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Talky Thing: OK! This is kinda a fun little random piece of crap that I felt like writing! Ja... Not much to say about it except that you don't need to have seen Mythbusters for this to make sense! ENJOY!

GX BUSTERS PROLOGUE - Getting the Gang Together

Chronos scowled as he looked around the room, his gaze coming to rest on everyone's favorite brunette, whom was sleeping deeply with his head on his desk. "Senor Judai!" the professor screeched, "I am trying to teach you science fundamentals!"

The boy yawned, muttering, "I learn more from Mythbusters…"

But Chronos-as with all teachers-appeared to have superb hearing for he stomped over to the brunette's desk, "Is that so, Senor Judai? Then go out and prove you've learned!" he grinned evilly, a devious glint in his eyes, "Solve FIFTY myths or problems-and show me the proof…" he cackled maniacally, "Or I will EXPEL YOU!" Judai stared up at him, dumbfounded by the absurdity of Chronos' request.

"I-I'll go with him…" Sho stammered bravely.

"Senor Sho! But you have done no wrong!" Chronos exclaimed.

"B-But Aniki can't do this by himself-so I-I'm going to help."

"Me too!" Asuka rose to her feet, "I consider this an unfair punishment!"

Chronos was shocked-this was not part of his plan!

"Count me in!" Kenzan walked over to the little group forming by the door, "Sounds like fun!"

A vein throbbed madly in Chronos' forehead and he slammed his fists down on his desk, "FINE! But you'll all face the same consequence of Senor Judai if you fail! And no more members for your little posse!" The quartet nodded and Judai grabbed the door handle.

"Let's go!" he said cheerfully, throwing open the door…only to hear a loud 'thump' as it hit something…er, someone… "Johan!" Judai gasped, his eyes wide, "What are you doing here!?" Asuka and the other boys stepped into the hallway and shut the door. Johan blinked up at Judai dazedly from where he now sat on the floor.

"Ugh, I'm here because (ready for the stupid reason, y'all?) 'cause there was a tornado at my old school that kinda wrecked it…" he winced, rubbing the bump on his head, "Is this how you always welcome old friends, Judai?"

"I'm so sorry!" the brunette reached down and helped Johan up, "I wasn't watching where I was going!"

"S'okay," the blunette smiled, "Why are you all out of class?"

"We have a special assignment," Asuka said, her blue eyes shining, "We have to be kinda like the Mythbusters."

"Really?" Johan looked interested, "All of you together?"

"Yup!" Kenzan bragged, "I bet our discoveries will be famous around the world!"

"Uh, I don't know about that, Kenzan," Judai chuckled.

"Could I join?" Johan inquired.

"SURE!" the brunette agreed readily.

"W-wait Aniki," Sho reminded him, "Professor Chronos said no more p-people…"

"Just call me the illegal fifth member!" Johan beamed at the group, who laughed and welcomed him into their posse!

"Let's figure out our first problem!" Judai cheered enthusiastically.

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