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So without further ado...

Hermione hadn't talked to Ron in a week. She wasn't even sure if they were going out anymore but was to prideful to ask Ron if they were. Harry of course kept trying to ease the tension between the pair but as usual was unsuccessful on the matter. It reminded him alot of their third year together and he hoped that it would not get so bad.

Classes, head duties, and dancing had kept Hermione busy through out the week. She had incorporated dance into a part of her daily schedule instead of a morning run, so that she could remain fit. Sometimes, when coming out of the mini library she had discovered behind one of the doors late at night, she would hear music from the first door and would peek in only to find Draco dancing which was a weird sight indeed. In those moments, Draco actually seemed human and not bitter, angry or malicious like he was towards everyone else.

A few minutes before their next meeting with the prefects, Draco and Hermione sat on the dance floor going through the many CD's they had trying to figure what to play at the ball. "Why do i have to do this? I'm a pure blood and therefore shouldn't be subjugated to do a servants work." Draco complained for the umpteenth time in the past 5 minutes. He was only doing it to get a rise out of Hermione but so far was unsuccessful in the matter. "Why are we going through muggle music anyway. We are wizards therefore we should choose music played by wizards."

"For the last time Malfoy, we are playing both wizard and non-wizard music. Why? because face it, muggle music is way better." Hermione stated. She and Draco had already discussed this matter twice all ready and apparently weren't finished with it. "Now if you are done complaining, we have a meeting to attend. And this time you will help." her voice had an authoritative tone to it that said 'If you dare go against me you will be sorry'. She got up and left the dance room, leaving a bemused Draco behind.

The prefect meeting, so far had been a success. The different groups had gotten together and had worked on their different tasks. There was a minor problem between the Gryffindors and the Slytherins but that was resolved quickly. Hermione had promised Draco that if he started to participate and help in the meetings she would finish up with the music.

As Hermione and Draco went around helping the groups. Ron was having a whispered argument with Lavendor. "Lave you know I love you but my parents expect me to marry Hermione and i can't go against there wishes especially since Fred died."

"You are your own person. You don't have to listen to your parents anymore. Your an Adult. Sometimes I think you are just using me for sex.

"Oh Lavey. You know I love you. Your the only one who understands how i feel. I promise that we will be together eventually but right now we'll have to keep sneaking around"

"What about Hermione? Don't you love her? Aren't you having sex with her?"

Ron laughed at the comment. "Sex with that prude? Heck no and I don't love her. I mean at one time I thought I did but I was wrong. The only thing she's good for is homework."

"Ron, Lavendor would you care to help us or would you rather do this by yourself." Blaise drawled in a bored voice. The pair turned bright red and immediately joined the group. Hermione stopped by the group to see if they needed any help and stole a glance in Ron's direction.

It was weird not talking to him. They had some classes together and the same friends. Hermione had forgiven Ron and didn't like them fighting but she couldn't figure out to tell him along with the fact they obviously needed to talk about.

Hermione's pov

I still hadn't figured out what to say. It was difficult to say the least. For being the brightest witch of my age, I sure was lacking in the guy and saying sorry departments. Now it was Tuesday and I was furiously stirring the boiling potion in front of me. Potions was a little tougher since I was taking an advanced potion and was using it for medicine and other such devices. There were only a few other students in my class with of course Draco Malfoy. When i had found out that he wanted to be a healer, I had a hard time holding back a laugh. He was now in all of my classes and most of the times it seemed like I was with him 24/7. Things were different this year between the two of us. Over the weekend the two of us talked and came to an agreement of sorts. We had to be some what civil towards each other if we planned on finishing up the school year. We weren't nice all the time but it was a huge improvement and it made things alot easier when performing head duties and completing assignments.

I sighed over my cauldron, what was I going to say to Ron?

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