the bell rang and her twin sister grabbed her at exactly the same time.

"If you get sent to the Principal again, dad'll kill you." Kara informed her sister, not letting go of her in case she decided she still wanted to punch the teacher.

"Newsflash, Kar! Dad's not home!" Ava said, scowling, "He hasn't been for months!!"

Kara frowned, "Still…"

Ava sighed, "Come on, let's just get home." She said, grabbing her stuff. Kara gathered up her stuff as well, and the twins started walking.

Ava and Kara were identical twins, but even complete strangers could tell them apart after being introduced to them only once. Ava had her red hair chopped short, and it always fell messily above her shoulders. One day, not too long ago, she'd taken a kitchen scissors to it, and hadn't had it professionally cut since. To top it off, she had a tattoo on her hand that was pretty hard to miss. Kara, on the other hand, had grown her hair long and always wore it braided. Her hands were free of any marks.

Kara was silent most of the walk home, so Ava finally spoke up as they were walking up the driveway.

"I'm sorry, Kar." Ava said, "I didn't mean to be so… harsh earlier."

Kara shook her head, "It's fine."

Ava frowned. She opened the door to the house that the twins lived in and was surprised to see her brown haired father sitting on the couch.

Seeing her sister's surprised expression, Kara poked her head in.

"Dad!" Kara shouted, surprised as well, running past her sister and hugging her father.

"Hey Kar." He held her close. He looked up at Ava, "A?"

Ava dropped her stuff and ran into her father's arms.

Sora held his twin daughters close.


It wasn't long after that the twins were sent to their room until dinner to work on homework so that Sora could talk to Kairi for a bit. After finding eavesdropping to be futile, the girls started to actually do what they had been sent upstairs to do. Well, Kara did. Ava laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Kar?" Ava spoke up a few minutes later.

Kara looked up from the paper she was writing, "Yeah?"

"In class today… I had a weird dream." Ava said, shutting her eyes, "A… voice was talking to me."

"What did it say?" Kara asked, getting up and sitting at the end of her sister's bed.

"…Something about princesses… and keys…" Ava said, "I'm having trouble remembering, but I have a feeling it was important."

Ava frequently had strange, almost prophetic dreams, but instead of being warnings, or glimpses of the future, her dreams were always of past events that were about to have some kind of effect or significance. It was almost as if each decision made was a rock thrown in a pond, and Ava could see, all the way from the shore, where that rock had been thrown, even though the ripples had only started lapping at her feet.

"Maybe you'll have the same dream tonight." Kara said, "If it's that important…"

"Maybe…" Ava squeezed her eyes shut, "…the power of the Princesses of Heart…"

"AVA! KARA! DINNER!" Kairi's voice called up the stairs.

Ava's eyes flew open, "And it's gone again."

Kara sighed, "You'll get it, A."

"Hope so." Ava said, standing up, "Well, come on. Food time."


The family gathered around the table for the first complete family meal in months, but all was not happening as hoped. There was a knock on the door in the middle of the meal, and when Sora opened it he found Riku standing there, looking worried.

"Riku?" Kairi asked, surprised, urrying over to the door.

Riku glanced at the twins, before saying quietly, "We have a problem."


That, of course, led to the twins being sent back to their room "so the adults could discuss something", which bothered them, but it was a late so the two climbed into their beds and talked quietly, each waiting for the other to fall asleep.

"Has Riku ever come over when there wasn't a problem?" Ava asked.

"Don't think so." Kara mumbled back.

Ava sighed, "Dad just got back… I wonder how long he'll be gone this time…"

"Maybe he's not leaving…" Kara said.

"He always leaves when there's a problem." Ava sighed.

The only reply Ava got to that was Kara's steady breathing, proving to her twin that she had fallen asleep.

Ava shifted over on to her side and shut her eyes, trying to drift to sleep, and was slowly pulled into another dream.

With the power of the Princesses of Heart in the form of keys, the keyholes for each world were sealed as well. Seven new keyholes appeared in seven old worlds, and were hidden by the Princess who lived in each. If the key and the keyhole are brought together, the heart will be released…

Ava bolted awake, panting. Kara stirred in the bed next to her, "A? You okay?"

