Ok, I'm back. I'm not exactly still hot for the GrimmIchi but this Ishida/Szayel kept popping up in my head no matter what I did! So I'm back you'll see the kids again and you'll be happy to know I'm not dead when it comes to writing Bleach stories. I may take a long time to update since I have EMT classes and a full time job. But this story is basically how Ishida fell in love with an arrancar decades after Grimmjow and Ichigo got together. Hope you enjoy!

Szayel Looked around the white building as he took another swig of his extra large bottle of genetically enhanced red wine. The drink had to be enhanced in order to get arrancars drunk…..not like there were any arrancars left. Grimmjow had killed them all after he mated the damn soul society savior. The only reason he had survived was because he had an invention to make him invisible in case something like that happened, he kept it on him at all the time hidden under his clothes. Thank goodness he did too or else the pink menace would have been a red stain on the floor like all the other demons that faithful day.

Of course without any other place to really go Szayel had to stay at Aizen's former base in Hueco Mundo with nothing but his inventive obsessions to keep him company. He had taken up drinking to pass the time…and the loneliness.

Oh he hated Grimmjow! Well…maybe not really……in all truth Szayel himself was just trying to make an invention to overthrow Aizen….but….He was just so fucking lonely! Grimmjow had his little shinigami mate in his hand. Gin the pedophile traitor had his ice boy. They had mated, had arguments, had kids and had lived good lives in the last twenty years but oh no! not him. Never him.

The pink arrancar gave himself the luxury of a few sniffles before angrily screaming. "Why the fuck don't I have my mate!" The scream echoed off the blank walls and right back at him only increasing the genius's desperation. A drunken blink followed as the pink menace scanned the area looking at all the great inventions that he had made in the last twenty years of isolation when suddenly a small little white pen at the side of the room caught his eye.

The energy reducer! A smirk rose to the inventor's face. Yes, that would work! He had made that tiny little device years ago as an idea to hide his spiritual signature and sneak up behind Aizen to kill him, but then he learned that Aizen had hypnotized him unknowingly and the pink menace figured that he couldn't trust his plans. In all certain truth the arrancar had forgotten how the pen even ticked.

But that didn't matter now that he had a perfect use for the pen! In fact Szayel was surprised that he hadn't thought of this sooner with his intelligence. With a drunken haste the arrancar stumbled toward the large white table overflowing with inventions that would never be used and grabbed the pen. With a maniacal smile he dramatically raised the white pen looking invention and stabbed it into his stomach. Thanks to the demon's muscles he didn't feel anything as a geometric butterfly tattoo marred his pale skin.

Szayel stopped to admire the image instantly passing off the tiredness that came over him as drinking to much. But if he was already this tired then he had to hurry and get to the human world to get his revenge on Grimmjow or find a mate! Which ever came first.

With his mind made up the arrancar took a large gulp of wine finishing off the bottle and letting it shatter to the floor while he jumped through his newly made portal. Watch out human world here he comes! They will regret the day they ever heard the name Szayel. He would just ignore how the need for sleep glued his eyes shut right as he jumped into the portal.

Ishida the Quincy walked home from his fashion office in the heart of Tokyo. Yes, now this may surprise many of you but Ishida was horrible at being a doctor. Not for a lack of trying mind you. Oh no Ishida went to college for five years studying to become a doctor before he decided to get truthful with himself and stop denying that he was just doing this for his Father's approval. Which Ishida was never going to earn so long as he was gay. In fact the more he tried to fulfill his father's ambitions for him the more the Quincy became depressed. So at the end of his fifth year Ishida decided to try his hand at fashion out of boredom and surprise surprise Ishida was a natural.

He now owned three uprising stores and one club known as berry sinful. Ichigo liked to constantly joke about how hilarious it was that a man who had hardly no social life could make a club that was as successful as berry sinful was. Ishida though that Ichigo's jokes might be funnier if they weren't true. Here he was a thirty two year old man yet because of his spirit energy his body still looked like that of a seventeen year old.

The club owner walked confidentially down the street with his tight leather pants clinging to him like a second skin, the back of his pockets had embroidery in white thread. A kimono like dark blue silk shirt slid with his stride, the black silk fishnet sleeves blowing with the winds cool caress. The Quincy had his hair pulled back into a loose short ponytail that gave his face a sharp edge. Last were the glasses that had a charm hanging from the side of the lens. All in all Ishida looked like sex on legs nothing like his old persona. There was just one problem.

