Title: Repeating History

Author: MacGateFan/Turch

Rating: G

Disclaimers: Unfortunately none of the Winchester men belong to me. :(

Dean pulled away from the curb in silence. He would never admit it to anyone but he was stronger with his brother beside him and right now he really needed Sam. The last month had been hard on him.

He told Sam he was old enough to be on a hunt by himself but the truth was, that vengeful spirit in New Orleans really beat the shit out of him. Then he had gone back to Caleb's to meet up with his Dad. When John never showed up after three weeks, Dean said he would get Sam and head out to Jericho.

Three days later and they were still no closer to locating their Dad and Sam had chosen to stay behind for his law interview. Not that Dean wasn't proud of his little brother. He was thrilled that Sam was able to have some semblance of a normal life, but he was also jealous.

Dean took a deep breath, reaching over to turn on his radio. Before he could even touch it, static came from the speakers and the channel was changing. Knowing that definitely couldn't be good and worried about Sam, Dean turned around and rushed back to the apartment complex.

He made it to Sam's apartment in time to hear him crying out for Jess. "Sam!"



"No! No!"

Dean's eyes were plastered to the ceiling for a moment, suddenly transported back to a cold November evening in 1983. He shook his head when he heard Sam again and pulled his brother from the bed. Dean's heart ached at Sam's pleas but he did not let go.

"We gotta get out of here!"

"Jess! Jess! No!"

Once they were finally outside and the sirens could be heard in the distance, Dean took a moment to really look at Sam. His face was pale and he seemed to be shaking. Alarming bells went off in Dean's head and he could hear his Dad's voice in his head saying one word: Shock.

"Sammy," Dean said, trying to turn his brother away from the burning building. He would not budge. "Hey, Sammy, come man! You need to sit down for a minute."

Something akin to a sob came out of Sam's mouth. It only lasted for a second, but it made Dean sick to his stomach as he led Sam to the Impala, opened the back door to let him sit. He went to the trunk to grab a blanket, putting it over Sam's shoulders.

Sam stood up and tossed the blanket back to the seat, moving around to the back of the Impala after fishing the keys from Dean's coat pocket. Dean sighed and moved closer to the sirens and lights.

"What perfect timing," he said quietly to himself. "Dad goes missing and whatever killed Mom shows up and kills Jessica... someone else tied up with Sam. Lets just hope the kid doesn't figure out the connection. At least not right way."

Dean walked back to the car and stood next to Sam. "We've got work to do," the younger Winchester said slamming the trunk.

Dean turned when someone called Sam's name. He protectively stood in front of his brother. "Who the hell are you?"

"I'm a friend of Sam's," he replied, stepping menacingly closer to Dean, who wasn't phased in the least. "Who are you?"

Sam stood up, placing a hand on Dean's shoulder. "It's all right," Sam said finally coming out of his trance. "This is Mike. Mike, this is my brother, Dean. Sorry, but he can get a bit defensive of me."

Dean glared at Sam before he turned back to Mike. "Yeah, what he said."

Mike didn't seem to care about Dean or that he was protecting Sam. "Excuse us," he said, pulling the younger Winchester away from the Impala and Dean.

Dean merely watched them. This guy, he could tell, was really good friends with Sam. Again another pang of jealousy ripped through him. He immediately shoved it away because there were more important things to deal with right now.


"You're really going off with your brother?" he asked.

"Yeah," Sam replied. "After the... funeral."

Mike shook his head. "I am so sorry this happened, Sam! Jessica was an amazing girl. Not that I have to tell you that. Why don't come back to my parent's place? We can drown ourselves in tequila."

Sam looked over Mike's shoulder to see Dean watching them, leaning against the Impala. "I don't know, man. I should really go see Jessica's parents. I don't want them to hear about this from the police."

"I'll go with you."

"Sure. Thanks, Mike," Sam replied as he led the way back towards the Impala where Dean was talking to a police officer.

"Sam," Dean said. "This Officer Mason. I was telling him I had just dropped you off after our road trip."