"I'm fine, Kar. Go back to sleep." Ava said. As Kara drifted back to sleep, Ava laid back down and stared at the ceiling.

"The keyhole's in the school basement…" she muttered very softly to herself, as to not wake Kara again, "But why was ­Mom locking it?"


"Did Dad leave again?" Kara frowned at her mother the next morning.

Kairi shook her head, "No, no." she said, "He and Riku went to check something out, but they'll be back before you get home from school, which, by the way, you're going to be late for."

Kara glanced up at the clock, "Ah! Bye mom!" she grabbed her twin, who regretfully left her half-eaten breakfast to follow her sister out the door.

"Kar…" Ava spoke up when they were halfway to school, "Can we… I know you hate doing anything wrong, but can we please skip first period? I want to check something out."

Kara glanced over, "What do you want to check out?" she asked, deciding to hear her twin out for once.

"The school's basement." Ava said, confidently.

Kara rolled her eyes and started walking again, "A, I'm not going along with another one of your stupid schemes."

"It's because of my dream last night." Ava added.

Kara froze and turned, "What? Another one?! You've never had two different dreams so close together…"

"I know!" Ava sighed, "And I know it means something. That's why I have to check this out. Please, Kara!"

"Okay." Kara gave in, "But we'll have to be careful."

"Thanks, sis." Ava smiled gratefully at her twin sister.


The two girls snuck past the croweds of kids and found the door that lead into the basement. It was locked, but Ava made short work of unlocking it using a bobby pin from her sister's hair. The two girls crept down the stairs, shutting the door behind them, and luckily not drawing any attention to themselves. When they reached the bottom, it was incredibly easy to find the keyhole, seeing as it was glowing considerably brightly.

Kara traced the intricate design with her hands, "Why is this under the school?"

Ava shook her head, "I don't know… all I know is that someone wants to unlock it."

"How do you know that? Your dream?" Kara asked, turning to look at her sister.

Ava shook her head, "No. Look." She pointed to a long scar along the wall- a mark that looked like someone had slashed at the keyhole with a sword… a very strong sword.

"What…" Kara reached out to touch the scar, but something reacted within the scar and a spark of energy flew out, slamming into Kara and sending her flying backwards.

"Kara!!" Ava cried, running to her sister's side.

"I'm fine." Kara said, "It… it didn't hurt until I hit the ground."

"What was that?" Ava asked, incredulously, looking back at the keyhole.

"It's scared…" Kara said, "The keyhole's scared…"

"But it didn't hurt you when you touched the keyhole, only when you tried to touch the scar!" Ava said.

"It's not scared of us… it's scared for us. It doesn't want us hurt…" Kara said, "It protected itself, but…" Kara cut off.


"I don't know." Kara shook her head, "It's gone." She frowned, "What WAS that?" she clutched her head, "I could suddenly feel what the keyhole wanted me to…"

"I'm taking you home, Kara." Ava scooped her sister up, "I don't care what mom says- this is an emergency."


"You skipped?!" Kairi echoed.

"Mom, please don't get mad at Kara! It was my idea- my fault." Ava pleaded. Kara was upstairs in bed, finding sleep difficult.

"Why did you skip?" Kairi asked, "Even you had to have a reason, and for Kara to agree, it had to be a good one."

"I needed to check something out." Ava said.

"What?" Kairi asked, "What did you need to check out?"

"Something about a dream." Ava sighed, admitting it.

"You had another dream?" Kairi asked, surprised, all anger gone, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I knew you'd freak out…" Ava frowned, "And I wanted to check it out first, but it was weird, Mom! Something's… happening! Something's wrong!"

"I know, Ava." Kairi sighed, "Your father and Riku are looking into it now. The fact that you had another dream only strengthens the fact that something's wrong."

"Mom, can you please tell me what's happening? If my dreams can help--"

Kairi cut her daughter off, "No, Ava. I'll tell you when it's vital for you to know, but until then, don't concern yourself with this. Go upstairs. You can stay home today."

Ava sensed the conversation was over and sighed, walking up the stairs.


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