He was lonely. It turns out that the old saying was true. It was terribly lonesome at the top. Yes, Ishida had had some relationship but they all ended because he either worked to hard or his boyfriend was using him for the fame. Sometimes the Quincy just wished that he could meet someone where he could have that intimacy like Grimmjow and Ichigo had. Hell they even had little grandchildren running around now. Much to Ichigo's delight.

It was with these rather depressing thoughts of how his love life was doomed and he was meant to be alone that the stars began to twinkle brighter….Wait…..That wasn't a star….WHAM! The quincy was slammed to the ground with such a force! It was almost like the man had fell out of the sky! But that was impossible. A growl exited the designers mouth as he quickly pushed the man off of him since they had landed in a rather provocative position with the man's hand laying limply on his crotch.

A loud thump hit the ground as the man landed on the cement. Still not awake. It was then that the doctor turned fashion designer began to worry. Any normal person would've woken up from the stimuli, just a precaution to calm his jittery nerves Ishida felt for the strange man's pulse. Letting out a sigh of relief when he felt a strong heartbeat the Quincy was faced with a moral dilemma. Here he had a very strange looking man sprawled out before him that had a heartbeat but wouldn't wake up. Maybe the stranger had a concussion or maybe it was a suicide attempt. He did fall from the sky after all.

People were beginning to stop and stare so Ishida was forced to rather quickly make up his mind. The fashion designer played the part of a loving boyfriend perfectly as he dragged the pink haired stranger to his feet and began to walk off. God forbid the media get a whiff of this. The tabloids were always trying to find out what Tokyo's hottest and upcoming fashion designer was or more likely who he was doing in his personal time.

For the next hour Ishida dragged the man down sidewalks and up stairs until he finally saw the clean white door of his high-rise apartment. Needless to say the Quincy was exhausted. It would be just his luck that he lived on the fiftieth floor and the elevator happened to be out of order. The pink haired misfit still didn't even wake the slightest during the whole trip. With the last of his power the fashion designer hauled the stranger to the bed, right before his body gave out and collapsed landing on the bed right next to the pink haired possible drug dealer.

It was at this time when Ishida really got to take in the details of the pink man. The first thing was his hair. It was long, about a little below the middle of his back. The man obviously hadn't taken very good care of it due to how it was matted and the color! It looked natural like a deep pink rose. The man was also lanky and pale, making Ishida wonder when was the last time he stranger had a decent meal. Finally came the most important part. The clothes. The man wore a white dress like item head to toe but deal god it was filthy! When was the last time this man had a bath!

Ishida knew he should get up and stop watching the rise and fall of the stranger's chest but he kept telling himself he'd do it in a minute and not surprisingly but a minute later he was sound asleep.

This was just the BEST dream ever! So much that Szayel didn't want to wake up. To feel his arms loosely wrapped around that slim body that was laying on his chest. The puffs of air that the mystery dream person was exiting that was warming the side of his neck. The arrancar just felt so complete. He had had dreams like this before and he always relished them, but for some reason this felt more real and he didn't want to let this go. The pink menace felt his arms tighten around the warm body, The body moaned and dug deeper into the demon's chest.

He felt so wonderful but sadly he could feel himself waking up. The throbbing in his head that wasn't even noticeable a minute ago became a pounding. His limbs that felt weightless and protective became sore, with so much tiredness that Szayel couldn't even lift them. He moaned in agony at his stupidity, the demon tried to open his eyes but instantly closed them as the light came in from above burning his retinas. The hot bile began to rise to his throat as he furiously sprang up and covered his mouth. Not even noticing his unfamiliar surroundings he bolted out of bed. He ran through the white halls trying every door before he came to the bathroom. Not a second too late before he started spewing vomit down the toilet.

What the fuck had he done last night!? It hurt to think, every time he tried to think in details of what he had done a pain shot through his head. He remembered getting drunk and seeing that pen….Oh God. He didn't. Szayel frantically looked on his stomach where he barely remembered stabbing himself and saw the butterfly tattoo. There was only one thought the happened to pop into his handover head when he saw that.

Oh Fuck.