Sam nodded, swallowing around the lump in his throat. "Jessica was in the bathroom when it... It happened so fast. I was kind of... frozen in place. It was too late for me to save her, but Dean... Dean snapped me out of it."

"Thank you, Mr. Winchester. I'll let you know if we need anything else. I'm sorry for your loss."

"Thanks," Sam whispered. "Oh, I uh... kinda want to tell her parents myself if that's okay?"

Mason smiled sadly. "That's fine. Just let them know we'll be by sometime tomorrow."


Once the officer was out of earshot, Dean placed a hand on Sam's shoulder. "Are you sure about this, Sammy?"

"I am."


Dean leaned back in his seat as Sam and Mike went into the Moore home. He didn't feel right going in there. He doubted they wanted some stranger in their home telling them about their dead daughter.

He took a deep breath and reached into his pocket for his cell phone. He longed to call their Dad with this latest development but he knew all he would get was a disembodied voice telling him the number was no longer available.

Dean closed his eyes as memories came to the surface. He was four years old and lying in bed as his Mom tucked him in. "Are you sure?" he had asked.

"Positive, Dean," she replied. "There are no monsters under your bed."

"Good! Love you, Mommy!"

"I love you too, sweetheart. Remember angels are watching over you."

"I know."

Satisfied with his Mom's assurance and love, Dean snuggled under the covers and immediately drifted off into dreamland. That is until all hell broke lose almost an hour later.

Dean's eyes snapped opened when he heard his Mom scream. What scared him more was his Dad's screaming her name. By the time he had scrambled out of bed and ran to Sam's room, he was being handed his little brother.

"Take your brother and go outside, don't look back! Now, Dean! Go!"

He needed no further urging. Dean couldn't recall how he had gotten the front door open but immediately after he found himself on the front lawn looking up at Sam's bedroom window. "It's okay, Sammy," he whispered.

Suddenly strong arms were around him and he held on tighter to Sam. He had to make sure his little brother were safe because nothing and no one else was more important that Sammy.

Well, maybe one other person was just as important. Dean noticed that while his Dad came out of the house, his Mom wasn't with them. He felt sick to his stomach and scared once Dad took Sammy from him. Sammy made him feel stronger.


"Not now, Dean," Dad had replied as a police officer came up to him.

Dean just stood there silently wondering if his Mommy was hurting. Where were those angels she told him about? Were they all in his room because he had been worried about monsters under his bed?

Suddenly Dean broke of towards the house, ignoring his Dad calling his name. A fireman caught him before he could get to the front door. "Take it easy, little man," he said. "It's too dangerous right now."

Dean sniffed as he wiped his tears with his sleeve. "But Mommy! It's my fault. I want my Mommy!"

Those were the last words Dean said for a whole year.


Sam glanced over at Mike who gave him an equally nauseated look. That had to be the worst thing he had ever been through. Her parents were not blaming Sam though and even though he blamed himself he was grateful they weren't.

"Sam," Mike said. "I'm going to take walk, ya know. I need the fresh air."


Mike gave Sam a hug. "Take care and I'll see you at the funeral."


Once Mike had walked away, Sam headed to the car. He could see Dean's head on the steering wheel and he seemed to be shaking. iWhat the hell?/i he thought, rushing to the car.


Dean's head snapped up when Sam said his name. He knew his little brother couldn't see the tears, but he'd probably noticed that he had been crying. Yeah, Dean had been blubbering like a baby. He wasn't going to hear the end of it.

However Sam seemed to understand. "I know the feeling, Dean," he said. "And I know that this is bringing up some bad memories for you."

"If you say so," Dean replied as he cleared his throat. "Damn must be catching a cold."

Sam smiled sadly wishing for once Dean would let his emotions out in front of them. But Sam knew his brother. This was how he dealt with things like this and if he was content to do them that way, that was fine.

"Must be," Sam nodded in agreement. "Lets go."

As the Impala roared to life, Sam new that the best way to help Dean was to just be there silently.