There was a reason why he never used that damn energy reducer. At the time when he had created it he had been studying virus's and of course he had the brilliant idea to put a power reducing virus as the main way to reduce and individual's own power level. Worst still was the virus gets stronger the longer it's in the body. It made it so people could see your body while the energy was trapped and eaten by the virus. In an essence the virus brought your power down to literally turning you into a human before it drained the energy completely and killed you. To get it out and survive he would have to leech power off of someone else. He remembered when he first tried it out in testing, the pink menace killed seven of his lab assistance by consuming their energy to get the virus out.

The arrancar's though process stilled as he heard footsteps walking down the corridor. Oh god what happened last night! Did he screw someone? Why was he here? The pink demon took a deep breath and turned around to see the most beautiful man. Well, if he had sex with that man then he should feel proud of himself. Too bad he didn't remember it…..

Ishida stopped and stared into the bathroom at his pink haired falling friend. The two just stared at each other taking in the features for the longest time before Ishida finally broke the awkward silence.

"Well good to see you're up. Are you feeling better?" The Quincy sleepily asked. Wait this human could see him? So maybe this human was spiritually aware? Szayel was just about to answer back when an unexpected wave of bile ran up his throat barely giving the arrancar enough time to kneel down and chuck his cookies. A loud sigh exited Ishida as the fashion designer opened up the cabinet under the sink and pulled out a washcloth. Pouring cool water over the fabric before gently holding it to the spirit's forehead. A sigh of pleasure escaped the demon has he felt the cool sensation on his face.

"My name's Ishida Ururu and you're in my apartment. Do you know your name?" The Quincy slowly asked. Now Szayel has two options. One was to admit everything and let himself die from the virus he had moronically implanted into himself or he could play dumb. You can guess which one he chose.

"Yes, My names Szayel…but….where am I? Who are you? Are you my caretaker? Or my lover? What is this room I'm in called?" The pink menace quietly answered putting emphasis on the fear in his voice to make him look harmless to the boy…I mean Ishida. He gently reached up and took Ishida's hand in his own, relishing in the energy the flowed from it.

The Quincy stared at his new house guest. Oh well wasn't this just unexpected? What should he do? He could always dump this stranger off at some hospital but not knowing anything about Szayel and the fact that the man most likely didn't have insurance the strange man would most likely be sent back home with him for observation. But the man might be hazard to himself and Ishida had so many businesses to run. Still….He couldn't send a homeless person with amnesia back into to harshness of the world. The designer's Quincy pride wouldn't let him do that.

"Oh….Well, I…um….we met last night…..and I have work so stay here until I get home. Um…you can use anything in the kitchen, and take yourself a bath. You do remember how to do that right? Do you know if you have a relatives?" Ishida nervously asked, though he wasn't too worried. If anything in his house disappeared her could buy a new one and was already dressed for work until at the last second he remembered that the pink man was real and not a dream.

"Um…no…something tells me I don't have any relatives…but I do know how to do the other stuff you were talking about." Szayel nervously sniffled. He really was quite a pathetic sight.

"Oh…ok. Well follow me and I'll get you some clothes." The Quincy stated as he looked at near disgust at the clothes the arrancar was currently wearing. He diligently followed Ishida down the white halls, everything in the apartment was futuristic white. It was so clean the only other color that accompanied it was blue. When they had reached Ishida's room a large blue bed with white walls and a few vintage mannequins at the side greeted them.

"This is my room while I'm at work take a bath and try to get plenty of rest, you can wear anything in my dresser. I'll be home with dinner around seven o'clock so make yourself at home. Here's my number so if you remember anything about yourself call me." The Quincy explained as he wrote down his number and put it on the dry erase board on the wall. The fashion designer looked at his digital cross shaped clock pendant, his eyes widening slightly.

"Well I have to go now see you tonight!" Ishida called as he turned to leave but before he reached the door he was embraced by two pale arms and once again he felt the strange feeling akin to being drained slightly.

"Thank you, you're so kind." Szayel whispered seductively as he took in the Quincy's refreshing energy. He would at least try to hold off the virus as long as possible. Ishida instantly felt his cheeks heat up at the tone and was about to push the flirty man off when Szayel released him and gave him an innocent smile. As much as he hated relying on humans Szayel could make an exception with this one

"Have a good day at work!" The demon chirped. Ishida nodded and practically ran out the door trying to forget how complete he had felt in that strange man's arms a minute ago.

Well, there you go. This should be done in five chapters but I might be a very long time writing them since I have many things going on in my life. I hope you like it and please review!